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14 March 2017

5-Year-Old Girl May Be Scarred for Life After Samsung Phone Exploded in Her Face While She Slept

5-year-old girl may be scarred for life after Samsung phone exploded in her face while she slept
by Alex Linder, shanghaiist.com
14 March 2017

Samsung's infamously combustible phones have struck again, reportedly blowing up in a little girl's face while she slept.

A Guizhou father was awoken suddenly at 4 a.m. last Thursday morning by the sound of an explosion in his family's bedroom. Startled, he found that his 5-year-old daughter named Yun who had been sleeping beside him was now wailing in pain with her face badly burned.

Yun's parents quickly rushed the little girl to the hospital in Anshun city where she is being treated for severe facial burns that may scar her for life. The girl's mother told local media that her daughter has a hard time sleeping and is unable to eat or speak because of the pain.

The father, Feng Lingling, said that his Samsung Note 4 had been charging overnight beside the bed when it suddenly exploded, also burning his hair. Since his daughter was sleeping nearest to the phone, she got the worst of the explosion.

Feng says that he purchased the phone new last August from a local electronics chain store for 2699 yuan. A reporter visited the store, and the store's owner assured him that the phone was the real deal. The local supervision authority has also confirmed that the store is an authorized Samsung distributor.

The chain has reportedly paid Feng's family 10,000 RMB to help with medical costs, meanwhile they are in contact with Samsung who are currently investigating the incident. Feng says that a Samsung representative dropped by his home recently, telling him that the accident was likely caused by a fake battery.

Feng says he hasn't changed the battery since he bought the phone.

Of course, Samsung has had a few issues with exploding batteries in the past. Their infamous Galaxy Note 7 smartphone had to be recalled twice last year before being completely withdrawn from sale, causing billions of dollars in profit to go up in smoke for the South Korean tech company.

While Samsung has blamed the Note 7's combustibility on batteries supplied by Samsung SDI, that hasn't stopped them from contracting the manufacturer to produce batteries for the upcoming Galaxy S8. Earlier this year, a Tianjin factory that supplied batteries for the Note 7 caught fire in perhaps China's most predictable factory accident in recent memory.

[Images via Sina News]


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