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14 May 2017

Wireless Safety: Sources and Solutions

Wireless Safety: Sources and Solutions
This article is written as supplemental support for the Wireless Safety Card designed and distributed by Clear Light Ventures.

This article will cover the most common sources of wireless radiation and offer a range of choices to reduce or eliminate exposure. On the card, the choices that are completely safe and which will fully eliminate exposure are highlighted by a green dot. The solutions that help to reduce exposure are highlighted by a yellow dot. For all of these sources of exposure, moving the device farther away or moving yourself farther from the device will rapidly reduce exposure. Every time you double the distance, exposure is reduced by 75%. Also, additional common sources of exposure that could not fit on the card are listed below.

Additional details on the most commonly reported symptoms and references are also included (topics covered on the back of the Wireless Safety Card).

Read the full article for detailed information:

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