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28 April 2017

Electrosensitivity Explained in a Comic Strip

Electrosensitivity explained in a comic strip
ARA, www.alerte.ch, posted 28 April 2017

Dr. CEM by Kri

Dr. CEM could be one of the 14 doctors, co-authors of the "EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related healthproblems and illnesses".  This publication, written by internationally-known doctors to inform physicians, comprises 69 pages of text, perhaps too technical for a wide audience, especially young persons.  We hope that this comic strip will raise awareness of the health risks concerning unrestrained use of wireless technologies.

Click here for the link to the comic strip

About the artist:

Representing generation Y, Kri has been engaged in associations and underground movements since the mid-1990's.  Educated at Vevey Applied Arts, she has a degree in art.  With a taste for eclecticism, Kri likes to mix mediums and genres, exploring other means of expression such as poetry, writing, and music.  A great fan of the DIY movement and Fanzinat, she self-publishes the comic strip of the magazine, "Dirty Platitude".  In 2015, following health problems, "a staggering blow", she discovered she was affected by SICEM (Syndrome of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Fields), also known at Electrohypersensitivity.  Kri found herself forced to place her public life on hold in the face of this strange experience of the invisible world.

After this painful redefining of her existence, Kri would like to share, through this comic strip, some of the discoveries she made at her expense concerning the dangers of wireless technologies.

Download the comic strip for printing (English version)

Télécharger la BD pour l'imprimer chez soi. (version française)

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