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15 September 2017

Electrosmog Suspected in Traffic Accidents

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Traffic accidents: Electrosmog suspected
by Andreas Gossweiler, Editor gesundheitstipp.ch, 12 September 2017
(partial access to document only) - translation

Researchers have found that where power lines cross the motorway, more accidents occur. They suspect that electrosmog can lead to brief unconsciousness in drivers.

It happened on the Kantonsstrasse between Reigoldswil and Ziefen BL: A brand-new bus from Autobus AG Liestal went off the road in the summer of 2009, passed a stream bed and came to a halt on a forest edge. The passengers were not injured, but the chauffeur suffered a bleeding wound on his head. The police said the accident had occurred because the chauffeur had "lost consciousness" for a short time.

What did not appear in the police report: the accident occurred near a power line crossing the Kantonsstrasse. More and more experts suspect that power lines could play a role in traffic accidents. Martin Röösli of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute is co-author of a study presented at a conference in Belgium a year ago. The researchers investigated thousands of accidents on the Swiss motorways, where the police had detected a weakness of the driver, fatigue or a momentary nodding off as cause of an accident.  Röösli says that electromagnetic radiation, as emitted by power lines, "can activate the nerves." It is known that strong magnetic fields could trigger a brief unconsciousness.

Frick AG: Many accidents due to weakness

The researchers noticed that a number of accidents occurred at a point on the A3 motorway at Frick AG, which led the police back to a weakness of the drivers. [...]

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