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05 June 2017

Switzerland: "Electrosensitive Persons Are Treated As Mentally Ill" (2015 article)

A mobile phone antenna between residential buildings - not
all people can tolerate this.
(Photo:  Keystone / Karl Mathis)
The plight of electrosensitive persons in all parts of Switzerland has not changed since this August 2015 interview with Hans-Ulrich Jakob from the Swiss interest group for electrosmog sufferers:

"Electrosensitive people are treated as mentally ill"
20min.ch, 28 August 2015

An electrosensitive woman receives financial aid from the French State. How do you deal with electrohypersensitive people in Switzerland?

The case of the electrosensitive person, Marine Richard, sets a legal precedent in France: A court in Toulouse has recognized her sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation as a handicap . Because the 39-year-old has to live a reclusive life and cannot work, she now receives a pension of 800 euros per month for three years.

Would that be possible in Switzerland? 
Hans-Ulrich Jakob from the Swiss interest group for electrosmog sufferers answers.

Mr. Jakob, how do people in Switzerland experience the issue of electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitive people in Switzerland, generally speaking in the German-speaking part, do not even dare to speak publicly about their complaints. Because today they are bullied by the mobile operators.

These are serious accusations. Do you have any proof?

There is an agency in Munich with the mission to ridicule people who complain about eletrosmog and even to insult them. They take it so far that they label radiation victims as mentally ill. These people then have no chances on the employment or housing market. Our association has revealed the collaboration of this bullying agency with the Federal Office for the Environment. We have even filed a complaint with the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications. But they rejected the complaint on the grounds that this did not fall under collaboration.

How many people are affected by electrosensitivity?

It is difficult to give a number. Over the past 15 years, our association has handled 750 legal cases.  These were mostly concerned with legal problems due to the construction of mobile antennas and high-voltage lines. Behind each case are groups of three to 300 people. Even if all are electrosensitive, one cannot say.

How does electrosensitivity begin? How do you measure this?

This is also difficult to say. For in every human being, the sensitivity is different. Altogether, there are over 30 symptoms that describe electrosensitivity, from sleep and concentration disorders to limb and joint pain to long-term fatigue, high blood pressure and depression.

Are doctors seriously concerned?

It depends on the doctor. Some prescribe psychopharmaceuticals. But then the patients often look for another doctor, because who wants to be treated as mentally ill?

Are there people who are only partially affected?  In other words, is one sensitive to all kinds of eletrosmog when one is electrosensitive?

That is different. Some people react to high frequencies like radio communications, others, to low frequencies like power lines.  Still others do not tolerate anything. The main problem is that electrosensitivity is not linked to a specific frequency.

What other effects does radiation have on people?

In the last decade, there has been a marked increase in cancer cases in Switzerland. Deaths have risen by 35 per cent. That is over 10,000 deaths per year.

Scientifically, it is not proven that radiation causes cancer. What do you think?

There are already a few studies that show that cancer cells in the body grow much faster under electromagnetic radiation than in unaffected areas.

How to protect against radiation?

By not exposing yourself. You can use Internet without WLAN or TV and telephone without radio communications. It is best to connect everything with cables.

And where would one go if one wanted to escape the radiation in Switzerland?

This is hopeless.  In Switzerland, there are 20,000 mobile radio antennas and 10,000 others are planned within the next five years. In the past, we have advised people to move. Today, that makes no sense because no sooner has someone found a quiet place than a new antenna is installed. There are at most a few isolated mountain valleys, but you have to expect that you will be separated from the world, without shopping facilities, without public transport, without cultural opportunities.


Original article in German:

Translated by Google with grammatical corrections.

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