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07 August 2016

Sting of the Cell Tower: Letter to the Editor

Sting of the Cell Tower
by Molly Guidette, Letter to the Editor, eugeneweekly.com, 
8 August 2016

Eugene residents are organizing to oppose the siting of a Verizon cell tower in the Jefferson Westside neighborhood, within shouting distance of César E. Chávez Elementary School.

The proposed site, the abandoned and decrepit New Apostolic Church, at 1345 W. 16th Avenue, fronts the bike path just west of Polk. Property owners — church headquarters in Chicago — have failed to respond to inquiries from local residents. There are no known local contacts for the church.

Although the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits communities from blocking construction of cell towers on the basis of health concerns, there is strong scientific evidence of increased rates of heart and brain cancer in people living in close proximity to cell towers.

Although the proposal calls for “stealth concealment” of the tower — a fake tree — a cell tower in no way enhances or preserves the integrity or character of this or any residential neighborhood.

Please join us in protecting our families, our neighborhood and our community from the inappropriate placement of a cell phone tower in our backyard. Sign our petition and contact city councilors to call for strict enforcement of city code and support further restriction on cell towers in residential neighborhoods.

Molly Guidette, Eugene


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