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04 October 2017

Maryland: Elementary School Parent Blocked From PTO Meetings To Talk about Cell Tower Proposal on Child's Elementary School

Elementary School Parent Blocked From PTO Meetings To Talk about Cell Tower Proposal on Childs Elementary School
3 October 2017

Read the Letter Ann Arundel Assistant Superintendent wrote a Shady Side parent who was STOPPED from attending the PTO meeting to talk about a cell tower proposed on the school.
Read the two press releases put out by parents after the police were called on them two times for trying to inform other parents about the cell tower.

Note: The parent wrote Mr. Bibeault after she and others were barred from entering the PTO meeting at Shady Side Elementary School. Police were called on the parents. Below is the response from the school administrator in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
(Ms. M used to represent the parent)

From: "Bibeault, Raymond E" <RBIBEAULT@AACPS.org>
Date: October 1, 2017 at 7:40:22 PM EDT
To: Parent
Cc: "Casey, Geoffrey R" <GRCASEY@AACPS.org>
Subject: RE: Cell Tower at Shady Side Elementary School

Dear Ms. M

Both the PTO and the school administration are not in positions to change the course of the proposed cell tower. The BOE made a decision to allow the company to work with AACO officials in zoning, permits, etc. to weigh in on the construction. This is where your concerns and those of others on either side can express their opinions. The school must stay out of this as it is an agent of the BOE and represents the interest of the community; those who want the tower and those who do not.

The PTO meeting is not the avenue to express concerns, it is now with county officials. Those wishing to come to a PTO meeting to discuss the cell tower from either side of the argument will not be given an audience for this.

The willingness of community members to volunteer and support the school should not obligate Mr. Casey or the PTO to entertaining the continued distractions of the cell tower debate. I appreciate the emotionality of this issue but I will continue to support the school’s decision to not enter into this discussion and to remove those from the school who choose to try to change the conversation at PTO or other meetings away from issue controlled by the school.

Thank you for your email and understanding.

Raymond E. Bibeault
Regional Assistant Superintendent
Meade/Southern Clusters
Read the press release put out by Shady Side Coalition of parents to Halt the Elementary School Cell tower in regards to this issue.

Press Release: Shady Side Elementary School Response To Parents Raising Concerns About Cell Tower on Scribd

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