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08 November 2017

Switzerland: New Book on Electromagnetic Radiation and Electrosensitivity

This excellent book in German will be available on Amazon.de from 13 November 2017. 

Land im Strahlenmeer: Über die gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen von Funkstrahlungen bei Mensch und Tier - eine europäische Diskussion
von Ursula Niggli (Autor) - 13 November 2017

Land in the Sea of ​​Radiation: On the Health Effects of Mobile Radiation on Humans and Animals  - A European Debate
by Ursula Niggli (author)

Mobile radiation and electrosensitivity are hot topics of our times. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) surround us everywhere, nobody can escape them. Despite the protection organizations that have been raising awareness for decades, the health consequences have been denied and minimized.

This book deals extensively with the health risks of so-called non-ionizing radiation. The analysis and the detailed information are not only presented as exciting "stories" to read, but also placed in a historical and wide geographical context. Also widely discussed are alternative diagnostic procedures and therapies versus the opinion of conventional medicine. Although the author based her research on concrete case studies from Switzerland, the implications can be applied to Western countries.

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