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16 November 2017

Cellphone EMF-Blocking Products Put In A Real World Test

Electrical Engineer and EMF Specialist Michael Neuert of the EMF Center says shielding is tricky. “In most cases, the shields, when used in the correct way, will reduce your exposure significantly. But under the right circumstances, they can actually make things worse.”

With or without products, Neuert says, the best way to reduce exposure is to increase your distance and decrease your length of use. Or better yet, keep your phone in airplane mode as often as you can. Neuert also recommends using speakerphone over wired headsets. Experts say the wires can still conduct some EMF. However, they recommend wired headsets instead of Bluetooth.

Cellphone EMF-Blocking Products Put In A Real World Test
by Julie Watts, sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com, 14 November 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Whether or not you’re concerned about the “potential” health effects of the radio frequencies emitted by your mobile devices, the sale of RF-blocking products is quickly becoming a lucrative industry.

While some argue that the product claims are too good to be true, testing commissioned by KPIX 5 found that some of these products really do live up to their claims.

But a warning – we also discovered that when not used properly, some RF-reducing products may actually increase exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

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