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29 April 2017

Italy: Florence: Judge Connects Tumor and Mobile Phone


Florence:  Judge connects tumor and mobile phone

The court of Florence like that of Ivrea: disability compensation for a salesperson

After the Ivrea Court, Florence has also recognized a link between cell phone use and the development of a tumor. On Friday, labor judge Vincenzo Nuvoli condemned the Inail [National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work] to payment of compensation for permanent disability (16 percent) to a man who in 2014 was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma of the right auditory nerve. For thirteen years, Alessandro Maurri, 60, assigned to sales for an import-export company, would use the mobile phone for an average of 2-3 hours a day. Maurri began working in 1985. In 1994 he was awarded a corporate phone, and got to manage about 800 customers throughout Tuscany. Since 2002, when the office closed, he continued to work from home and used his cell phone up to an average of six hours a day. In 2008, he was diagnosed  with an acoustic neuroma which required surgery.

In February 2013, Maurri presented Inail with a demand for the recognition of an occupational disease but Inail twice refused the request.  In May 2014, the man, assisted by lawyers Paolo Maresca and Dario Zangara, both from the law firm Bonafede, filed an appeal at the employment section of the court in Florence.  "The judge," said attorney Maresca, "ordered legal medical technical advice, which considered it plausible that the diagnosed disease may have been related to exposure to radiofrequencies, at least as a contributing cause.  We are awaiting the reasons."

The consultant was Professor Angelo Levis, former professor of environmental mutagenesis at the University of Padua (the same as for the case of Ivrea), who for years has been fighting a battle for the proper use of mobile phones with the help of APPLE (Association for the prevention and fight against electrosmog), the non-profit organization that goes into the schools to educate. "There are no doubts about the existence of cause and effect between exposure to mobile phones and the risk of tumors in the head," says the professor.  "The increase of cancer related to the use of mobile phones is striking and is documented."

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