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08 April 2017

What Is Lost in Adopting Technology

Just as a fish that is born in a polluted stream would never consider that water could be any different, our young people today are born into a techno-dependent world, without realising what has been lost in the process of adopting technology.

Many of us are familiar with some of the effects of modern technology:

Weakening of relationships between child and parents
Weakening of relationships due to social media
Weaker health and poorer eyesight
Increased consumerist behaviour
Increased depression and loneliness (contrary to having “Facebook friends”)
Reduced connections to nature
Reduced connections to people
Lack of desire to be active
Poorer quality of sleep
General insensitivity
Becoming numbed to violence
Increased irritability, aggression and being prone to outbursts
Reduced focus and attention span


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