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23 September 2016

Samsung Note 2 Mobile Phone 'Catches Fire' on Indigo Flight 6E-054 Passenger Jet from Singapore to India

A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone is believed to have
emitted smoke on board a passenger jet from
Singapore to India this morning.
[Our comment:  We are posting many articles on "exploding" Samsung cell phones in the hope that users will take heed.  But they think it won't happen to them, just as they think they will never one day become ill or electrosensitive from exposure to wireless technology.]

Samsung Note 2 mobile phone 'catches fire' on Indigo flight 6E-054 passenger jet from Singapore to India
by Gareth Davies for Mailonline,
23 September 2016

  • Samsung Note 2 'caught fire' on IndiGo flight from Singapore to Chennai
  • Phone was in overhead luggage storage as plane was preparing to land 
  • Indian government have ordered Samsung officials to attend meeting
  • It's the latest in a string of 'exploding' Samsung phone incidents reported

A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone is believed to have emitted smoke on board a passenger jet from Singapore to India this morning.

The handset was on board the Indigo airlines flight 6E-054 going to Chennai airport.

The airline confirmed today that passengers reported smoke on board and that air crew found it from the handset in the overhead luggage of seat 23 C.

A Samsung spokeswoman told MailOnline: 'We are aware of an incident involving one of our devices.

'At Samsung, customer safety is our highest priority. We are in touch with relevant authorities to gather more information and are looking into the matter.'

Samsung last week recalled 2.5million Galaxy 7 Note handsets following reports of exploding phones.

Etihad Airways temporarily banned the use of the smartphones at the beginning of this month again after reports of explosions from faulty batteries.

Following the latest incident, Directorate General of Civil Aviation Government (DGCA) of India has summoned Samsung officials to discuss the issues at a meeting on Monday.

An IndiGo spokesman said: 'A few passengers noticed the smoke smell in the cabin this morning and immediately alerted the cabin crew.

'The crew quickly identified minor smoke coming from the overhead of seat 23 C and informed the pilot-in-command who alerted air traffic control of the situation.

'Taking precautionary measure, the cabin crew on priority relocated all passengers on other seats, and further observed smoke being emitted from a Samsung Note 2 which was placed in the baggage (of a passenger) in the overhead bin.'

The spokesman added that cabin crew used a fire extinguisher on the handset and threw it into a lavatory.

A DGCA spokesman said it was thought the phone had caught fire.

Recently, the DGCA banned passengers from using Galaxy 7 phones that are switched on board flights.

US and Japanese aviation authorities on Friday also urged passengers to switch off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on board.

Qantas and Virgin Australia have issued similar warnings.


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