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13 December 2016

Vienna Medical Association: No Radiating Gifts under the Christmas Tree

No radiating gifts under the Christmas tree
diagnose-funk.org, December 2016 (Google translation)

The medical chamber calls for mobile-free zones and times

Especially the Advent and Christmas season is a welcome opportunity to enjoy the mobile phone-free zones and times called for by the Vienna Medical Association and revert to personal communication, especially with parents:  Piero Lercher, environmental expert of the medical chamber for Vienna.

Smartphones, tablets and game consoles are now one of the most popular Christmas gifts for children and teenagers. The Medical Association recommends including with these gifts the medical mobile phone rules. "The precautionary principle and sensible use of these technologies is still the best formula," emphasizes Lercher.

For many years, the "10 Medical Mobile Phone Rules", published by the Vienna Medical Association, have been popular with both experts and the general public at national and international level. In the face of current technical developments, the rules were adapted and supplemented last year in now a sixth edition, translated into ten languages ​​and a version published in Esperanto. In order to avoid unnecessary radiation, for example, it is recommended to reduce or deactivate mobile apps. In addition to the posters, there are also folders, which can be distributed in doctors' offices, supermarkets, and schools in a smaller format.

With the mobile phone rules, which also meet the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Vienna Medical Association wants to inform the population from a medical point of view about possible health-damaging long-term effects. "Our recommendations for dealing with mobile phones not only are more informative about mobile phone and transmitting radiation, but also include aspects of traffic safety and are intended to protect against negative psychosocial effects," says Lercher. (Kmc)

(SERVICE - The posters "Beaming information: 10 medical mobile phone rules" can be ordered from the press office of the Vienna Medical Chamber for free - for schools - Tel .: (01) 51501-1223, email: pressestelle@aekwien.at  ; poster download on the homepage of the Vienna medical chamber: http://www.aekwien.at/aekmedia/Medizinische-Handy-Regeln.pdf )

Publication on the subject
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Radiating toys
No radiating electronics for children!

Download (PDF, 538 KB) to diagnose: radio shop [in German]


Parents usually do not know that wireless game applications, tablet-PCs, and SmartPhones transmit with a health-damaging wireless standard WLAN (Wi-Fi). Diagnose-funk has tested some devices for radiation exposure. Result: They radiate with radiation values ​​which, according to the state of knowledge, are extremely harmful to health. In our flyer, we will discuss this and will also present alternatives.

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