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20 June 2017

California: Two Students Get Cancer; Ripon Parents Want Cell Towers Removed from Schools

2 students get cancer; Ripon parents want cell towers removed from schools
by Natalie Brunell, kcra.com, 20 June 2017

Group demands Ripon Unified School District take down cell phone towers on campuses

Emotions ran high at Ripon Unified School District board meeting Monday night.

Some families are worried about a cell phone tower at Weston Elementary School, where two students were diagnosed with cancer in the last year.

"I want them to convince the district to take it down," said Mason Ferrulli, a 6th grader who has attended Weston Elementary since kindergarten.

In January, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mason underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the tumor and has undergone six weeks of therapy to re-learn how to eat and walk. |

"It was pretty rough," Mason's mom Monica Ferrulli said. "Get that tower down."

Doctors can't say what caused Mason's brain cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, current research is inconclusive on whether cell phones and cell phone towers are linked to cancer.

"There's not enough research to say it is or it's not," Ferrulli said. "So, why have our children be the experiment that discovers that it is later on?"

Joe and Kelly Prime's 10-year-old son Kyle also developed cancer. A tumor engulfed his left kidney and needed to be removed. He underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation, missing a year of school.

"It's not proven either way, so we don't understand why you would gamble with children's health," Joe Prime said. "We just want the school district to listen to us."

Thousands of parents and community members signed a petition to remove the tower at Weston -- and all cell phone towers near schools in the Ripon Unified School District.

"We started a petition approximately a month ago, and we received over 3,300 signatures in support," Ferrulli said.

Parents said the money the school district gets from having the tower on campus isn't worth any potential risk, even if the science on health impacts of wireless radiation is still uncertain.

"We just wanted them to be open minded and hear what we're saying," Ferrulli said.

School board president Chad Huskey released the a statement Monday night after the board meeting:

"We appreciate the comments during the public comment section tonight. We have already started and will continue to look into this topic."


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