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28 September 2016

Dangerous and Addictive

The use of Ritalin has increased.  According to Swissmedic,
in 10 years, the quantity of the drug sold in Switzerland
has tripled, passing from 140 kilos in 2005 to 346 in 2014.
Image: Keystone
Our latest opinion piece, published in the Swiss newspaper, 24 heures.

Dangerous and Addictive
23 September 2016

Re article, « Ritalin among employees and students », 26 August 2016

In Switzerland, more and more employees and students are taking Ritalin in order to improve their performance.  A dangerous and addictive drug is being prescribed to children and adults in order to treat attention deficit disorder.  We are ignoring the causes of these problems such as overuse of mobile devices which can decrease concentration and performance.

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by this technology is cited as one of the environmental factors responsible for the rise in cancer, including in children, in the United Kingdom.  Dr. Denis Henshaw, scientific adviser for children afflicted with cancer, has stated that modern life, mainly air pollution, but also pesticides and radiation from electronic gadgets, could be causing this increase.  In 2015, researchers at the University of Bournemouth cited these same factors to explain the increase in cases of dementia in younger persons.

Yet, too many people continue to carry on long conversations with smartphones glued to the ear.  Attention!  American researchers at the National Toxicology Program, which revealed an increase in brain and heart tumors, have just submitted for peer review a document showing that RF radiation breaks DNA, which could explain the rise in these cancers.

It is never too late to adopt healthier habits to reduce exposure to this radiation:  favor texting, hold the phone away from the body, make calls with a headset, and especially, protect young persons and pregnant women.

by Meris Michaels

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