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24 July 2017

How Cell Phone / Wi-Fi Radiation Can Hurt You and How to Fight It

This is an excellent and very informative blog on microwave radiation.

How Cell Phone / Wi-Fi Radiation Can Hurt You and How to Fight It

by Dr. Igor Yakymenko, carelessscience.com
21 July 2017

American biochemist and biophysicist Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel laureate, who contributed a lot in bioenergetics, stated something like that: A biologist should be very skeptical if a physicist says that some event is impossible in living organism because when that event nevertheless will be reliably detected, a physicist will explain the phenomenon as if it’s OK.

That notion of the experienced scientist is in line with a situation around cell phone / WiFi radiation effects on human health. During decades physicists / technicians stated that any effects of microwaves (e.g. cell phone and WiFi radiation) in humans except of heating the tissues are impossible, and respected scientist should never study such nonsense. But some stubborn biologists / medical scientists nevertheless studied the issue and found that something is wrong with perfect physical theory according to which only ionizing radiation can affect living cells. Low intensity microwaves being non-ionizing do affect living cells. And that is not heating. Non-thermal effects of microwaves can be very perceptible and very harmful, including many disruptions in cell metabolism, damages of DNA, and even cancer transformation of exposed cells. So, now physicists have a real challenge – to keep repeating that it’s just impossible or to think out how is it possible. This is especially challenging for those physicists who have never read biological journals and just don’t know about the results of biological research on the issue, and thus “don’t believe” in it.

Also, the other nuance here is that business uses physicists, not biologists for elaboration and implementation all those wireless technologies. So, some (most?) industry guys with technical background prefer not to notice those stupid biological effects, which can hamper their bright ideas and prospects. Those ideas technically work perfectly and give them generous rewards from the industry. As one medical doctor from Spain said, the problem is that “these [micro]waves are emitted by companies that are at the top of all stock indexes”. This literally means that these companies are ready to spend huge money “to protect” their businesses and their customers from any information on those “noxious for business” biological/health effects. Just recently well-known Swedish oncologist Prof. Lennart Hardell published in the International Journal of Oncology critical analysis on the situation around wireless technolgies and the World Health Organization (WHO) [1]. Long story short: Wireless industry provides its money and its own experts to the WHO. In return, the WHO doesn’t see adverse health effects of wireless technologies. Simple like that. By the way, the article provides concrete names, groups of interests and events. And, by the way, it’s a peer reviewed article in world-class scientific journal.

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