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01 December 2016

Message to All Parents: Please Do Not Buy Wireless Toys for Your Children

This is one of a number of wireless toys that parents should NOT buy for their children.  Just read the warnings in the user's manual: 

"California Proposition 65 warning: this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm... Seizures, blackouts, eye strain, repetitive injury, choking hazard... Never operate in dangerous, hazardous or public areas where use is not permitted (high voltage power lines, train stations, airports, trains)... Ensure that no one is standing nearer than 1 yard (1 meter) from Sphero when in operation and that you keep a safe distance between the ball and people, animals and property..."

(We have gotten into trouble with one manufacturer for criticizing the potentially harmful wireless features of their product, but we believe the makers have a responsibility to make warnings more visible to parents buying these toys for their children.)

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