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31 May 2017

How Your Phone Radiation is Affecting You

How your phone radiation is affecting you (and how you can decrease it by 70%)
by Delphine Chuimarieclaire.co.uk
30 May 2017

Scary stuff...

Considering that we spend most of our waking hours pretty much attached to our mobile phones, it’s no surprise that we all worry about the potential health risks they hold.

So addicted are we, that we’ve even ranked UK cities according to where has the best mobile phone signal and figured out how we can use our mobile phones to take our passport photos.

And, seeing as there’s so much information about mobile phone radiation out there (a lot of it discrediting that it’s harmful), we decided to catch up with Monica Amarelo, Director of Communications for EWG and Olga Naidenko, Senior Science Advisor for America’s Children’s Environmental Health about what mobile phone radiation actually does…

The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today's Children (and What to Do About It)

The silent tragedy affecting today’s children
(and what to do with it)

24 May 2017

There is a silent tragedy developing right now, in our homes, and it concerns our most precious jewels - our children. Through my work with hundreds of children and families as an occupational therapist, I have witnessed this tragedy unfolding right in front of my eyes. Our children are in a devastating emotional state! Talk to teachers and professionals who have been working in the field for the last 15 years. You will hear concerns similar to mine. Moreover, in the past 15 years, researchers have been releasing alarming statistics on a sharp and steady increase in kids’ mental illness, which is now reaching epidemic proportions:

Twelve New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (24 May 2017)

Twelve new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 24 May 2017

Canadian data from INTERPHONE study of mobile phone use and head tumor risk reported for the first time

Since the 13-nation Interphone study was published in 2010, several methods papers have been published that reanalyze the data to correct for biases in the original paper. In most instances the glioma risk estimates increased after adjustment for study biases among long term or heavy mobile phone users.

The following paper just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology applies statistical adjustments to the Interphone data from Canada. The authors found that the risk estimate for glioma among the highest quartile of cell phone users increased after adjustment. Risk estimates for other types of head tumors did not change.

29 May 2017

Pennsylvania: Allegheny County: Children in 7th Grade Will Be Forcibly Injected with HPV Vaccine If They Wish to Remain in Public Shool

Children in 7th grade will be forcibly injected with HPV vaccine if they wish to remain in public school
by SatyaRajalternativenewsnetwork.net
21 May 2017

In a highly controversial, unprecedented motion, members of the Allegheny County Health Department in Pittsburgh, PA, have publicly revealed that they’re considering administering a countywide mandate to require all 7th grade girls and boys to receive the HPV vaccine before receiving admittance into school for the 2017–18 school year.

Since the news broke last week, natural health advocates and anti-vaccine activists have been in an outrage, condemning the corporate Big Pharma-funded mandate.

The HPV vaccine is readily available to the public; that, coupled with the fact that the Human papilloma virus is transmitted exclusively through sexual activity, makes the necessity of administering a vaccine with such controversial side effects to grade school children absurd.

If passed, the mandate would make Allegheny County the only county in the state to have different vaccine regulations to the rest of Pennsylvania. While the mandate would only affect school children attending schools within Allegheny County, many fear that if the mandate is a success, other U.S. counties and states could easily follow suit.

28 May 2017

An Appeal To Bill And Melinda Gates For Your Help In Raising Healthy Children

"While your family held off giving kids phones until age 14, the typical age children get smartphones has fallen to 10. The impact on our young people has been disastrous, as U.S. teens now spend 8 hours each day playing with screens and phones at the expense of engaging with family and school. This behavior has contributed to a generation of depressed, anxious, and self-injuring youth. We also have a nation of kids who are smartphone experts but struggle in reading, math, and the other skills colleges evaluate to decide admissions."

An Appeal To Bill And Melinda Gates For Your Help In Raising Healthy Children
Dr. Richard Freed, Contributor, huffingtonpost.com,
24 May 2017

Dear Bill and Melinda,

The purpose of this letter is first to commend you for raising your own children with strong screen and phone limits, as this will serve them well. Bill, thank you for declaring in a recent article, “We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier.” Clearly, setting firm tech limits has long been a priority for your family, as a 2007 article highlighted the strong rules you enforce around your kids’ gaming and screen habits. The benefits for your children are abundant, as research shows that these limits dramatically enhance kids’ emotional health, academic success, and physical health.

The Brain Literally Starts Eating Itself When It Doesn't Get Enough Sleep

The research has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The Brain Literally Starts Eating Itself When It Doesn't Get Enough Sleep
BEC CREW, sciencealert.com, 26 May 2017

The reason we sleep goes far beyond simply replenishing our energy levels every 12 hours - our brains actually change states when we sleep to clear away the toxic byproducts of neural activity left behind during the day.

Weirdly enough, the same process starts to occur in brains that are chronically sleep-deprived too - except it's kicked into hyperdrive. Researchers have found that persistently poor sleep causes the brain to clear a significant amount of neurons and synaptic connections, and recovering sleep might not be able to reverse the damage.

A team led by neuroscientist Michele Bellesi from the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy has examined the mammalian brain's response to poor sleeping habits, and found a bizarre similarity between the well-rested and sleepless mice.

27 May 2017

Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Increases Risk For Brain Cancer

Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Increases Risk For Brain Cancer
Environmental Health Trust, ehtrust.org

Major Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Increases Risk For Brain Cancer
American Journal of Epidemiology 2017

A newly published report in the American Journal of Epidemiology just released this week, confirms that Canadians who have used cellphones for 558 hours or more have more than a doubled risk of brain cancer. These important findings strengthen the association between glioma, an aggressive brain cancer, and cell phone use.

The original 13-nation Interphone study for the International Agency for the Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization reported reported a 40% increase in brain cancer for those using phones for 1640 lifetime hours. This new study found that Canadians had more than a doubled glioma risk when they were analyzed apart from the 12 other countries.
“Governments have allowed this technology to pervade our lives saying it did not have proof it could harm us. We now have evidence from the latest Canadian Interphone study data that found a statistically significant doubling of risk for glioma among cell phone users with only 558 lifetime hours of use.

How long will it take a teenager to amass 558 hours of cell phone use?

5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks

5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks
Environmental Health Trust, ehtrust.org

5G is the term used to describe the next-generation of mobile networks beyond the 4G LTE mobile networks commonly used today. Currently there is no standard for 5G networks in place and it will be a combination of a variety of frequencies and modulations. Industry is developing exactly what 5G will be. It is assumed that 5G networks will not become commercially available until 2020 but several cities are rolling out 5G as test areas now.

Published peer reviewed science already indicates that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G – in use today with our cell phones, computers and wearable tech – creates radiofrequency exposures which poses a serious health risk to humans, animals and the environment. Scientists are cautioning that before rolling out 5G, research on human health effects urgently needs to be done first to ensure the public and environment are protected.

26 May 2017

How Cellphones Can Cause Brain Tumors and Trigger Chronic Disease

Keeping the phone 1 inch away from your skull will have a relatively modest reduction in exposure. You need to move it 2 TO 3 FEET (around 1 meter) away from your head to reduce the exposure by over 90 percent.

How Cellphones Can Cause Brain Tumors and Trigger Chronic Disease
by Dr. Mercola, 23 May 2017

Story at-a-glance

  • Exposure to cellphone radiation may or may not increase your risk of brain tumor formation, but this is a minor risk compared to damage done by free radicals from peroxynitrites that radically impair mitochondrial function
  • Science has linked exposure to peroxynitrites from low-frequency microwave radiation emitted from cellphones and Wi-Fi networks with chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity and inflammatory bowel disease
  • You can reduce your exposure by shutting off your Wi-Fi at night, keeping cellphones in airplane mode unless using them, using the speaker phone and using a selfie stick when talking on it

BMW Wages War on 'Electrosmog'

BMW wages war on ‘electro smog’
by Ken Grattonmotoring.com.au,
25 May 2017

Munich's research and innovations boffins warn against unlimited electro-magnetic radiation

BMW’s Vehicle Research and Innovations Centre, known by its German acronomym ‘FIZ’ (pictured), is on the frontline of a battle to contain electro-magnetic radiation – known within the organisation as ‘electro smog’.

Ultra-high frequency and microwave radiation waves are all around us, says BMW spokesman Andreas Metzner, but electro smog is especially hazardous around the historic city of Augsburg, where the American signals intelligence collection agency, the NSA, operates a facility.

The electro smog emanating from that facility is extreme, but Germany is powerless to impose restrictions on the NSA, “because they’re Americans”, Metzner flippantly observes.

Why is electro smog such a concern?

According to the BMW spokesman, strong radiation could interfere with a car’s on-board radar-based AEB (autonomous emergency braking). Such a conflict could be misconstrued by the car’s computer as an obstacle less than three metres ahead. At autobahn speeds that could be a catastrophic event considerably worse than just spilling your sippy cup of coffee in your lap.

EKG Evidence that Smart Meters Negatively Affect the Human Heart

by Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer,
Waking Times, 23 May 2017

There have been numerous whistleblowers to warn of the negative effects of smart meters on human health but perhaps none has been so successful in scientifically proving this claim as Warren Woodward of Sedona, Arizona. He recently put AMI ‘smart’ meters to the test, and using EKG technology, has proven that smart meters throw the human heart off its balanced beat.

Wireless Radiation/Electromagnetic Fields Increases Toxic Body Burden

Wireless Radiation/Electromagnetic Fields Increases Toxic Body Burden
Environmental Health Trust, ehtrust.org

It is a known fact that lead, air pollution, and other toxic chemicals can damage our health and, more specifically, these toxins can damage brain development. In addition, wireless and EMF radiation can synergistically increase the effect of these daily toxic exposures because of the ways in which wireless radiation alters the body’s natural functioning.

Wireless radiation has been shown to damage sleep and the blood-brain barrier, which in turn can lead to higher toxic load on the body. Furthermore, well done replicated research studies have found that a known carcinogen exposure in combination with wireless and EMF exposure leads to a significantly increased risk of cancer development.

Wireless Alters Sleep Architecture.

Sleep is critical to health. Recent scientific discoveries have added to our understanding of how deep sleep not only consolidates memories but is actually a time when the brain cleans out toxins. A 2013 NIH-funded study suggests sleep “clears brain of damaging molecules associated with neurodegeneration.” Therefore, sleep damage could decrease the brain’s ability to detox at night.

24 May 2017

Health Advocates Want Warnings on All Wireless Industry Ads

This article cites the 33 recommendations made by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy which wants "warnings added to cellphone manuals and warnings provided to children and their parents. It urges schools and companies to keep powerful Wi-Fi routers away from places where people spend much of their time."

Health Advocates Want Warnings on All Wireless Industry Ads

by Jack O'Dwyerodwyerpr.com, 24 May 2017

The Federal Communications Commission is being asked to require that industry ads recommend use of cellphones only in speaker mode or with a headset and that texting replace holding a phone to the head.

The request is among 33 made by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy which reviewed actions being taken “in more than two dozen countries to encourage and empower citizens to live with and use wireless.”

NISLAPP was founded in 1978 “to bridge the gap between scientific uncertainties and the need for laws protecting public health and safety.” It aims to “bring the practice of science and law together to develop intelligent policy.”

A law passed by Congress in 1965 required cigarette ads and packaging to carry warnings about the ill health effects of smoking. It was based on findings of the U.S. Surgeon General.

23 May 2017

Jolie Jones Interview of Professor Olle Johansson on Electrohypersensitivity and the Risks of Exposure to Wireless Technology

Jolie Jones Interview of Professor Olle Johansson about EHS / EMF effects (20 May 2017 - 
9 mn.)

Jolie Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones, is electrosensitive. She interviews Professor Olle Johansson in Stockhom. The video is excellent, stating very clearly the risks of exposure to wireless technology.

Jolie Jones tells the story of her struggle with electrohypersensitivity in this piece on her blog,
Taking Back Her Power, written by Alison Main, jolietalks.com, 20 May 2017.

The video is also available here : 

22 May 2017

Growing Up in a False Reality

Source:  Cindy Eckard/Creative Commons
Growing Up in a False Reality
psychologytoday.com, 20 May 2017

Kids today are out of touch with themselves, others, and the world around them.

This guest post is by Cindy Eckard, a Maryland parent who has spearheaded legislation in her state to create medically-sound safety guidelines for the use of digital devices in public schools.

Many people are focused on reducing screen time for children; I'm one of those people. The health risks are enormous for our kids, in a variety of ways, from their vulnerable, undeveloped eyes to their growing bodies and minds. And while I am the first to advocate for schools and parents to limit the amount of time our children spend on digital devices, per se, I am also growing increasingly convinced that our emotive relationships with these machines - which correlates to screen time - needs more exploration. What psychological needs are these digital devices filling - and what price is being paid when they dominate our lives?

Mobile Phones : Are the Current Standards Protective ?

by Virginie Bagouet, Agence presse médicale (APMNews), 
18 May 2017
(translation posted on Marc Arazi's blog, 20 May 2017)

Paris, 17 May 2017 (APMnews) – Some standards currently applied to mobile phones are not protective, according to a militant physician, Marc Arazi, who recently took legal action for the public release of the names of devices exceeding thresholds when placed against the body.

The specific absorption rate (SAR) indicates the amount of energy received by the user of a radio-electric device when it is operating at full power for several minutes. The absorption of electromagnetic fields leads to an increase in tissue temperature. In order to prevent this thermal effect, threshold values have been imposed.

In the European Union, the SAR head and SAR trunk must be less than 2 W/kg and the SAR limbs, less than 4 W/kg. The SAR head is “well-defined”. It integrates two standardized postures in contact with the ear and close to the mouth, Gilles Brégant, director of the National Frequency Agency (ANFR), told APMnews on Tuesday. The manufacturer must include this SAR head measurement in all notices about their devices. Overall, the SAR head has decreased. It is on average equal to 1 W/kg, according to the ANFR director.

Protect Children from Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted by Wireless Technologies

manhattanneighbors.org, 5 February 2017


1. We are fundamentally electromagnetic.

2. Man-made frequencies from wireless devices and cell phones are biologically disruptive Radiofrequency Radiation (RF).

3. FCC exposure guidelines ignore a large body of science showing risk from this radiation and the guidelines are not protective as they only protect from one form of risk—the heating effects.

4. There are greater risks—and unknown EMF risks—to children, whose brains absorb more RF.

5. RF emitted by cell phones cause brain tumors and other cancers.

6. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the radiation as a group 2B “Possible Carcinogen” in 2011, and there is now evidence to upgrade this to “Carcinogen”.

7. RF impairs fertility.

8. RF causes damage to DNA, impacting our health today and that of future generations.

9. RF is a biological stressor.

10. RF interferes with the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that regulates the heart and balance in the body.

20 May 2017

United Kingdom: A Charity Could Face Investigation Over Its Adverts That Claim WiFi And Mobile Phones Make People Ill

Worth the risk?  It's your call.
More and more research is starting to show health
risks from mobile and cordless phones, WiFi and
other electromagnetic fields.  Know the risks.
Pete Etchells / Via Twitter: @PeteEtchells
Our comment: Thank you to ES UK for placing these ads. If any groups need to be investigated, it is industry and organizations like WHO which are lying by denying the health effects of wireless technologies. Industry has never said this technology is safe. View this video produced by the International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). As of March 2017, the appeal has been signed by 225 scientists from 41 nations. They have all published peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of EMF:

A Charity Could Face Investigation Over Its Adverts That Claim WiFi And Mobile Phones Make People Illby Tom Chivers, BuzzFeed Science Writer,  20 May 2017

Electrosensitivity UK says that "more and more research" shows health risks of electromagnetic radiation from phones and WiFi, but scientists and health bodies say otherwise.

The Advertising Standards Agency says it is “assessing whether there are grounds” to investigate a registered charity’s adverts on display in London train stations, which claim that WiFi and mobile phones are causing health problems.

Electrosensitivity UK’s adverts, which can be seen in King’s Cross and Waterloo stations in the capital, claim: "More and more research is starting to show potential health risks from mobile and cordless phones, WiFi and other electromagnetic fields.”

California: New Records Show How State Reworked Secret Cell Phone Warnings

State health officials, over a five-year period, wrote and
revised guidelines for safe use of cell phones.
Photo:  Paul Chinn, The Chronicle
Here is the final version of the California Department of Public Health fact sheet on cell phones and health:
CDPH fact sheet without draft watermark

New records show how state reworked secret cell phone warnings
by Melody Gutierrezsfchronicle.com
19 May 2017

SACRAMENTO — Newly released public records show that California public health officials worked for five years on a set of guidelines to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, revising their work 27 times with updated research before abandoning the efforts without ever making their concerns public until ordered by a judge.

The 27 versions of the guidelines, obtained by The Chronicle, show that California health officials deleted a section that warned state employees with work-issued cell phones about the potential increased risk for brain cancer from use of the devices over time. The final version of the guidelines was a broad warning to the public about exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones. It included a list of best practices to minimize exposure.

19 May 2017

California: State Worker's Bosses Ignored His Allergies. Now He's $3 Million Richer

John Barrie, who claimed his Caltrans supervisors 
harassed him by ignoring his documented allergies to
perfume and cleaning products will receive $3 million
payout from a lawsuit he filed against the state.
Courtesy of his attorneys
State worker’s bosses ignored his allergies. Now he’s $3 million richer
by Adam Ashton, sacbee.com, 17 May 2017

A Caltrans employee in Nevada County who claimed his supervisors harassed him by ignoring his documented allergies to perfume and certain cleaning products will receive a $3 million payout from a lawsuit he filed against the state.

A Nevada County jury sided with John Barrie in a one-month trial that ended last week, upholding his claims that he experienced retaliation, that his employer failed to accommodate his disability and that he was subjected to a hostile work environment. He continues to work for Caltrans in a position that allows him to work from home.

Boy, 11, Hacks Cyber-Security Audience to Give Lesson on 'Weaponisation' of Toys

Reuben Paul
Boy, 11, hacks cyber-security audience to give lesson on 'weaponisation' of toys
Agence France Presse / The Guardian, 17 May 2017

Reuben Paul, 11, tells conference that smart cars, fridges, lights and even teddy bears can be used to spy on or harm people

An 11-year-old “cyber ninja” has stunned an audience of security experts by hacking into their Bluetooth devices to manipulate a robotic teddy bear, showing in the process how interconnected smart toys “can be weaponised”.

Reuben Paul, who is in sixth grade at school in Austin, Texas, and his teddy bear Bob wowed hundreds at a cyber-security conference in the Netherlands.

“From airplanes to automobiles, from smartphones to smart homes, anything or any toy can be part of the Internet of Things (IOT),” said the small figure pacing the huge stage at the World Forum in The Hague.

“From terminators to teddy bears, anything or any toy can be weaponised.”

Being Connected Can Seriously Damage Health: Swiss TV Program "Temps Présent" (18 May 2917)

This excellent 55-min. documentary is now available for viewing on-line in French.

Being connected can seriously damage health
Temps Présent, 18 May 2017, rts.ch

Are we putting our health at risk by constantly bathing in the electromagnetic radiation of relay antennas, telephones, Wi-Fi and connected objects? This question frightens the medico-scientific community, which is seeing an increase in cases of electrohypersensitivity and sick people in the population.

We know the phone which heats the head during a long conversation.  The thermal effect of cell phones is known and regulated but it is the other effects of electromagnetic radiation that are the subject of debate.

Relay antennas, phones, Wi-Fi, connected objects, we are bathed in a continuous electromagnetic field whose impact is beginning to be felt among the population.  Some people become electrohypersensitive, their lives going from normal to a nightmare, others develop tumors which has lead the courts of other countries to deliver judgments in their favor.

Prolia: Another Wonder Drug that Wasn't (2015 Article)

On 17 May 2017, the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Genève published an article on the side-effects of denosumab (Prolia), a medication widely prescribed in Switzerland against osteoporosis. Swissmedic, the Swiss drug authority, has just issued a warning that this new medication could provoke "multiple spontaeneous vertebral fractures" when treatment is stopped. Switzerland is one of the first countries to signal this. Some 10,000 persons in Switzerland are being treated with this medication.

Prolia: Another wonder drug that wasn't
by Martha Rosenberg, Center for Health Journalism Member Blog, 20 March 2015

Monkeys developed tooth and jaw abscesses and two died of protozoal infections. Human subjects developed cervical, ovarian, pancreatic, gastric and thyroid cancers and breast cancer was the "most common adverse event that led to discontinuation" in trials. Adverse event?

Ten people were hospitalized with the skin infection cellulitis during trials and one died.

18 May 2017

United Kingdom: NHS Seeks to Recover from Global Cyber-Attack as Security Concerns Resurface

In an article published in the British Medical Journal, Dr Krishna Chinthapalli, a neurology registrar at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, said hospitals “will almost certainly be shut down by ransomware this year”.

NHS seeks to recover from global cyber-attack as security concerns resurface
by Damien Gayle, Alexandra Topping, Ian Sample, Sarah Marsh and Vikram Dodd, The Guardian, 13 May 2017

Cybersecurity centre says teams ‘working round the clock’ to fix systems rendered inaccessible by international ransomware attack

What is ‘WannaCry’ and why is it attacking the NHS?

Have you been affected by the cyber-attack?

The NHS is working to bring its systems back online after it became the highest-profile victim of a global ransomware attack and faced renewed concern about the strength of its infrastructure.

Tesla Factory Workers Reveal Pain, Injury and Stress: 'Everything Feels Like the Future But Us'

Inside Tesla's car-production center in Fremont, California.  The
factory employs some 10,000 workers.  Photo:  Tesla
"Ambulances have been called more than 100 times since 2014 for workers experiencing fainting spells, dizziness, seizures, abnormal breathing and chest pains, according to incident reports obtained by the Guardian. Hundreds more were called for injuries and other medical issues."

Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: 'Everything feels like the future but us'
by Julia Carrie Wong in Fremont, California, The Guardian, 18 May 2017

Exclusive: CEO Elon Musk defends workplace, saying ‘[we are not] just greedy capitalists who skimp on safety’ – and declares his $50bn company overvalued

When Tesla bought a decommissioned car factory in Fremont, California, Elon Musk transformed the old-fashioned, unionized plant into a much-vaunted “factory of the future”, where giant robots named after X-Men shape and fold sheets of metal inside a gleaming white mecca of advanced manufacturing.

The appetite for Musk’s electric cars, and his promise to disrupt the carbon-reliant automobile industry, has helped Tesla’s value exceed that of both Ford and, briefly, General Motors (GM). But some of the human workers who share the factory with their robotic counterparts complain of grueling work pressure they attribute to Musk’s aggressive production goals, and sometimes life-changing injuries.

Billionaire Bloomberg to Fund $5m Public Health Projects in 40 Cities Worldwide

Michael Bloomberg and WHO director-general
Dr. Margaret Chan.  Photo:  Bloomberg Philantropies
Our comment:  This is an excellent initiative, however, it's a pity that Michael Bloomberg does not include electromagnetic (EM) pollution in this campaign. Bloomberg was appointed last year as the World Health Organisation’s global ambassador for non-communicable diseases – meaning "anything that can harm or kill you that is not infectious". EM pollution fits the bill, but WHO is reticent about the degree of harm it does to people, however, it did classify the pollution as "possible carcinogenic" to humans, so why not include it?

Billionaire Bloomberg to fund $5m public health projects in 40 cities worldwide
by Sarah Boseley Health editor, The Guardian, 16 May 2017

Exclusive: Melbourne, Accra and Ulaanbaatar among cities to benefit from funding pledged by former New York mayor to tackle issues from air pollution to obesity

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire bête noire of both the sugar industry and the tobacco industry, famously fought for a ban on the sale of large-sized colas and other sweet drinks when he was mayor of New York and lost. Although that is not how he sees it.

“We actually won that battle,” he says. “I have always thought if we had not been stopped by the court, it would have died as an issue. Nobody would have known about it. But the fact that it kept coming back to the newspapers was a gift in disguise because people started to think, Holy God, maybe full-sugar drinks are bad for me.

17 May 2017

Can Non-Ionizing Radiation Cause Cancer?

"The empirical evidence clearly shows that NIR is carcinogenic despite the fact it doesn’t have enough energy to break chemical bonds. The International Agency for Research on Cancer needs to alter their designation of both ELF and RFR from a class 2b “possible carcinogen” to at least a class 2a “probable carcinogen.” And the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection [13] needs to change their guidelines to levels that truly protect public health, especially since our exposure is likely to increase with a greater variety of wireless devices coming on the market."

Can Non-Ionizing Radiation Cause Cancer?
Magda Havas* Trent School of the Environment, Trent University Peterborough, ON, Canada *Corresponding author: Magda Havas, Associate Professor in Trent School of the Environment, Trent University Peterborough, ON, Canada, E-mail: mhavas@trentu.ca

Scholars Research Library Archives of Physics Research, 2017, 8 (1):1-2 (http://www.scholarsresearchlibrary.com/journals/archives-ofphysics-research/) ISSN 0976-0970 CODEN (USA): APRRC7


Our exposure to non-ionizing radiation (NIR) has been increasing steadily with our use of electricity, electronic equipment and-more recently-with our use of wireless technology. Concurrently, epidemiological studies have been documenting an increased cancer risk for people who use cell phones for 10 years or more [1,2] and for those who live near cell phone base stations [3,4,5], broadcast antennas [6,7], radar installations [8], or powerlines [9]. Health care authorities and physicists dismiss these studies because non-ionizing radiation doesn’t have enough energy to break chemical bonds and, hence cannot cause cancer. Right? Wrong!

Effects of Mobile Phones on Children’s and Adolescents’ Health: A Commentary

Effects of Mobile Phones on Children’s and Adolescents’ Health: A Commentary
Author: Lennart Hardell

In: Special Section of Child Development. Contemporary Mobile Technology and Child and Adolescent Development, edited by Zheng Yan and Lennart Hardell, May 15, 2017.


The use of digital technology has grown rapidly during the last couple of decades. During use, mobile phones and cordless phones emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation. No previous generation has been exposed during childhood and adolescence to this kind of radiation. The brain is the main target organ for RF emissions from the handheld wireless phone. An evaluation of the scientific evidence on the brain tumor risk was made in May 2011 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer at World Health Organization. The scientific panel reached the conclusion that RF radiation from devices that emit nonionizing RF radiation in the frequency range 30 kHz–300 GHz is a Group 2B, that is, a “possible” human carcinogen. With respect to health implications of digital (wireless) technologies, it is of importance that neurological diseases, physiological addiction, cognition, sleep, and behavioral problems are considered in addition to cancer. Well-being needs to be carefully evaluated as an effect of changed behavior in children and adolescents through their interactions with modern digital technologies.

Electromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development

"Global saturation by wireless device emissions is our largest modifiable and preventable childhood contaminant. It may exacerbate health harm from chemical toxins such as environmental tobacco, mercury, lead and pthalate toxicity that already burden the developing child. We should think first of reducing the body-burden of wireless emissions which cause epigenetic changes leading to cognitive and behavioral issues in the young child, as well as the underlying neurodevelopmental problems of the fetus, before widely prescribing chemical and/or behavioral interventions.

"Public health experts, educators and psychologists have gained a strong new tool to argue against pulsed radiofrequency radiation saturation by wireless devices and infrastructure. Wireless exposures are modifiable and largely avoidable by choosing wired for technology access. This may hold the largest potential for global preventative health action we have. In comparison to chemical toxicants and other neurotoxins and neurodevelopmental contaminants, we have a clear and immediate choice to avoid wireless technologies in favor of wired connectivity."

Electromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development

Announcing a Special Section of Child Development
from © The Society for Research in Child Development, Inc.

Contemporary Mobile Technology and Child and Adolescent Development,
edited by Zheng Yan and Lennart Hardell, May 15, 2017

Article by
Cindy Sage and Ernesto Burgio


16 May 2017

Look Who's Swiping Now: 6-Month-Old Babies are Using Smartphones (2015 Article)

More than a third of kids under 1 year old are alread
swiping away on cellphones and tablets, according to
a [2015] survey.  (iStock)
“Based on scientific evidence on how infants learn, I believe that claims that a two-dimensional touch screen app can teach alphabet letters, numbers, and counting from 1 to 10 to babies (including those as young as 6 months) are inaccurate, seriously misleading to parents and potentially detrimental to infant development,” said Laura Berk, a psychology professor at Illinois State University.

Look who’s swiping now: 6-month-old babies are using smartphones, study says
by Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post,
27 April 2015

Smart phone. Dumb idea.

More and more Americans are handing their smartphones to their kids, some as young as 6 months old, according to a new study. Experts warn, however, that the habit could be harmful for a child’s development, despite the promises of cellphone “learning apps.”

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Restrictions on Wireless for Their Kids

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs restrictions on wireless for their kids
by Dr. Igor Yakymenkocarelessscience.com,
13 May 2017

These two names are hardly associated with any restrictions on new technology. Right? Wrong. As it turned out, both technology geniuses strictly limited access of their kids to wireless devices (in case of Bill Gates at least till 14 for each of his three children). Indeed, recently the legendary founder of Microsoft revealed that he has banned his children from owning a smartphone before the age of 14 and forbids them for using gadgets at the dinner table [1]. “We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier,” says the father of three. “We often set a time after which there is no screen time and in their case that helps them get to sleep at a reasonable hour,” he added. His three kids Jennifer, 20, Rory, 17, and Phoebe, 14 are now old enough to own smartphones, but still have to follow house rules when they use them. “You’re always looking at how it can be used in a great way – homework and staying in touch with friends – and also where it has gotten to excess,” says the legendary innovators.

Smart Attack!

Smart Attack! (15 May 2017 - 4 mn.)


Ever wondered why your energy supplier and governments are so keen to give you a smart meter?

We lay out some not-so-good reasons in this 4 minute animation. Your private data, lifestyle and behavioural choices can be amalgamated into a data-set that is monetised and sold to 3rd party companies. Our usual satire of dark subjects aim to entertain and inform you.

Canada: British Colombia: Cellphone Ban at Victoria's Central Middle School Riles Parents

Students' cellphones could be banned from a Victoria
school, beginning in September.  Photo by
Via Facebook
Cellphone ban at Victoria's Central Middle School riles parents
by Jeff Bell / Times Colonist, 14 May 2017

A new rule at Central Middle School aims to keep students’ cellphones and Internet-connected iPods at home beginning in September. Some parents are objecting.

It is a first for the Greater Victoria school district. In a letter to parents, principal Topher Macintosh said despite efforts to control their use, “the detrimental impact of cellphones on our school is clear and overwhelming.”

“Many students have tremendous difficulty managing their use of cellphones, and because of this, teachers are finding phones a serious impediment to instruction and learning.” But efforts will be made to satisfy the concerns of parents who oppose the ban, Macintosh said.

Study Finds How Polluting Nanoparticles Get Into Blood and Damage Hearts

A cyclist wears a mask as he cycles near Buckingham Palace
in London April 2, 2014.  Reuters/Luke MacGregor
Study finds how polluting nanoparticles get into blood and damage heartsby Kate Kelland, reuters.com, 26 April 2017 | LONDON

Inhaled nanoparticles like those pumped out in vehicle exhausts can work their way through the lungs and into the bloodstream where they can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, scientists said on Wednesday.

In experiments using harmless ultra-fine particles of gold, the scientists were able for the first time to track how such nanoparticles are breathed in, pass through the lungs and then gain access to the blood.

Most worryingly, the researchers said at a briefing in London, the nanoparticles tend to build up in damaged blood vessels of people who already suffer from coronary heart disease – the condition that causes heart attacks - and make it worse.

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Guess who is Sicker?

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Guess who is Sicker?
posted by Celeste McGovern, info.cmsri.org
4 May 2017


It’s never been done before. The first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing…and parents should be worried

Something is wrong with America’s children. They are sick – allergic, asthmatic, anxious, autoimmune, autistic, hyperactive, distracted and learning disabled. Thirty-two million American children – a full 43% of them – suffer from at least one of 20 chronic illnesses not including obesity. Across the board, once rare pediatric disorders from autism and ADD to Type 1 diabetes and Tourette’s syndrome are soaring, though few studies pool the data. Compared to their parents, children today are four times more likely to have a chronic illness. And while their grandparents might never have swallowed a pill as children, the current generation of kids is a pharmaceutical sales rep’s dream come true: More than one million American children under five years old takes a psychiatric drug. More than 8.3 million kids under 17 have consumed psychiatric drugs, and in any given month one in four is taking at least one prescription drug for something.

15 May 2017

Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Heath Concerns’

“If you take that vaccine vial and break it, you have to dispose of that as hazardous waste. You have to evacuate the building. Why would you take that and inject it into a child?” - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Heath Concerns’

by Baxter Dmitryyournewswire.com,
12 May 2017

Sweden has banned mandatory vaccinations, citing “serious health concerns” and the fact they violate a citizen’s constitutional rights to choose their own healthcare.

The Swedish Riksdag (parliament) rejected seven motions on May 10 that would have enshrined forced vaccinations into law, stating “It would violate our [Swedish Constitution] if we introduced compulsory vaccinations, or mandatory vaccinations.”

Noting also the “massive resistance (by Swedes) to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccinations“, the Riksdag also made reference to “frequent serious adverse reactions” in children who receive vaccinations.

An English translation of the Swedish report:

Scotland: Experts Calling for Halt to Roll-Out of Wi-Fi in Classrooms

Questions over whether wi-fi is safe for our kids
by Mark Howarth, sundaypost.com, 
15 May 2017

EXPERTS are calling for a halt in the roll-out of wi-fi technology in Scotland’s classrooms.

Pupils as young as five are being encouraged to bring smartphones and tablets into lessons as part of a Government education strategy.

However, new research has concluded that wireless signals are “not completely safe near the human body” after finding that young rats exposed to the waves suffered brain tissue damage.

In several countries across Europe, authorities are already putting curbs on wi-fi in primary and nursery classes.

Now campaigners believe a moratorium on the gadgetry should be in place in Scottish schools too until further safety studies have taken place.

4G/LTE Mobile Internet and WiFi: The Largest Pandemic Ever?!

Martin Möhrke
RE-POSTED 15 May 2017:  We are hoping, with the broadcast of "Temps Présent" on Swiss TV this week:  "Being connected can seriously damage health", that the medical profession, especially in French-speaking Switzerland, will wake up to the reality that many of their patients may be suffering from the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices.

"In the practices of doctors and other physicians there is a continuous increase in the number of people with chronic and seemingly inexplainable complaints. From measurements using new medical devices, blood measures or saliva examinations it appears that the cause in one out of three patients is radiation overload. Unfortunately this fact is not widely realized by the medical profession. In 2002 about one in 30 patients were radiation stressed. In the meantime that has become one in three."

4G/LTE Mobile Internet and WiFi: The largest pandemic ever?!
by Martin Möhrke, FAIM (Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine)

Many people are still unperturbed by the possible consequences of exposure to mobile phones, wireless networks and other radiation producing apparatuses. With the exception, of course, of those people who have acute complaints and are quite aware of their effects. That is, however, a small group. Ultimately no living being escapes the influence of unnatural radiation on the cell structures of the body.

Dutch Study Suggests Wi-Fi Is Killing Trees

Composed by artist Nickolay Lamm, this is what our cities
would look like if Wi-Fi and cell phone signals were
visible to the human eye.
RE-POSTED 15 May 2017:  Electromagnetic radiation is silently damaging not only our own health but also that of our environment. 

Dutch Study Suggests Wifi Is Killing Trees
by Carolanne Wright, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World / Elle, 20 November 2015

The health-damaging effects of wireless technology has been a hotly debated topic in scientific circles for years now. Linked with increased stress, brain fog, insomnia, cancer, lower sperm count, Alzheimer’s Disease, behavioral issues and developmental delays, many are questioning the daily use of Wi-Fi, cellphones, tablets, smart meters and other modern ‘necessities.’

For anyone who has first hand experience with electromagnetic sensitivity triggered by these devices, there is little doubt of their negative effect on health, mental clarity and overall well-being. Regrettably, humans aren’t the only ones negatively affected by wireless technology. Researchers in the Netherlands have found electromagnetic pollution can also harm trees.

Silent Damage

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – An Increasing Challenge to the Medical Profession

RE-POSTED 15 May 2017:  In March 2017, a team of scientists and doctors from ECERI (European Cancer and Environment Research Institute), including Dr. Lennart Hardell, Dr. David Carpenter, and Professor Dominique Belpomme, met with officials at the World Health Organization as a first step towards having electrohypersensitivity included in the International Classification of Diseases.

"The prevalence of EHS seems to be increasing today, and many people get symptoms when exposed to ELF- and/or RF-EMF. With the ever more extensive use of wireless technologies, nobody can avoid being exposed. It is important to work toward getting objective diagnostic criteria for EHS, and have it recognized and officially accepted as hypersensitivity, an illness caused by exposure to EMF. Thus, it is necessary to give an International Classification of Diseases to EHS. If and when EHS is accepted as a diagnosis by society and the medical profession, measures can be taken especially in consideration for this group of people with EHS regarding healthcare, accommodation, school, and work."

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – an increasing challenge to the medical profession
Lena Hedendahl1 / Michael Carlberg2 / Lennart Hardell2

1Research and Innovation Unit, County Council of Norrbotten, SE-971 89 Luleå, Sweden

2Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden

14 May 2017

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

The effects?  Denser soup of electrosmog, effects on skin, eyes, heart, immune system, cell growth rates, bacteria resistance, plant health, atmosphere and depletion of fossil fuels, disruption of natural ecosystem.  Do we really want this for the sake of faster download speeds and connection to over a trillion objects around the world ?!

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned
Posted by Lloyd Burrell, electricsense.com
12 May 2017

Like it or not we’re rapidly moving into the world of 5G, or 5th generation cellular telecommunications.


Because the frequency bandwidths used currently by cell phones and similar technologies are becoming saturated.

And also because we live in a world where people want more. 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that goes with it, promises to give us more.

But more what?

13 May 2017

Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure, Health Hazards and Risk Assessment Strategies

"Many of us are electro-sensitive but do not realize it; we have the symptoms, but because we are permanently exposed to the radiation, we regard us as “normal”. Being engineers and scientists our duty is to recommend strategies against risks to avoid health hazards. To abide safety standards there is a need to create awareness among the users, service providers and develop/publicize health based precautionary guidelines to control the damage and realize concept of health is wealth."

Radio frequency radiation exposure, health hazards and risk assessment strategies

- IEEE Xplore (Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 04 May 2017)

Author: Nazeer Aalam

Published in: 2017 International Conference on Innovations in Electrical Engineering and Computational Technologies (ICIEECT)


11 May 2017

United States: Pediatricians Update Digital Media Recommendations for Kids (October 2016 Article)

Parents not only need to pay attention to the amount of
time children spend on digital media, but also how, when
and where they use it, experts. say.
© BestPhotoStudio / Fotolia
"Too much time using digital media in the wrong way is linked to children's quality of sleep, child development and physical health." Many parents are still not heeding this warning.

Pediatricians update digital media recommendations for kids
sciencedaily.com, 21 October 2016

Source:University of Michigan Health System

Summary:New AAP guidelines say parents not only need to pay attention to the amount of time children spend on digital media -- but also how, when and where they use it.
It's not so bad to hand your child an iPad once in a while depending on how it's used. Playing a game together or Skyping with Grandma? That's OK. Helping your little one calm down or trying to keep peace in the house? Not so much.

Wireless Communication Technologies: New Study Findings Confirm Risks of Non-Ionizing Radiation

Wireless communication technologies: New study findings confirm risks of nonionizing radiation

Peter Hensinger and Isabel Wilke, mwelt-medizin-gesellschaft, 29|3/2016; translated by Katharina Gustavs, May 2017

Download (PDF, 1.2 MB): http://bit.ly/2qX22CY

This article documents the latest study findings regarding the endpoints of genotoxicity, fertility, blood-brain barrier, cardiac functions, cognition, and behavior. A verified mechanism of damage is oxidative cell stress. New hypotheses of additional mechanisms of action will also be presented.


Thirteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (3 May 2017)

Thirteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 3 May 2017

For some of these studies, we are posting only the titles of the studies, the authors, and links to the abstracts.


Preterm birth among women living within 600 meters of high voltage overhead Power Lines: a case-control study

Sadeghi T, Ahmadi A, Javadian M, Gholamian SA, Delavar MA, Esmailzadeh S, Ahmadi B, Hadighi MSH. Preterm birth among women living within 600 meters of high voltage overhead Power Lines: a case-control study. Rom J Intern Med. 2017 Apr 18. [Epub ahead of print]


France : Phonegate* : No Appeal Before the State Council against ANFR

"We will continue, through every means available, to warn users, in particular the youngest ones, about the risks to their health and safety regarding the use of mobile phones in contact or near-contact with the skin."

[Press release] Phonegate* : No Appeal Before the State Council against ANFR
Par Marc AraziPublié: 11 mai 2017

Following the decision of 20 April 2017 by the court of interlocutory proceedings of the Administrative Tribunal of Melun in favor of the National Frequency Agency (ANFR), we have not appealed before the State Council. The extremely short duration (fifteen days including two holidays), the cost of the proceedings (5,000 euros), the need to call on a lawyer authorized to plead before the State Council and also the added difficulty of finding a council having no conflicts of interest with the mobile phone industry, have been obstacles difficult to avoid before even being able to study the chances of legal success of this approach.

We are therefore studying alternative legal channels allowing us to obtain as quickly as possible the detailed results of the measurements of the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the torso and limbs of the 95 mobile phones tested in 2015 by ANFR, 89% of which were shown to exceed the European regulatory values protecting the health of users (SAR torso).

09 May 2017

Long-term Cell Phone Use Increases Brain Tumor Risk

Long-term cell phone use increases brain tumor risk
saferemr.com, 8 May 2017

According to a recent CDC survey, for the first time more American households have cell phones than land lines. Meanwhile the evidence keeps accruing that long term cell phone use appears to increase brain cancer risk.

In the U.S. the lifetime risk of developing glioma, the most common brain cancer, is between 1 in 200 and 1 in 250. If the risk increased by 40% due to cell phone use, the likelihood of developing glioma during your lifetime would be between 1 in 140 and 1 in 180. If the risk doubles, the lifetime risk of developing glioma would be between 1 in 100 and 1 in 125.

Four reviews of the research on cell phone use and brain tumor risk have been published in peer-reviewed journals in 2017. All of these studies report finding a statistically significant relationship between cell phone use of ten or more years and brain tumor risk especially on the side of the head where the cell phone was predominantly placed during phone calls (i.e., ipsilateral use).

08 May 2017

Light at Night Damages Your Health and Potentially Future Generations

Also Beware of Electromagnetic Frequency Emitted From Electronic Light Sources

It is also important to address the electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted from electronic devices that is at least as dangerous as the light. Although blue light at night reduces your melatonin secretion, and therefore antioxidant protection for your mitochondrial function, EMF from electronic devices also damages mitochondria by producing oxidative damage. Thus, your computer, cell phone and other electronic devices may be doing double duty health damage.

Light at Night Damages Your Health and Potentially Future Generations
by Dr. Mercola, 19 April 2017

Story at-a-glance

  • Light pollution triggers significant health changes in humans, animals and plants and may be a hidden cost of a 24/7 lifestyle
  • Recent research identified health problems in the offspring of laboratory animals exposed to even dim light at night, showing it affects the animals’ immune and endocrine systems
  • Both dim light at night and electromagnetic fields from electronic devices trigger mitochondrial damage, potentially affecting epigenetic expression in future generations

07 May 2017

Why Do IoT Companies Keep Building Devices with Huge Security Flaws?

Why Do IoT Companies Keep Building Devices with Huge Security Flaws?
by Andrew Tannenbaum, hbr.org, 
27 April 2017

Earlier this year an alarming story hit the news: Hackers had taken over the electronic key system at a luxury hotel in Austria, locking guests out of their rooms until the hotel paid a ransom. It was alarming, of course, for the guests and for anyone who ever stays at a hotel. But it came as no surprise to cybersecurity experts, who have been increasingly focused on the many ways in which physical devices connected to the internet, collectively known as the internet of things (IoT), can be hacked and manipulated. (The hotel has since announced that it is returning to using physical keys.)

The Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on Health: Summary of Presentation of Professor Dominique Belpomme - Biarritz, February 2017

The Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on Health: Presentation of Professor Dominique Belpomme in Biarritz, 3 February 2017 (96 mn. in French with Spanish sub-titles)

Summary of Prof. Belpomme’s presentation, Biarritz, 3 February 2017

(The conference, attended by 400 persons, was organized by Biarritz Antennes.)

[Electromagnetic pollution] is a huge challenge – we are in a time of corruption, financial and more serious, ideological corruption. Operators have a responsibility to defend their product in a world where one must generate profit. There is a headlong rush for wireless technologies without considering public health.

France: Biocoop Demi-lune in Poitiers : Customers Are Switching Off Their Cell Phones for Electrosensitive Persons

After 8 weeks' trial, Biocoop Demi-Lune in Poitiers is going
to set up mornings without cell phones.
© Radio France - Mélanie Barbotin
Biocoop Demi-lune in Poitiers : Customers are switching off their cell phones for electrosensitive persons
by Mélanie Barbotin, France Bleu Poitou and  France Bleu, 9 April 2017 

No cell phone in the Biocoop Demi-Lune store in Poitiers Monday mornings.

A first in Poitiers:  a Biocoop store is reducing its wave emissions to accommodate persons sensitive to electromagnetic waves.  Every Monday morning, customers are asked to switch off their cell phone or put it in airplane mode.  The customers, far from taking offense, are ready to go along with this.  "I am not addicted to the cell phone, so this doesn't bother me", explains a customer.  "I am not hypersensitive, but I am sensitive to the problem of waves and at home, I pay attention and switch off my cell phone," says another.

05 May 2017

Forced to Disconnect - Electrosensitive Fugitives in Sweden

Forced to Disconnect
by Gunilla Ladberg, 2010 (English edition)

Electrosensitive fugitives in Sweden

Click here for book in pdf.

This book is about people in Sweden who after having developed hypersensitivity to electricity or/and microwave radiation from wireless technologies have become fugitives in their own country.

I must first say that neither I nor anyone in my family has been affected by this condition. I started to write about the issue after learning about the health hazards caused by cell phones and other wireless communication gadgets. That’s how I met a number of people who had become electrohypersensitive (EHS). This condition has disabled some of them to such an extent that they had to flee from their homes and workplaces to find refuge in forested areas as far away from electrical power and cell phone towers as possible.

Asbestos, a Known Carcinogen, Remains Legal and Lethal in the United States

Asbestos is a known human carcinogen, but remains
legal and lethal in the United States - Tony Rich
This article is from October 2016. Since then, Donald Trump has been elected U.S. President. "Trump has long espoused the view that asbestos is “100 percent safe” and should be used more often. Trump once said that the movement to ban asbestos is a conspiracy “led by the mob,” and in 2012 he even went so far as to tweet that there should have been asbestos in the Twin Towers (there was, and hundreds of rescue workers have died because of it).

"Though the Obama administration made steps towards banning the use and importation of asbestos, specifically by convincing Congress to update the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), this progress could be undone under President Trump. If the Senate confirms Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick to lead the EPA, this will almost certainly be the case." 
(Ref. "Donald Trump & EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt Love Asbestos, Despite the Deadly Facts")

American Chemistry Council Pressures EPA to Keep Asbestos Legal
Linda Reinstein,Contributor,
huffingtonpost.com, 18 October 2016

You’d think, given how long we’ve known that asbestos causes cancer, the decision to ban asbestos would face no opposition. While every leading scientific, medical, and environmental organization has urged governments across the world to ban asbestos use on a global scale, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) – aka the chemical industry’s front group – is begging the United States government to give them a special allowance to continue using deadly asbestos in America.

Six Questions about Cellphone Radiation and Your Health (Environmental Working Group)

Six Questions About Cellphone Radiation and Your Health

"Distance matters – the closer the body is to the source of radiation, the more radiation users will absorb."

Six questions about cellphone radiation and your health
by Monica Amarelo, Director of Communications and Olga Naidenko Ph.D., Senior Science Advisor for Children's Environmental Health, Environmental Working Group,
3 May 2017

In April, the city of Berkeley, Calif., won a major decision in a federal appeals court, allowing the city to go forward with its ordinance requiring cellphone retailers to provide consumers with information about safe cellphone use. The court denied a request by the the mobile phone industry's lobby, CTIA-The Wireless Association, which had fought the city’s attempts to educate its citizens.