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05 October 2017

Maryland: Shady Side Cellphone Tower Puts Money Over Community's Interests

Signs made by opponents of a cellphone tower proposed
for the grounds of Shady Side Elementary hang inside 
Mike Shay's barn in Shady Side.
(Rachael Pacella / Capital Gazette)
Letters: Shady Side cellphone tower puts money over community's interests

Cellphone tower
by Priscilla Smith, capitalgazette.com/opinion, 5 October 2017

As a resident of Shady Side, a teacher and the mother of six school-aged children, I oppose the decision to erect a cellphone tower on the Shady Side Elementary School grounds. This tower favors a small financial gain for the school system over the best interest of the community.

I live next to the school and am concerned about my family's health. Supporters of the tower have obviously not read current studies finding radio frequency, or RF, radiation to be a probable carcinogen.

Current U.S. safety standards were created in 1996, before we had smartphones and towers everywhere. I look to current, global, peer-reviewed studies to inform my beliefs, and so should the school board. There is more than sufficient science to show a direct correlation between RF radiation and many diseases and health issues.

Even Verizon’s website says there is no proof RF radiation is absolutely safe. Just this year the American Cancer Society published on its website that the U.S. National Toxicology Program has found exposure to RF radiation linked to a higher risk of two cancers.

We are so addicted to our devices that we are failing to remember our children need us to protect them, not provide them with better cell coverage at the cost of their health.

The supporters’ argument is about connecting to devices and safety. Any device can be connected to WiFi and I suggest using a land line. Verizon coverage in Shady Side is already good, according to Verizon’s coverage maps.

Supporters argue that cellphones and microwaves are more dangerous than towers. Unlike towers, you can choose to turn them off. With this tower, parents would have no choice but to expose their children to RF radiation every single day. This would be government-mandated radiation for our children.


Shady Side


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