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25 March 2017

IoT and the World's First Trillionaire

IoT and the world’s first trillionaire
Opinion, nationmultimedia.com, 25 March 2017

Virtually all of the billionaires on Forbes list have one thing in common.

One way or another they are involved with the recent electronic phenomenon called METME (Maximum Efficient Transfer of Electronic Energy) and better known as the IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT has been identified as “the greatest commercial event in world history”. It is dramatically changing world commerce – and also politics. For example, all Thailand banks are reducing staff and facilities by 30 to 35 per cent as new IoT procedures take over. The same shifts can be seen in virtually all other fields, from automotives to food to construction, etc.

Bill Gates ($85.6 billion) is currently the world’s wealthiest person. But not for long! Some new guys are in town.

Three years ago on April 30 Graham Phillip Bloy of RF Controls llc announced “The Internet of Everything”. Bloy estimated that his IoE would produce $11 trillion to $14 trillion in a 10-year timeframe. (Other industry experts say double that.)

Seven months later on November 7 Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers announced “The Internet of Things”. Cisco Systems is the outlet or “cover” for RF Controls and its METME/IoE/IoT evolutionary products.

In a very short period of time the revenue of RF Controls and Cisco Systems will surpass the combined revenue of the top 10 US corporations. Remember, virtually all US corporations must use IoT – or “hit the road, Jack”.

Bloy could very possibly become the world’s first trillionaire as he has tight control of the IoT technical aspects. He is likely securing thousands and thousands of patents on slight variations of the original METME discovery.

Interesting times!

Al in Asia


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