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09 February 2017

Did Mobile Phone Radiation Cause the Black-Out of the Driver?

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Did waves cause the black-out of the driver?
msn.com/fr-ch, 9 February 2017 (translated from French by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

A postal bus ended up hitting a tree last week in St. Gallen.  A building ecobiologist believes the accident was caused by radiation from a mobile phone antenna.

A spectacular accident occurred last week in St. Gallen.  Suffering a malaise, the driver of a postal bus lost control of his vehicle.  The bus hit a tree head-on, located in front of a building on the other side of the road.  Six passengers were slightly injured, as well as the driver who had to be cut out.

While the police are still investigating the causes of the accident, Hansueli Stettler, a building ecobiologist from St. Gallen, thinks he knows what caused the driver's malaise.  Interviewed Wednesday by the «St. Galler Tagblatt», he says the cause was "strong mobile phone radiation".  In this case, the driver's moment of weakness combined with the antenna installed on the roof of a gas station situated not far from the site of the accident, would have caused the accident.

Changes in brain waves

Hansueli Stettler has been very interested in the topic of radiation since 2012.  He is convinced that places where a strong concentration of waves prevail have a bad influence on the nervous system of people... which, according to the building ecobiologist, can lead to black-outs.

Interviewed by «20 Minuten», he explained that it is the sudden and intense variations of radiation that cause changes at the level of brain waves, like during an epileptic seizure.  Hansueli Stettler is persuaded moreover that in 90% of the accidents occurring in St. Gallen where no cause has been determined, his measurements have shown strong radiation at the site of the accident.

Radiation not taken into account in the investigation

His theory remains controversial.  "From a scientific point of view, there is no link between waves from a mobile phone antenna and attention deficits," Gregor Dürrenberger of the Research Foundation  for Electricity and Mobile Communication at the Federal Polytechnic School Zurich (EPFZ), reminds us.  Interviewed by the «St. Galler Tagblatt», he added that nothing proves the existence of a link between well-being and mobile phone radiation.  "Isolated cases do not allow us to draw general conclusions."

Contacted, the cantonal police explained that the levels of radiation were not taken into account in the investigation.

Our colleagues from «20 Minuten» rode with Hansueli Stettler.  His measuring instrument showed that the intensity of radiation varied according to location:  [view short video in original article].

Original article in French:

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