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20 November 2016

Health News from Geneva

Pregnant women should use mobile phones for
emergency purposes only.
Health News from Geneva
by Meris Michaels, 20 November 2016, Updated 12 December 2016

On 8 December 2016, the State Council of the Swiss Parliament voted against the increase of limit values for mobile phone installations: 20 to 19 with 3 abstentions.  Actions were launched to encourage the Senators to oppose this motion through petitions (one with over 5,000 signatures) and letters from associations and individuals.  The senators from cantons Geneva and Vaud voted against the motion and some of them even replied to the messages from electrosensitive persons.  Two doctors' associations joined in awareness-raising:  Doctors for the Protection of the Environment and the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), comprising 40,000 physicians.  Diagnose-funk, an environmental and consumer protection organization regarding mobile technology, sent information to all the senators on how we are misinformed on this issue and requesting them to place health above the economy.

Professor Luc Montagnier participated in a conference on autism in Geneva on 11 November 2016.1   Serious concerns were raised by presenters and participants regarding the dangers of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. Prof. Montagnier emphasized the importance of raising awareness of the entire population of this health issue.  Pregnant women in particular should be protected.  Prof. Montagnier clearly stated that health should take precedence over the economy.

Dr. Béatrice Milbert, acupuncturist and homeopath, researching electrohypersensitivity (EHS) over the last 20 years, namely, the link to “cold” infectious diseases and neurodegenerative disorders, made an excellent presentation on EM waves and their incidence in autism. The presence of waves is one of the significant factors in the increase in cases of autism everywhere in the world. Figures were cited, autism now affecting one in 38 children in South Korea, the most connected country in the world. Similarities, such as hypoperfusion, in the encephaloscans of autistic children and of EHS persons were found.

Prof. Montagnier delivered a lecture on the microbial “track” of autism. He established a medical research foundation in Geneva in 2009 and on 10 November 2016, inaugurated research on Lyme disease and autism. Health professionals also delivered lectures on metals, nanoparticles, and vaccines as probable causes of autism.  There was no coverage of this event in the press.

On 19 and 20 October 2016, Professor Dominique Belpomme delivered two presentations, at the European Parliament in Brussels and in Namur, on the epigenetic revolution and public health. 2  Prof. Belpomme is one of the rare experts known for taking a stand in favor of the protection of health and the environment.

The theme of the presentations revolved around these questions:  How do diseases really arise?  Why has their incidence considerably increased over the past 20 years?  Why are they affecting more and more younger persons?  What can we do to avoid and better treat these diseases?  Cancer, obesity, diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, autism, not to mention the many emerging pathologies such as infertility, food intolerance, and electrohypersensitivity... are also public health menaces that present-day medicine has difficulty in mastering.  Prof. Belpomme presented his most recent discoveries regarding these issues, based on 10 years of research.  There was no coverage of these events in the press.

In the September 2016 newsletter from ARTAC3, Prof. Belpomme's association, it was mentioned that he and Philippe Irigaray attended the 139th session of the Executive Council of the World Health Organization on 30 and 31 May this year and also met with Dr. Maria Neira, head of the department in charge of health and the environment at WHO.  She has accepted to receive a delegation of researchers including Prof. Belpomme, Philippe Irigaray, Dr. David Carpenter, Dr. Lennart Hardell, Dr. Igor Belyaev, and Dr. Ernesto Burgio, pediatrician, for a meeting on the effects of electromagnetic fields.  The meeting will be an opportunity to try to convince the persons in charge of the subject at WHO of the dangers of electromagnetic fields.

Despite these positive developments, it seems that the conventional medical establishment is stronger than ever - especially in Geneva - and continues to ignore the existence of emerging pathologies such as electrohypersensitivity (EHS).  We have read in an article that the Medical Council (Ordre de Médecins) in France would strike off Prof. Montagnier from the group, had he not been awarded a Nobel Prize.  

The efforts of associations raising awareness of the risks of wireless technology all too often seem to be in vain.  There has been no reaction to letters to the Department of Public Education in Geneva regarding the dangers of introducing digital technology into schools - with all that it brings:  Wi-Fi, tablets.  [We have just received a reply from the Geneva government State Councillor in charge of education including Wi-Fi directives which seem to be based on the idea that the only effect of electromagnetic waves is thermal!] - and to letters to pediatric and medical groups in Geneva.  It is hoped that the imminent distribution of the French version of the "EMF Guideline 2016 for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF-related Health Problems and Illnesses" presented by the European Academy of Environmental Medicine, will help to raise awareness of this serious issue and especially, of electrohypersensitivity.  Everywhere we meet people who have never heard of EHS!

The main television station in French-speaking Switzerland, RTS, has started production of a program on electrohypersensitivty for "Temps Présent". 

A projection of the film, "UNVAXXED:  A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro" is scheduled in Geneva on 10 December, in a city where the pro-vaccine lobby is very powerful.4  The film by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has received international acclaim, contributing much more to the discussion that Robert De Niro sought through the film "VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe".  "UNVAXXED" has been acclaimed in New York, London, Kiev, and Geneva where it has been awarded the distinction of “Best Film” 2016 at the EuroCinema Film Festival.

Last April, agents pressured De Niro to censor the  film "VAXXED".  De Niro, whose son became vaccine-injured, later pledged to investigate who caused the censorship and why.  "UNVAXXED" is a feature-length film that vets the secrets De Niro pledged to cover. It details the agents and agencies commissioned to influence De Niro, CDC policies, Congress, and the “body politic,” using the media to shape society’s attitudes towards vaccinations (which is occurring in Geneva!), resulting in "worse than censorship and skyrocketing rates of autism". . . .

Perhaps all these initiatives will bear fruit in time.  We like to see this as sowing seeds where some will surely sprout into actions to protect the population from environmental pollution and the health policies that are harming us and future generations.

by Meris Michaels 😊


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