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18 July 2017

United Kingdom: Delight in High Hurstwood As Mobile Phone Mast Plan Withdrawn

High Hurstwood villagers, pictured last week after a meeting of Buxted
Parish Council's planning committee, were delighted to hear today that
plans for a mobile phone mast in their village have been withdrawn.
This should be an inspiration to all those persons fighting installation of cell phone towers.

Delight in High Hurstwood as mobile phone mast plan withdrawn
uckfieldnews.com, 17 July 2017

Plans for a mobile phone mast on land in High Hurstwood have been withdrawn and villagers are delighted.

They received the news in writing today and Alyson Gilbert-Smith, a member of the High Hurstwood Against Radio and Mobile Mast group, said it was “absolutely marvellous, we are delighted”.

Additional objections to the plan were received by campaigners over the weekend, and HARMM has pledged to keep look out for any future threat in the village.

Alyson said: “We are against all radio and mobile masts. We don’t want one in the village, and we have all promised each other, and the rest of the village, that whenever someone attempts this again we will put the machine to work all over again to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves.”

She added the campaign had fantastic backing, from people such as scientists and doctors in the village, and they were very lucky to have those types of resources.

This is the second campaign successful mounted by villages against a mobile phone mast in High Hurstwood. Another application for one to be sited at Hurstwood Equestrian Centre was withdrawn in January.

The latest withdrawn application was for a mast to be built at Nordens Green Farm in Royal Oak Lane.

Villagers took their fight to Buxted Parish Council’s planning committee meeting last week and cheered when councillors promised to support them.

Wealden district councillor Michael Lunn said, in a press release today, that he had requested the application be called in to the district planning committee and he had wanted to raise his concerns at full council.

He wrote: “The campaign would have been massive had the application not been withdrawn. I want to congratulate the HARMM (High Hurstwood against Radio and Mobile Masts) campaign and the number of experts that were ready to fight this application.

“I am extremely relieved that local residents have been listened to and common sense has prevailed. It’s a result for local democracy. However, we may have won two battles on this issue but the war with Harlequin Developments – who submitted both applications – will no doubt continue.”

Read a previous Uckfield News story about the campaign against the mast here: Good news for High Hurstwood villagers battling mobile phone mast plan.


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