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02 January 2017

Maryland: Screens in Schools Legislation

Screens in Schools Legislation Press Conference: Paula Poundstone WBAL News (23 December 2016 - 2 mn.)

(Part of near-verbatim transscript - Lacee Griffith, WBALTV News Anchor, Reporter): A group in Maryland is pushing for a bill that would create medical guidelines for the safe use of digital devices in Maryland classrooms.  It is being led by Maryland mother Cindy Eckard and comedian Paula Poundstone. Poundstone stepped on stage hours before her show to express why putting restrictions on how much screen time children get in schools is so important and personal to her and her family... She already advocates for classroom screen safety in her home state of California.

Cindy Eckard has been urging lawmakers to regulate classroom screen safety. "There is nothing to prevent our kids from being strapped to a computer all day long at school," said Eckard. Some of the health concerns include myopia, retinal damage, musculosekletal aches and pains, sleeplessness, and psychological damage...

Delegate Steve Arentz, who represents the Mid-shore, is sponsoring the effort. There is support from the state, the children's environmental health and protection advisory council, and advocates for Baltimore County Schools.


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