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09 January 2017

Living Inside An Electric Cage Without Knowing It?

This feature "story" comprises three excellent articles on electromagnetic fields, many side-bars of information, including testimonials of improved health, and illustrations.  Below is the part of the text of the first article.  

Living Inside An Electric Cage Without Knowing It? 
by Dr. Donna, Editor, Health Fitness Magazine, 
July/August 2016

“Everywhere I go, people are suffering and they don’t know why. They put their faith in their medical doctor who only sends them home with a new pill and no answers. Once they get home, they feel worse…It’s at epidemic proportions,” Eric Windheim told us. He’s a Certi fied Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS).  

This statement con firms what many health care practitioners are seeing in their practice as well. Chiropractors report their patients don’t hold their adjustments as long any more. Massage therapists see clients with greater amounts of pain and more trigger points. Psychologists see more patients with depression and anxiety and nothing seems to help. 

Take a look at the list of complaints that often have no real medical causes that are traceable and very few solutions: 

• headaches • fatigue • insomnia • ringing in the ears • memory problems • anxiety • weakness • eye pain/pressure • heart palpitations • dizziness • stress • disorientation • moodiness • pain • hair loss • infertility

At first glance, it’s di fficult to find what all the symptoms have in common: living in an electrical ‘cage’ that has an electromagnetic field (EMF) unsuitable for any human or animal. 

No Antidote Works When You’re in The Cage  
These people try their best to get healthy. They start exercising, take antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and even hormones. But none of this really makes that much of a di fference anymore. Not when you’re living and/or working in the cage. Your body never gets any rest and you can’t de-stress no matter how many yoga classes you take. 

What is The Cage? 
“The Cage” is a form of invisible matrix created by technology that surrounds you wherever there are electrical and wireless devices. It could be the fi lds that surround your bedroom, your o ffice, your entire home, or your entire neighborhood.

Th e Cage didn’t exist until the end of the 1800s. According to Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H., after the advent of distributed electricity, lifespan decreased by 8 years wherever people were ‘blessed’ by the technology. Now, scientists worldwide are agreeing that high EMF causes symptoms and is associated with disease.  

The Cage has changed remarkably since then. “Now the EMF inside your personal cage is the fastest growing toxin in the modern world,” Eric told us, quoting direct sources. “It’s made of magnetic fields, electric fields, microwave radiation, and dirty electricity. Microwave radiation from wireless devices is the fastest growing toxin in the cage.” 

Why EMF Will Bring Disability 
He believes there are three reasons why EMF will continue to get worse. First of all, the advent of wireless devices and green technology have been tremendously empowering to society. The demand for bandwidth (wireless cloud energy) increased 460% between 2012 and 2015. 

Secondly, wireless technology is convenient and lastly, it generates billions of dollars of revenue for corporations and taxes for the government. Don’t expect the government to set any biological relevant safety standards when industry is creating massive revenues and profits. 

And wherever there’s a money trail, there are usually lies.

The Origin of the Lie That High EMF Won’t Harm You 
Government studies showed that radio operators in World War II had higher rates of illness and cancer. In 1947, the U.S. brought over German scientists in Project Paperclip. One of them, Herman Schwan, was hired to say that the damage from radio waves would only occur when body temperature rose. It’s called the thermal e ffect. And there is no such thing as a non-thermal biological e ffect. 

By the 1950s, military personnel reported eye injuries, internal bleeding and sterility more frequently. Schwan obeyed his job orders and said all of them were anecdotal and unreliable, and that the only time damage occurred was if body temp increased from the radio waves. His explanation implied the body could cool itself down. But cataracts prove that eye damage results because eyes don’t cool down from microwave radiation exposure. 

Schwan’s “No damage except from thermal heating” concept spread like wild fire with the cell phone industry. For years they claimed your cell phone was harmless, but when you happened to say your ear and head were hot from using the cell phone, they’d ask why you didn’t read the instructions and keep it 1 inch from the body. By the way, Eric has a way to test the EMF power level that runs through your body while you’re using your phone. 

“Since Schwan’s time, wireless radiation exposure from TV, Radio, Radar and wireless devices has increased a million billion times. This tells us we’re headed for trouble.” 

EMF Physiological Changes are Calculable 

(Side-bar:) Additional EMF Symptoms 
• depression • unsociable • sluggishness • irritated without cause • heart arrhythmias • high cortisol levels • dementia • not enough milk for baby • thyroid issues • adrenal gland issues • increased urination • wake up to urinate • allergies • peripheral neuropathy • erratic blood sugar or blood pressure • high cholesterol • sex life issues • feet perspire excessively • can’t make decisions • liver problems • internal bleeding • infections • swelling for no reason • worsening brain function • digestive issues • irritable, angry

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