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29 November 2017

Massachusetts: Proposed Bill Would Cover Potential Injuries from Microwaves, Cellphones

Proposed bill would cover potential injuries from microwaves, cellphones
by Elisha Machadowwlp.com
28 November 2017

Non-ionizing radiation comes from sources like power lines, microwaves, cellphones and wifi devices

BOSTON (WWLP) – Devices found in and around your home, like cellphones and microwaves, emit non-ionizing radiation. Some people are concerned this could cause health problems, cancer and insomnia.

We are exposed to low levels of radiation every day and too much exposure could damage your tissue, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that calls for the state to increase medical awareness and insurance coverage of injury from non-ionizing radiation: radiation that comes from sources like power lines, microwaves, cellphones and wifi devices.

Westfield State Senator Don Humason filed the bill on behalf of Holyoke resident Kristin Beatty.

“Nobody knows if cellphones are safe or wireless is safe,” Pepperell resident Keith Marciniak said. “Me, I want to protect my children. I’m a parent; I want to do my best. If you’re using this technology, you don’t know it’s safe. Well, guess what? You don’t get to use it.”

Health effects of exposure to this kind of radiation are still being researched by scientists.


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