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24 July 2017

Why You Should Never Place Your Smartphone on the Bedside Table

Do you always put your smartphone on the night table?
Article published in the popular German women's magazine, Freundin.

Why you should never place the smartphone on the bedside table
freundin.de, 8 February 2017

Do you always put your smartphone on the bedside or worse, on the bed? This is bad because then you are constantly exposed to the radiation of your smartphone. And this can lead to changes in brain cells, which can be carcinogenic

It does not matter much, however, to switch the mobile phone to flight mode. The radiation becomes much weaker because the device can no longer be selected in the mobile network and WLAN and Bluetooth are switched off. The radiation does not go away, though. Only if you switch off the phone completely. It is best to place your smartphone in the kitchen or living room overnight. So you can be sure that your sleep will not be disturbed by radiation at night.

In addition, physicians recommend people to look at their mobile phone at the latest two hours before bedtime but not thereafter. Why? Because the bluish light of the smartphone is similar to the daylight and thus the distribution of the sleeping melatonin is interrupted. The result: disturbances during sleep and a restless sleep.

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