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02 October 2017

Elizabeth Kelley: "The Technology We Use is Sold without Prior Research into Its Safety"

Elizabeth Kelley: "The technology we use is sold without prior research into its safety"
by Ana Montes, Madrid, lavozdegalicia.es, 30 September 2017
(Google translation)

The scientist calls for safe technology that protects us from the radiation of electromagnetic fields

Elizabeth Kelley, director of the independent scientific community EMFscientist.org, signed with Spanish scientists the International Declaration of Madrid with the aim of laying the legal foundations to protect the population from high and low frequency artificial electromagnetic fields. The Spanish declaration, which asks administrations to implement Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe, supports the 2017 international appeal of scientists, focusing on the risks of 5G networks, which, like 2015 appeal, warns of scientific evidence on damages to health of electrical and wireless devices.

-What scientific evidence speaks of these risks?

-More than 25,000 studies document that these devices can cause cancer, cell stress, increased free radicals, genetic damage, changes in the reproductive system, damage to memory and learning, neurological disorders and human well-being. The 234 scientists from 41 countries supporting the appeal are experts in bioelectromagnetism, physics, biology, anthropology and medicine and have documented it in vitro, in vivo and in epidemiology. All studies are on our website and have been reviewed by the International Cancer Agency, which in 2011 classified electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic grade 2B. Since then, studies have continued to appear with more evidence that could lead o grade 1 (carcinogenic) or 2A (probably carcinogenic).

-Why do other scientists talk about lack of evidence?

-For some, this is the opinion, because science is very complicated. But one always has to ask who is funding scientific studies. That's why there is good and bad science on both sides. Many of the signatory scientists have found that the mentioned damages exist.

-Since 1999, the US National Toxicology Program has studied the effect of mobile phones on health and its partial draft already claims that they cause cancer.

- Surely in 2018 we can have the full report reviewed, but we already know that these fields can cause glioma, cancer associated with the brain, which proliferates in young people, 20 to 29 years, something very serious. The report is considered a high priority, but it is very political. That is why it has taken 18 years. The industry has pressed for it not to come out. It is based on 2G technology, and we are already going towards 5G. The unfortunate thing is that the technology we are using has been put on the market without previous research on its safety and that is criminal.

-"Is it the time to ask for safe and innocuous technology?"

-We do not stop. 5G will be even more harmful because, at low power, it will be everywhere: clothes, appliances ... The microprocessors will be constantly transmitting information and our bodies receiving that radiation. It will be very difficult to prevent people from becoming electrosensitive and those who already are (3% of the population) will have no place to escape. That is why we ask for protection.

-WHO is failing in its responsibility?

-They are ignoring the scientific evidence, despite the fact that in 2006 the WHO recognized that electrohypersensitivity is a specific condition, not a disease. We called the WHO two years ago and they have not yet responded. But the person at the head is an engineer! She is also the chairman of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Conference, whose standards do not protect health.

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