Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

EMF Studies

29 December 2016

Infantalizing Robots for the Elderly

Not only children may be adversely affected by interactive robots but also the elderly...  

No to the infantalizing robot
by Martial Van der Linden and Anne-Claude Juillerat Van der Linden, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève, 14 June 2016

Certain EMS [homes for the elderly] in the canton have acquired or are planning to acquire, a roboticized baby seal named Paro costing 5,000 francs ($4,900).  This baby seal, which responds to caresses and can also show dissatisfaction would stimulate interactions of persons who have dementia, awakening their emotions and easing their anxiety...

Hatchimals Could Have a Worrying Side Effect on Your Child

A young girl plays with a Hatchimal by Spin Master.
ZUMA Press
"These toys teach children all the wrong lessons about how to relate to other beings."

by Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post,
3 December 2016

It has become so difficult to get a Hatchimal, the hot new toy of the season, that parents have reportedly taken to giving their kids apology letters from Santa. One reads: “Dear Children, Due to the current climate within the North Pole, Hatchimals will no longer be given out as presents. We are now forming a colony . . . to protect them from their future decline and possible extinction.”

The European Union Is Banning Toxic Silver Mercury Fillings

The European Union Is Banning Toxic Silver Mercury Fillings
by SafBaby, 20 December 2016

“The children of Europe have won. The next generation in Europe will be safe from mercury dental fillings.”
– Charlie Brown, President of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry

This week the EU announced its historical decision to ban the use of amalgam (aka silver mercury) fillings for use in children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women to protect them against the toxic effects of mercury.

The use of mercury “for dental treatment of milk teeth, children under 15 years and pregnant or breastfeeding women will be banned from 1 July 2018 unless there are specific medical needs.” The full text from the landmark announcement on Mercury Pollution released December 16, 2016 is available here.

Once the European Council formally endorses the legislation, it will be sent to the European Parliament for a vote and then back to the Council for final adoption.

Wireless Radiation is the New Asbestos

Canadians for Safe Technology
December 2016

The Government of Canada recently announced that it would move forward on a total ban of asbestos and asbestos-containing products by 2018. Kirsty Duncan, the Minister of Science, was quoted as stating, “Protecting the health and safety of Canadians is of utmost importance to the government. There is irrefutable evidence that has led us to take concrete action to ban asbestos.”1 If the Government were truly concerned with the health and safety of Canadians, they would also address the dangers of wireless radiation, learning from history, rather than repeating it.

There are many parallels in the history of asbestos and what is currently happening with wireless radiation in Canada. If we fail to learn the lessons from asbestos, thousands of Canadians will suffer the consequences.

Harmful Effects Only Surface Years Later:

28 December 2016

Got a Chronic Disease? There Will Soon Be a Prescription App for That

Credit:  Christopher Furlong/Staff/Getty
[A hacker's dream?]

Got a chronic disease? There will soon be a prescription app for that
by Daniel Kraft, wired.co.uk, 
26 December 2016

The healthcare industry is poised to start treating illnesses with a little help from big data

The era of "Quantified Self" (a term coined in 2007 by US WIRED founding executive editor Kevin Kelly) is relatively new. The first Fitbit digital step counters launched in late 2009 and we've since seen an explosion of various wearables, apps and digital health devices all riding the exponential wave of smaller and cheaper mobile-connected and app-ified sensors and computing.

27 December 2016

Should We Be Afraid of Waves? (Article in Swiss Consumers' Magazine)

[Young children - or anyone, for that matter, should NOT
hold a cell phone next to their ear.]
Should we be afraid of waves?
by Sandra Imsand, Fédération romande des consommateurs, 6 December 2016 (translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health"

Harmful or inoffensive, electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic gadgets continue to divide scientists and the population

High frequency radiation?  The subject has been written about extensively for many years.  While 97% of the population over age 16 uses a mobile phone or a smartphone, the harm caused by waves is disregarded.  It is all the more problematical as inumerous devices are emitting all the time.  From connected watches to eyeglasses to enhanced reality, the number of gadgets carried permanently on oneself or close to the head is alarming.

WHO RF EHC Core Group Membership is Unacceptable

WHO Monograph on Radiofrequency Radiation and ICNIRP
Lennart Hardell's blog, 21 December 2016

There is growing international concern on the biased representation of persons in the preparation of the WHO Monograph on Radiofrequency Radiation. As discussed earlier the group is dominated by members of ICNIRP. In fact the Ethical Board at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden concluded already in 2008 that being a member of ICNIRP may be a conflict of interest that should be stated in scientific publications (Karolinska Institute Diary Number 3753-2008-609).

A recent letter to WHO [Dr. Emilie van Deventer] written by members of the BioInitiative Working Group describes the unbalanced ‘no-risk’ group at WHO preparing the document. The full text may be read here.


22 December 2016

Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report

Unfettered shipments of opioids "amount to 433 pain pills
for every, man, woman and child in West Virginia," notes
Charleston Gazette-Mail reporter Eric Eyre.
(Photo:  Melanie Tata/cc/flickr)
A recent article by Dr. Mercola, posted on this blog, Opioid addiction appears to be a significant contributor to declining life expectancy in the United States.

Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer, Common Dreams, 20 December 2016

From 2007-2012, the Big Three wholesalers earned a combined $17 billion while they collectively shipped 423 million pain pills to West Virginia

Drug-pushing, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies should be "investigated and prosecuted," declared Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in response to revelations that out-of-state drug wholesalers have been pouring highly-addictive and lethal opioids into rural West Virginia towns, reaping profits while countless suffer.

21 December 2016

Kids Turn Violent as Parents Battle 'Digital Heroin' Addiction

"If screens are indeed digital drugs, then schools have become drug dealers." 

Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction
by Dr. Nicholas Kardarasm nypost.com,
17 December 2016 - Extracts

On August 28, The Post published a piece by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras,“The Frightening Effects of Digital Heroin,” that was based on his book “Glow Kids.” In it, he argued that young children exposed to too much screen time are at risk of developing an addiction “harder to kick than drugs.” The response was overwhelming, generating more than 3.3 million views on The Post’s website and hundreds of letters from anxious parents. Now Dr. Kardaras writes about this parental revolt against digital heroin and reminds readers of the worst effects of the obsession.

Nicholas Kardaras Petitions U.S. Senate and House for Warning Labels on Cellphones, Computers

Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids, which warns of the dangers of excessive screen time by children, is petitioning the U.S. Senate and House to demand warning labels on cellphones, computers.  

Kardaras Petitions for Warning Labels on Cellphones, Computers
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 
20 December 2016

Psychotherapist Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids, which warns of the dangers of excessive screen time by children, is petitioning the U.S. Senate and House to demand warning labels on cellphones, computers.

United Kingdom: Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity

Kim De'Atta, from Chard, Somerset, is rarely able to
leave her home because of her electromagnetic sensitivity.
To try and protect herself, she wears a shielded head net
(pictured) and sleeps under a net.
Allergic to Wi-Fi: Woman claims electromagnetic waves that cause her crippling headaches have left her housebound
20 Decenber 2916

  • Kim De'Atta firmly believes that she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity
  • Despite not being recognised by the NHS, many people claim to be affected
  • It causes her migraines whenever she's near Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals
  • To try and protect herself she wears a shielded helmet and sleeps under a net

A woman claims she has been left housebound by mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi in her local area.

Kim De'Atta believes she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity - meaning signals can cause her migraines, fatigue and infections.

Google Wants Driverless Cars, but Do We?

Daniel Salmieri
Google Wants Driverless Cars, but Do We?
by Jamie Lincoln Kitman, Opinion, The New York Times, 19 December 2016

Love was in the air at President-elect Donald J. Trump’s summit meeting last week with tech executives. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, was really feeling it, coming as it did a day after the company announced that its self-driving technology was ready for commercialization. The meeting was a giant green light for an industry and the multitrillion-dollar investment it will represent, the cost largely to be borne by consumers and government.

Automobile, telecom, tech and e-commerce industries, and their marketers, have spent the last decade enabling the public’s addiction to wired living, working feverishly to bring the phone and the internet into the driving environment. And yet this trend has never been voted on or discussed seriously by our politicians. Even when the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation brought industry leaders to Washington for hearings last spring, congressional interlocutors sought mainly to have their guests tell them how government could help usher in this new age of driverless technology. The assumption was: game on.

20 December 2016

Rat Study Launches New Debate Over Cell Radiation and Cancer

Rat study launches new debate over cell radiation and cancer
by Rachel Polansky, Reporter, nbc-2.com, 19 December 2016


A study in rats has reignited the long-time debate over cell phone radiation and cancer.

The NBC2 Investigators are taking a closer look at the cell phones and cell towers that are all around us to find out if they’re putting you and your children in danger.

It's a sound or a buzz that’s all too familiar. It's a tool we cannot live without: Cell phones.

"I'm on my phone pretty much all day long," said Margo Brewster.

The study

19 December 2016

In Apple's Backyard, iPads Ignite Furor in Schools

Students in Laura Plamondon's sixth grade social studies
class use iPads to work on a project at Lawson Middle
School Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, in Cupertino, Calif.
(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)
Not one mention of Wi-Fi or radiofrequency radiation, although one child's parents are concerned about the increased risk of ergonomic problems and eye strain.  

"District officials and  many teachers tout the iPads as innovative learning tools. Students, it seems, are thrilled to have them. But many parents in the affluent district — including some software engineers, Apple employees and a brain researcher — question the benefit of the devices, and hundreds have signed a petition to limit their use."

In Apple’s backyard, iPads ignite furor in schools
by Sharon Noguchi |
 snoguchi@bayareanewsgroup.com, mercurynews.com, 13 December 2016

Students in Laura Plamondon's sixth grade social studies class use iPads to work on a project at Lawson Middle School Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, in Cupertino, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

CUPERTINO — In the shadow of Apple Computer’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters, an initiative requiring public middle schoolers to use iPads in class and at home has spawned a growing battle over education in the digital age.

Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage and Accelerate Onset of Alzheimer’s

Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage and Accelerate Onset of Alzheimer’s, Two New Studies Show
by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, 29 May 2015 - Extracts

Could poor sleeping habits cause brain damage and even accelerate onset of Alzheimer’s disease? According to recent research, the answer is yes on both accounts.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Sigrid Veasey, associate professor of Medicine and a member of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the Perelman School of Medicine, this is the first time they’ve been able to show that sleep loss actually results in the loss of neurons.

A second study also suggests that if you sleep poorly, you’re at increased risk for earlier onset of severe dementia.

Sleep Loss Linked to ‘Massive Brain Damage’

Deadly Remnants of Asbestos in Italy

Carmen Vecchi walks in an area near an old industrial
plant where asbestos reclamation was carried out.  The
area is fenced off, but many teenagers still go there.
Bagnoli district, Naples, Italy, 2016.  Cinzia Canneri
A major shareholder of Eternit was found guilty in 2012 of negligence during the 1970s and 1980s that led to about 3,000 asbestos-related deaths. Two years later, the charges were dropped after courts ruled that too much time had passed since the allegations.  Despite setbacks like these, people like Romana Blasotti Pavesi... continue to fight. She has already outlived her husband — a former employee at Eternit — their daughter, a sister and her niece, all of whom died from mesothelioma in recent years.

Deadly Remnants of Asbestos in Italy
by Andrew Boryga, The New York Times, 
19 December 2016 (with 22 photos)

Although Italy joined asbestos-producing nations in banning the carcinogenic material at the end of the 20th century, thousands of people working in factories and living in public housing had already been exposed. In other words, as the Italian photographer Cinzia Canneri explained, the damage had been done by the 1980s.

18 December 2016

Why Wireless Technologies Can Place Childhood Development at Risk

Why Wireless Technologies Can Place Childhood Development at Risk
sageliving.us, 14 December 2016

Lately, we've been all about finding the most concise, simplest and easy to understand ways to share information about the low-EMF movement, especially for those who are new to it.

You're in luck with this week's posting. We just got a preview of a new article on the health impacts of wireless on children. It will appear in a spring 2017 issue of the journal Child Development. Parents who are trying to navigate the issues around kids, cell phones and screen time will want to read this.

Are you a parent? Are you considering getting pregnant? Are you an educator? Then this article is particularly relevant for you.

Wi-Fil Health Hazards Shown in Video Series

Cecelia Doucette, ex-president of the Ashland Education Foundation, and parent Keith Marciniak have created a five-part YouTube series that describes the health hazards of pulsed electro-magnetic radiation that floods the environment.  The series covers radiation sources such as cellphones, computers, iPads, cordless phones, cell towers, and powerful Wi-Fi routers that are in most classrooms in the U.S.  Episodes are “Discovering the Dangers”; “Educating the Greater Community”; “Why We Don’t Know”; “Impacts of Excessive Screen Time,” and “Solutions.”

Worcester, Mass., to Study Wi-Fi Threat in Schools
by Jack O'Dwyer, odywerpr.com, 13 December 2016

A school committee of Worcester, second largest city in Massachusetts (pop. 180,000) is taking up the issue whether Wi-Fi and other sources of radiation pose a threat to its 24,000 students.

Health Apps Might Not Be so Hot, Doctors Find

Using Smartphone.  Getty Images/iStockphoto
Health Apps Might Not Be so Hot, Doctors Find
by Reuters, 15 December 2016

Some of the top-rated health apps aimed at people with chronic medical problems don't do a very good job of actually helping to manage those conditions, a recent study suggests.

Doctors reviewed 137 of the most highly rated or commonly recommended apps available for Apple's iPhone and handsets running Google's Android software that target people with high health costs or substantial medical needs. Often, though, the doctors gave these popular apps poor marks.

17 December 2016

Mercury, Vaccines and the CDC's Worst Nightmare: Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

(Left to right) Laura Bono, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
and Lyn Redwood are leading the charge against
toxic mercury exposures.
RFK, JR: "My brother Max's wife, Vicky Strauss Kennedy, introduced me to a psychologist named Sarah Bridges. Her son Porter was vaccine-injured and later diagnosed with autism. After an eight year legal battle, she had finally received compensation from the vaccine court, which acknowledged that Porter got his autism, seizures and brain damage from thimerosal and pertussis vaccines. She persuaded me to start looking into the science".

Mercury, Vaccines and the CDC's Worst Nightmareby Rita Shreffler, EcoWatch, 
15 December 2016

For over three decades, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been one of the world's leading environmental advocates. He is the founder and president of Waterkeeper Alliance, the umbrella group for 300 local waterkeeper organizations, in 34 countries, that track down and sue polluters. Under his leadership, Waterkeeper has grown to become the world's largest clean water advocacy organization.

Stealth Canada - Deep-Sixing the Science on Wireless Radiation

STEALTH CANADA—deep-sixing the science on wireless radiation
by Olga Sheean, olgasheean.com
15 December 2016

Health Canada is inspiring activism in even the most passive Canadians (especially those harmed by wireless microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones etc)—motivating them to protect their own health, ensure their own survival, stand up for their rights, and tap into their compassion and humanity—since Health Canada seems incapable of doing any of these things for them.

Teachers, too, are being challenged to become empowered. If they dare to test the levels of radiation coming from WiFi routers in their school, to protect their own health as well as the health of the schoolchildren, or if they turn the router off when not in use, they can lose their job. One teacher in BC—Maria Plant—who has been teaching for 30 years, was forced to retire because the WiFi in her school became intolerable, and she now has such severe electro-sensitivity, as a result, that she can no longer lead a normal life. "It's been emotionally and physically devastating to slowly succumb to this disorder of EHS [electromagnetic hypersensitivity]," she says, "as it forced me to give up the two loves of my life: teaching and physical outdoor activity, because my inner ear and balance are most severely affected by radiofrequency signals."

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Nation-wide Survey among General Practitioners, Occupational Physicians & Hygienists in the Netherlands

Conclusions:  "About a third of occupational hygienist, occupational physicians and general practitioners in the Netherlands are consulted by patients attributing symptoms to EMF exposure. Many of these professionals consider a causal relationship between EMF and health complaints to some degree plausible, and their approach often also includes exposure reduction advice. Given the lack of a scientific evidence basis for EMF to cause symptoms and the finding that the majority of these professionals feels insufficiently informed about EMF and health, targeted information campaigns might assist them in their evidence based dealing with patients who attribute symptoms to EMF."

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Nation-wide survey among general practitioners, occupational physicians & hygienists in the Netherlands

Slottje P, van Moorselaar I, van Strien R, Vermeulen R, Kromhout H, Huss A. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) in occupational and primary health care: A nation-wide survey among general practitioners, occupational physicians and hygienists in the Netherlands. Int J Hyg Environ Health. 2016 Dec 2. pii: S1438-4639(16)30385-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ijheh.2016.11.013. [Epub ahead of print]


Major Influences in Households and Business Spaces - Wi-Fi, Telecommunication Masts Outputs and Electrical Pollution

"Considering the way other crucial health-related issues (asbestos, tobacco, ionizing radiation) were dealt with over the years, it seems that there is a long way ahead in tackling EMF exposure risks. However, this time is different, since our own long term wellbeing as a species is at risk, due to the genotoxic effect of the presented stressors."

Major influences in households and business spaces — Wi-Fi, telecommunication masts outputs and electrical pollution

Francis Markho, Ioan Tuleasca. 
Electrical and Power Engineering (EPE), 2016 International Conference and Exposition on Electrical and Power Engineering. Oct 20-22, 2016. Iasi, Romania.


The paper offers a non-exhaustive perspective, as well as a spectrum of performed measurements, in the field of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Shielding Wi-Fi is shown to be an effective means of counteracting its health risks. The effects of cell phone towers positioning next to living and working spaces is presented and analyzed. Electrical pollution mitigation is described, as well as the problem of earth bound stray electrical currents. Effective actions and measures to be taken for the benefit of future generations are suggested and justified.

15 December 2016

United States: House Passes Bill Allowing Government To Microchip Citizens With “Mental Disabilities”

House Passes Bill Allowing Government To Microchip Citizens With “Mental Disabilities”
by Whitney Webb / TrueActivist.com
13 December 2016

Six years ago, NBC Nightly News boldly predicted that all Americans would be fitted with RFID microchips by the year 2017. Though, at the time, NBC’s prediction seemed far-fetched, the House recently passed a bill that would bring a microchipped populace closer to reality before year’s end.

Last Thursday, the House passed HR 4919, also known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, which would allow the US attorney general to award grants to law enforcement for the creation and operation of “locative tracking technology programs.” Though the program’s mission is to find “individuals with forms of dementia or children with developmental disabilities who have wandered from safe environments,” it provides no restriction on the tracking program’s inclusion of other individuals. The bill would also require the attorney general to work with the secretary of health and human services and unnamed health organizations to establish the “best practices” for the use of tracking devices.

Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog by Karl Hecht (English edition 2016)

Karl Hecht: Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog (English edition 2016)
Competence Initiative - kompetenzinitiative.net

Full text
Extracts from the Foreword:

"The review findings by Hecht—which disappeared into the government archives as soon as they had been submitted and which we are now making available to the public in this brochure in its most comprehensive form to date—are based on the assessment of 878 Russian studies between 1960 and 1997. To pretend as if there were no connection between microwave technologies from the past and those from today is like burying one's head in the sand. This tactic is well illustrated by the current politics regarding radar victims and the increasing group of persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity."

"As the sixth brochure in our brochure series Effects of
Wireless Communication Technologies, we present the brochure by Karl Hecht on the Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog. The author documents and confirms the serious consequences of observed tendencies to consciously ignore and deny existing health implications. All six brochures of this series supplement each other, exposing a sick government system called health and environmental protection, which exploits the present and future of public health for its
own irresponsible political agenda."

13 December 2016

A Bitter Pill: the Dispute Over Statins

For some, the drugs are a lifesaver.  But others claim their
effects can be devastating and even fatal.
“There has to be a proper investigation into the use of these drugs,” says David Purkiss, 71, a former carpenter. “Doctors are covering up the side-effects. I started talking about what statins had done to me to someone in a hospital waiting room, and I quickly had about nine people comparing notes. A doctor came out and told me to shut up.”

A bitter pill: the dispute over statins
by Lois Rogers, The Telegraph, 
9 December 2016

Caroline Fisher could only look on helplessly as Mustafa Gunaydin, her partner of 20 years, went from energetic middle age to helpless disability.

As he lost weight and his hair fell out, doctors tried the accepted medical treatments, but in vain. Gunaydin shrivelled and his muscles became useless. He became too weak to speak and, eventually, to breathe. Aged 59, he suffered a three-day heart attack and died.

Canada: Liberals to Announce Comprehensive Ban on Asbestos

55 nations have banned asbestos, according to the
International Ban Asbestos Secretariat.  (Some nations exempt minor
uses).  Notable exceptions that still permit asbestos use are China, Russia,
India, Brazil, Canada and the United States.  Source:  asbestosnation.org
(Choice of image by Editor of "Towards Better Health")
Liberals to announce comprehensive ban on asbestos
by Tavia Grant, The Globe and Mail, 9 December 2016

The federal government is set to announce a comprehensive ban on asbestos next week, bringing Canada in line with more than 50 other countries that have prohibited the known carcinogen.

Officials in the Minister of Science’s office said in an e-mailed statement to The Globe and Mail on Friday that the federal government is “committed to moving forward with a ban on asbestos,” and an announcement is expected “in the near future.”

Sources confirmed it will come next week.

Vienna Medical Association: No Radiating Gifts under the Christmas Tree

No radiating gifts under the Christmas tree
diagnose-funk.org, December 2016 (Google translation)

The medical chamber calls for mobile-free zones and times

Especially the Advent and Christmas season is a welcome opportunity to enjoy the mobile phone-free zones and times called for by the Vienna Medical Association and revert to personal communication, especially with parents:  Piero Lercher, environmental expert of the medical chamber for Vienna.

Smartphones, tablets and game consoles are now one of the most popular Christmas gifts for children and teenagers. The Medical Association recommends including with these gifts the medical mobile phone rules. "The precautionary principle and sensible use of these technologies is still the best formula," emphasizes Lercher.

12 December 2016

Video Games Are More Addictive than Ever

The Next Level
Story by Caitlin Gibson, Photos by Mark Abramson, The Washington Post, 
7 December 2016

Video games are more addictive than ever. This is what happens when kids can’t turn them off.

It was nearing midnight when she slipped out of bed, padded across the wood floors and peered into the room across the hall. Her 15-year-old son was still awake, like she knew he would be, sitting in his bed, staring at his laptop screen. This had long been his nightly ritual: After hours spent playing video games — riveted by a world of guns and gore, adrenaline pumping — he would unwind by watching videos of other gamers playing.

11 December 2016

Switzerland: "No" to More Mobile Radiation

Council chamber in session.  © www.parlament.ch 
Switzerland: "No" to more mobile radiation
8 December 2016 (translated by Google with grammatical corrections)

Doctors against an increase in limit values

In the vote of 8 December 2016, the Council of States voted against the motion to increase limit values ​​for mobile phone antennas, with 20 to 19 votes and 3 abstentions. In order to ensure the implementation of motion 163007 "Ensure modernization of mobile radio networks as quickly as possible", both the National Council and the Council of States would have had to vote for this. The motion is thus off the table.

The pressure on the senators was great. Before the vote, they were sent letters and e-mail from various sources. Many concerned and affected organizations and citizens tried to influence this highly-charged issue.

Ahead of the debate, particularly the Medical Association FMH (to which belong more than 40,000 physicians) and doctors of AefU [Doctors for the Protection of the Environment] urged Councillors to refrain from voting for an increase in limit values because of the unclear health effects of mobile phone radiation. The FMH pointed out that the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently investigating new studies, the results of which are to be available only in 2018.

Inaccurate Official Assessment of Radiofrequency Safety by the Advisory Group on Non-ionizing Radiation

"Schools, hospitals, employers, organisations and individuals have legal responsibilities to safeguard the health, safety, well-being and development of children, employees and members of the public. But they are unable to fulfil their legal responsibilities when they have been provided with inaccurate information and the evidence of possible harm has been covered up." Pg. 4

(Comment on the following report, full text available.)

Inaccurate official assessment of radiofrequency safety by the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation 

Sarah J. Starkey* 
DOI 10.1515/reveh-2016-0060 Received September 30, 2016; accepted October 16, 2016

Charges of conflicts of interest, proof that evidence of harm has been covered up, occurs in this report and the author identifies a similar situation in the panel reviewing evidence for the WHO report due in 2017.

10 December 2016

In 1978, Writer Paul Brodeur Warned Us the Microwave Menace Is Zapping Us All

"Is microwave radiation suspected of having any genetic effects? Yes."

The Microwave Menace Is Zapping Us All, Warns Writer Paul Brodeur
by Jim Jerome, people.com/archive, 30 January 1978

“A lot of people hold on to the notion,” says author Paul Brodeur, “that what you can’t see can’t hurt you. If I’ve learned anything in my last 10 years of work, it’s that what you can’t see can kill you.” Brodeur’s enemies list of environmental hazards to human life includes detergent enzymes, cancer-causing asbestos fibers and ozone-depleting fluorocarbons in spray cans. But none of these, he claims, is so chillingly insidious and pervasive as the subject of his latest investigative work, The Zapping of America—namely, microwave radiation. Americans, says Brodeur, are routinely “zapped” by missile-tracking radars, TV transmitters, microwave ovens and even CB radios, exposing them to potentially injurious or even lethal doses of radiation. Moreover, he claims, the full danger of microwaves has been self-servingly denied—or covered up—by the so-called “military-industrial complex. “A Boston-area native and graduate of Andover and Harvard, Brodeur worked in Army Counterintelligence in Germany during the mid-’50s before joining The New Yorker as a staff writer. A resident of Manhattan, Brodeur, 46, recently discussed microwave radiation with PEOPLE’S Jim Jerome at Brodeur’s Cape Cod vacation home.

What exactly are microwaves?

09 December 2016

Don’t Hold Your iPhone 7 To Your Head, Says Apple

Don’t Hold Your iPhone 7 To Your Head, Says Apple
techviral.com, November 26, 2016

Did you know that the smartphones have associated a level of radiation that can be harmful to health? Hence, there are some recommendations that should be taken seriously by the smartphone users. Currently, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the most radioactive device of today.

Don’t Hold Your iPhone 7 To Your Head, Says Apple

Smartphones have associated a level of radiation that can be harmful to health. Although not exactly be a conclusive study on the effects of smartphones radiation, there are some recommendations that should be taken seriously by the smartphone users.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the most radioactive device of today and the tech giant Apple itself advises its all iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users simply to keep the iPhone 7 away from the head.

Switzerland: Vaudois and Genevois Against Antenna Radiation

Robert Cramer (Green Party/GE)
"Raising the power of antennas costs
less for the operators but is more
harmful to public health."
Vaudois and Genevois against antenna radiation
by Arthur Grosjean@arthurflash, Tribune de Genève, 8 December 2016 (translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

Mobile telephony:  The senators refused to increase the power of antennas, deeming that health effects are not insignificant

The telecoms operators will not be able to increase the power of mobile phone antennas.  The Council of States refused any easing [of the norms] as the motion of the Federal Council had requested.  The vote was very close, 20 against, 19 for, and 3 abstentions.  Party affiliation did not play a decisive role.

The motion had, however, received large support in the commission.  The rapporteur Hans Wiki (PLR/NW) explained at length the need to ease current norms.  "There are more than 15,000 antennas in Switzerland and 6,000 have already reached the authorized limit value.  A modest adaptation of these values would allow us to benefit from good coverage of the mobile network, indispensable for the population and the economy."  He reiterated that the transfer of data is exploding and that, in four years, 20 to 30 million objects will be connected in Switzerland in an increasingly digitized society.

08 December 2016

Switzerland: News from Parliament: Council of States Buries Motion on Easing Non-Ionizing Radiation Norms

News from the Swiss Parliament
rts.info, 8 December 2016

Mobile telephony:  No question of easing radiation norms

The Council of States has buried a motion by the National Council on limit values for non-ionizing radiation by a narrow margin (20 votes against, 19 for, and 3 abstentions).

The Upper Chamber believes there is no question of placing the demands of the operators before the health of the population because there exists too much doubt about the effects of these rays.

The development of the mobile network is being held back in Switzerland by very strict conditions regarding protection against non-ionizing radiation, pleaded Hans Wicki (PLR/NW).  Lowering norms could facilitate construction of new mobile phone antennas.

The only other option is to contruct thousands of new base stations.  Of the 15,000 existing mobile phone installations, more than 6,000 have already reached the authorized limit values.

Original article in French:

Should Children Get to Have Cellphones in Elementary School?

One Maryland school district could allow elementary
schoolchildren to take cellphones and other devices to
school if a proposed update to district regulations is
adopted.  (Carolyn Kaster/AP)
Should children get to have cellphones in elementary school?
by Donna St. George, The Washington Post, 7 December 2016

The youngest children in Montgomery County’s public schools could soon be allowed to bring cellphones and other electronic devices to campus under newly proposed rules.

Students would not be able to use the devices during the school day in elementary schools unless a teacher permits them as part of classroom instruction, but students could use phones and tablets after dismissal or on school buses if the rules pass.

“The reality is, they are in our elementaries now,” said Patricia O’Neill, a county school board member who noted that cellphones are “ubiquitous” in middle schools and high schools. She said the proposed change would largely focus on “keeping up with the times.”

06 December 2016

Poland: Protection of Population from Mobile Tower Radiation

Dariuz Leszczynski will deliver an opening presentation on  "Cell Phone Radiation, Health Hazard and Precaution" at the EMF conference in Warsaw, Poland on 15 December 2016.   We are posting his June article on the Polish government's act to protect the population from the radiation emitted by mobile base stations. 

Here is what he has written about the conference:
"As part of the process, science on EMF and health is being evaluated and a conference was organized by the National Institute of Telecommunications on “Medical, Biological, Technical and Legal Aspects of Electromagnetic Field Influence on Environment” (warsaw-conference-on-emf). Speakers from Poland, Finland and Japan will be presenting the latest research and opinions about EMF technology and health."

Conference will take place on December 15, 2016 at the Hotel Mercure Warszawa Grand, Warszawa, 28 Krucza Street.

Slides of the  presentation, as well as brief report from the conference will be available after the meeting on his blog.

Ref:  https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/leszczynski-to-speak-at-the-emf-conference-in-warsaw-poland/

Poland: Protection of population from mobile tower radiation
by Dariuz Leszczynski, betweenarockandahardplace, 3 June 2016

05 December 2016

Samsung's Aggressive Battery Design Led to the Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

The battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had very
thin margins for safety.
Report: Samsung's aggressive battery design led to the Galaxy Note 7 explosions
by Alan F., phonearena.com, 4 December 2016

According to a new report, Samsung's aggressive design for the battery employed by the Galaxy Note 7might have been the culprit behind the multiple explosions that led the company to pull the phablet from the market. The way the cell was designed, a pair of polymer layers drenched in electrolytes was used to separate a positive layer made of lithium cobalt oxide, and a negative layer made of graphite. Should those two layers meet, the electrolytes would heat up causing an explosion.

As the report points out, compressing the battery would force the positive and negative layers to squeeze together. Samsung itself said that it might have been too aggressive with the design. In addition, there is a normal amount of swelling that takes place. Some of it comes from the pressure on the battery created through pushing on the back cover (for example, by putting the phone in one's back pocket and then sitting on a chair).

5 Reasons Why Students Should Control Their Cell Phone Use

5 reasons why students should control their cell phone usage
indiatoday.in, 2 December 2016

If parents want their children to stop using smartphone, they themselves should refrain themselves first from using one, says a child Psychiatrist Director. Is your child's brain getting affected by excessive use of cell phones?

With the advent of advanced technology, growing use of mobile phones and other gadgets are considerably harming the younger generation. Students are developing a strong connection with their mobile phones, which is leading to a massive loss in their concentration and time spent in studies. Parents and teachers usually face problem in combating the distraction of students.

04 December 2016

The Link Between Electromagnetic Pollution and Lyme Disease and How to Remediate Your Environment for a Faster Recovery

The Link Between Electromagnetic Pollution and Lyme Disease and How to Remediate Your Environment for a Faster Recovery
by Connie Strasheim • www.ProHealth.com • December 2, 2016

We are all awash in a sea of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which come from a variety of sources, including power lines, cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, microwave towers, appliances and other places. Hundreds, if not thousands of studies have proven the detrimental effects of manmade electromagnetic fields upon the body, yet the amount of electromagnetic fields in the environment increases exponentially every year.

What’s more, studies have shown that pathogenic microbes multiply more quickly and act more virulently in the presence of EMFs and that healthy, beneficial bacteria that the body needs to fight disease multiply more slowly. If you have Lyme disease this is important to understand as it means that your recovery can become compromised if you are living in a high-EMF environment.

Thomas Rau, MD of the renowned Swiss Paracelsus Clinic stated in an interview on ElectromagneticHealth.org: “Cultures of normal human endogenous bacterial cultures grow much less when exposed to EMR. They grow less when they are around a mobile phone, a tower or cordless phone. Growing less good bacteria in your body means you will have an overgrowth of bad bacteria that can result in things like Lyme disease. Especially from the east coast of the USA, we have many patients with Lyme.”