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24 October 2017

Switzerland: This Is the Open Letter of the Swisscom Boss

Another example of Swisscom's aggressive marketing campaign.

This is the open letter of the Swisscom boss
by Isabel Strassheim, 20min.ch, 22 October 2017 (Google translation)

Swisscom graphic showing 1 GBit for 5G, whereas in Barcelona,
data rates of up to 20 GBits were shown.
(German:  Die Swisscom rechnet gemäss Grafik  mit 1GBit/s für 5G,
während in Barcelona Datenraten  von bis zu 20 GBit/s demonstriert wurden.)
Two-page  ads in the Sunday press: Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi is lobbying for antenna expansion for the new 5G mobile technology

A company boss only addresses the public in special cases with an open letter. Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi took this step on Sunday, with an advertisement campaign on two full pages in all major Swiss Sunday newspapers: "SonntagsZeitung", "NZZ am Sonntag", "Sonntagsblick", "Central Switzerland on Sunday", "Le Matin Dimanche". The advertisements are unique, Swisscom spokesman Josef Huber tells 20 minutes.

The concern of Swisscom CEO: Schaeppi's open letter is about the ongoing upgrade to the internet for fixed-line telephony (IP) and the upcoming introduction of the new 5G mobile technology.

Swisscom wants to reduce  radiation protection values

With the new mobile generation 5G, Swisscom is struggling to reduce radiation protection levels for mobile phone antennas. Otherwise, Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt would not be able to upgrade the existing antennas.  If the legislation remains unchanged, 90 percent of today's antennas could not be extended to urban areas.

In the two-page open letter with the heading "The good, old telephone" there is no photo and only a small Swisscom logo in the lower corner.  Experts estimate the cost to be around 250,000 francs. Swisscom does not cite figures.

"You can hardly see such long text quotes today, and we are speculating that it is so striking that it is noticed," says David Schärer from Rod Komunikation, who designed the campaign.

«A lot of money for such a campaign»

"I have doubts that people are reading the long text at all," says expert Bernhard Bauhofer. The advantage of the campaign is that it comes out of the blue and attracts attention, says Bauhofer from Sparring Partners.

The new 5G mobile technology will make the smartphone even faster. Above all, the increased mobile data transmission is important for self-driving cars or the smart networking of objects. With 5G, the opening up of the internet of things should take place. As early as 2020, the 5G network is set to go into operation in Switzerland.

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