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20 December 2017

Techy Christmas Gifts that Could Raise Your Child's Risk of CANCER

These techy Christmas gifts could raise your child's risk of CANCER, former US health official warns
by Natalie Rahhal for Dailymail.com, 19 December 2017

  • An ongoing NIH study has linked cell phone radiation exposure to cancer in rats
  • Devices that connect to networks, including smartwatches, drones, wireless game consoles, tablets and smart toys give off microwave radiation 
  • Last week, California warned its residents to minimize exposure, especially for children, by keeping their phones several feet away from them
  • Experts, including a former NIH toxicologist, warned shoppers today that gifting the hottest gadgets could raise cancer risks

Gifting a cell phone or smart toy could put your child at risk for cancer this holiday season, experts warned today.

Their advise comes after California recommended that its residents take measures to keep more physical distance between themselves and their cell phones to minimize potentially dangerous radiation exposures last week.

Now, several health and technology experts, including former National Institutes for Health toxicologist Dr Ronald Melnick, held a discussion of cell phone and high-tech toy risks and preventative measures.

They advised families to use extra caution when buying wireless devices, smartphones and toys and virtual reality headsets, urging shoppers that all of these give off microwave radiation that may cause cancer and infertility.

Smartphones and other wireless devices put out small amounts of low frequency microwave radiation when they connect networks and transmit information.

This energy is not nearly as strong as ultraviolet radiation or X-ray energy.

Alarmingly, however, recent research has linked our close and nearly constant contact with our smartphones to cancers and infertility in the parts of our bodies the devices touch.

In response, the California Department of Health warned last week that people should sleep with their phones shut off or an arm's length away from them, and keep the devices in a bag rather than their pockets.

Radiation surges when cell phones are trying to connect to faint network signals or transmit large amounts of information.

Experts warn that its these inconsistent exposures that make the devices particularly risky.

Studies have established close statistical links between male infertility and smartphones stored in pockets.

Others have suggested that holding smartphones up to our ears may cause ear and brain cancers - including glioma, the same kind that Senator John McCain is battling. 

Holiday gifts that could expose your children to microwave radiation

  • Cell phones and smartphones, including those designed for children, like the $112 Jitterbug 
  • Smart watches, like the $329 Apple Watch
  • Virtual reality headsets, like PlayStation's $349 model
  • Wi-Fi or cell phone connected dolls and stuffed animals, like the $60 Hello Barbie or $20 Cloud Pets
  • Tablets, including the $80 Amazon Fire 7 Kids 
  • Wireless gaming systems, such as Nintendo's new $300 Switch console
  • Wirelessly-operated drones, such as the $500 DJI Spark 

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