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EMF Studies

18 June 2018

First Glyphosate Trial, of Thousands, Begins as Plaintiff Fights for His Life

First Glyphosate Trial, of Thousands, Begins as Plaintiff Fights for His Life
by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch, 18 June 2018

A field worker sprays glyphosate. Plaintiff Dewayne
Johnson used the chemical 20 to 30 times per year.
Natural News screen shot / Vimeo
Monsanto may have dropped its name, but it can't drop the thousands of cases being brought against it by cancer sufferers claiming its weed-killer Roundup gave them non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the first of which goes to trial Monday, CNN reported.

The first plaintiff to get his day in court is Dewayne Johnson, a 46-year-old Bay-area father of two, but for Johnson that is a dubious honor. Johnson is being granted an expedited trial because his doctors say he is nearing death, and California law facilitates speedier trials in such cases.

Johnson worked doing pest management for a county school system and used Roundup 20 to 30 times per year in the line of duty. Now, he has days when lesions cover 80 percent of his body and he is too ill to speak.

Thousands of People in Sweden Are Embedding Microchips Under Their Skin to Replace ID Cards

Thousands of people in Sweden are embedding microchips under their skin to replace ID cards
by Alexandra Mauk.businessinsider.com,14 May 2018

An X-ray of a hand with a microchip between the person's
thumb and index finger.  Mark Gasson
  • About 3,000 Swedish people have inserted a microchip into their bodies to make their daily lives easier.
  • People with the implants can wave their hand near a machine to unlock their office or gym, rather than taking out a key card.
  • So-called biohacking is on the rise as more people depend on wearable technology and interconnected devices.
  • Many microchip users are not concerned with hacking or surveillance at this point.

Thousands of Swedes are having microchips implanted into their bodies so that they don't need to carry key cards, IDs, and even train tickets.

17 June 2018

Fitbit Was Recalled Due to Mysterious EMF Wi-Fi Symptoms, Complaints Mounting

Fitbit was recalled due to mysterious EMF wifi symptoms, complaints mounting
Posted by Erin Elizabethhealthnutnews.com, 28 May 2018

Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

Judging by the ubiquity of Fitbits – those faceless watches nearly every woman wears today, with or without their active wear – this activity tracker has got to be the most popular fitness item. It uses WiFi (radiation) to track people’s every step and movement, how many calories burned, miles walked, and even tells time. This information also beams out to a personal account where the user can log-in and add more health stats in order to watch goal progression.


Despite Recalls and Reported Side Effects in Adults, Fitbit Launches Wearables for Kids

Despite Recalls and Reported Side Effects in Adults, Fitbit Launches Wearables for Kids
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 15 June 2018

Who cares if there have already been formal recalls on Fitbits based on rashes in adults and other side effects have been reported by users.

The Fitbit Ace has been designed for kids of 8 and up:

Fitbit said the Ace will motivate with customizable step, active minute and sleep goals, celebratory messages and badges, and challenges for the family, as well as for the child.

With the Fitbit app and a family account, parents will be able to review activity, and so control and manage who their children connect with and what information they see.


The stats are also age appropriate, with no highlighted calorie intake, weight and body fat/BMI or public social features.

The company said it launched the device to help combat rising obesity rates, with the idea of making it fun to be fit.

Will We Ever Start Using “The Precautionary Principle” With WiFi Technology –Even With Our Kids?

Will We Ever Start Using “The Precautionary Principle” With WiFi Technology –Even With Our Kids?
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 16 June 2018

Ian Phillips was a business executive whose job required he spend many hours on a mobile phone. After learning he had a lemon-sized tumor on his brain, he started campaigning to raise awareness about the risks of using cell phones, especially by children.

Some noteworthy statements made by Ian before his passing:

"My ear would be red when I left work at the end of the day. I didn’t think what it was doing to my brain.

"I tell people that I am convinced my cancer was caused by using my mobile up to six hours a day.

"Even my doctors won’t argue with me when I tell them how much time I was spending on it at work."

Decades of research has already proven that cell phone and WiFi radiation as well as other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog) is harmful to health. We have been warned about this off and on over the years.

Many of us don’t think about getting sick until it happens to us or the ones we love.

Monsanto Has Quietly, Deceitfully Changed Its Name

Monsanto Has Quietly, Deceitfully Changed Its Name
by Sean Adl-Tabatabaiyournewswire.com, 6 June 2018

Agricultural giant Monsanto is a serial killer. Since they began developing the carcinogenic glyphosate-based herbicide ‘Roundup’ in the 1970’s and GMO seeds in the 1980’s – millions of people around the world have died as a direct result of their toxic products.

Following an avalanche of lawsuits and criticism from world leaders, the agricultural giant decided to quietly change its name in an attempt to fool consumers into thinking they are no longer being exposed to their dangerous products.

On Thursday, German drugmaker and chemical company Bayer finalized its $66 billion deal to acquire Monsanto and rebrand (in name only).

Businessinsider.com reports: In a statement on Monday, Bayer said it planned to drop Monsanto’s 117-year-old title and would henceforth be known only as Bayer.

Yes, We Can Teach Our Children about Technology, But Let's Just Ban Phones in School

Yes, we can teach our children about technology, but let’s just ban phones in school
by Sonia Sodha, Opinion, The Guardian, 17 June 2018

We need to provide safe spaces where kids can learn positive online behaviours

Banning smartphone use in schools has been found to 
boost results.  LSE researchers estimate it as equivalent
to providing an extra five days of school.  
Photo:  Alamy Stock Photo
When I heard that Eton now requires its year 7s to hand in their mobile phones at bedtime, my immediate thought was I quite like the idea of a check-in, zone-out service that would confiscate my smartphone as the Love Island credits start to roll and return it in time for the 8am news bulletin. But if Eton expects its 13-year-old boarders to hand in their phones overnight, where are they the rest of the time? And why are older boys allowed to keep their phones overnight?

On schools and smartphones, I’m an enthusiastic proponent of the nanny state. After Emmanuel Macron made it a key pledge in his presidential campaign, the French government is banning mobile phones in schools altogether after September. In the UK, the decision is left to headteachers: some ban them, others take a more permissive approach.

Simon Cowell Hasn't Used His Mobile Phone for 10 Months, Says It's 'So Good for My Mental Health'

Simon Cowell hasn't used his mobile phone for 10 months, says it's 'so good for my mental health'
Michelle Castillo | @mishcastillo, cnbc.com, 3 June 2018

  • Television producer and reality show judge Simon Cowell said he hasn't used a cell phone in 10 months, he told The Daily Mail.
  • The act of unplugging has made him more focused on what's around him, Cowell said.

Simon Cowell, Getty Images
Television producer and reality TV show judge Simon Cowell hasn't used his mobile phone in almost a year — and he told a U.K.-based publication that it's "absolutely made me happier."

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cowell — known for his work on "American Idol" and "X Factor" and his notorious on-air insults — said he used to get irritated when he had a meeting, and everyone was their phone.

"I literally have not been on my phone for ten months," the TV mogul told The Mail.

Spain : A Human Chain Demands Transparency in the Deployment of 5G in Segovia

Thank you to EMFSA for the translation into English.

A human chain demands transparency in the deployment of 5G in Segovia
By GONZALO AYUSO HIJOSA, eladelantado.com / emfsa.co.za, 16 June 2018

International experts at a scientific conference held in the city warn about the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields for people and the environment.

The participants in the human chain passed through the arches of the
Aqueduct in a protest act that ended in Plaza Mayor. / KAMARERO
A human chain formed by dozens of people carrying posters and a scarf of 300 meters of virgin wool dyed with natural dyes, yesterday in Segovia requested transparency in the implementation process of 5G in the city, which has been chosen by Telefónica, next to Talavera de la Reina, to pioneer services with this new communications technology.

The participants started in the Plaza de Día Sanz, next to the Aqueduct, and they went in and out through the arches of the monument, demanding clarity from both Telefónica and the City Council in the deployment of the 5G. Then they marched to the Plaza Mayor where the protesters deposited shoes as a symbol of all those who are suffering due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and who have not been able to participate in this act of protest.

IQ Scores Are Falling and Have Been for Decades, New Study Finds

"It's something to do with the environment"... These environmental factors could include changes in the education system and media environment, nutrition, reading less and being online more, Rogeberg said.

IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds
by Rory Smith, CNN, 14 June 2018

Story highlights:
  • The research suggests that genes aren't what's driving the decline in IQ scores
  • "It's not that dumb people are having more kids than smart people," researcher says

(CNN)IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades, and environmental factors are to blame, a new study says.

The research suggests that genes aren't what's driving the decline in IQ scores, according to the study, published Monday.

Wi-Fi Is an Important Threat to Human Health by Martin L. Pall

Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health
Martin L. Pall,
Washington State University, 638 NE 41st Avenue, Portland, OR 97232-3312, USA

Received 22 September 2017, Revised 20 January 2018, Accepted 23 January 2018, Available online 21 March 2018.

Download PDF


• 7 effects have each been repeatedly reported following Wi-Fi & other EMF exposures.
• Established Wi-Fi effects, include apoptosis, oxidat. stress &:
• testis/sperm dysfunct; Neuropsych; DNA impact; hormone change; Ca2+ rise.
• Wi-Fi is thought to act via voltage-gated calcium channel activation.
• One claim of no Wi-Fi effects was found to be deeply flawed.


Too Much Screen Time Is Taking a Toll on Kids' Health

Too much screen time is taking a toll on kids’ health
by Rujuta Diwekar, The Times of India

A few years ago, my partner and I were looking for a centrally located hotel in Manhattan that wouldn’t cost us the world. Travel websites directed us to one right in the middle of the city with just one con — a noisy lobby as it was a popular night stay option for school trips. Ah! Kids screaming across hallways is no disturbance for us Indians, so we promptly booked it.

The next day we walked into a hotel lobby packed with more than 100 school kids and a handful of teachers. As I walked towards the elevators, I felt something amiss. And then it struck me — there was no noise. There were 100-odd kids but they weren’t talking to each other, much less screaming or running around. They were all slouching on various chairs and sofas, or against the wall, backs rounded, heads down and eyes zeroed in on their phone screens.

Why Digital Devices Are Dope

Why digital devices are dope
The Times of India, 2 June 2018

Can’t stop checking in? Tech is designed to distract you and sap your will. TOI kicks off a series on digital wellness to help you log off

It's now a familiar sight at most dinner tables - every member of the party texting or reading, lost in a digital world instead of having real-world conversations. Staring at the screen isn't just rude, it stops you from savouring the meal. And constantly checking your smartphone isn't just distracting, it could actually have an effect on your health, both mental and physical.

Most Indians are tied to their screens though they probably don't see the extent of their dependence. About 45 per cent of respondents to a recent survey by TOI said they spent more than four hours a day on their phones. If you take away seven hours of sleep and seven hours at a job, that's almost 40 per cent of your free time spent on a phone. As many as 76 per cent say their phone is the last thing they check just before they go to bed. It's also the first thing 53 per cent of respondents look at in the morning, even before they use the toilet or brush their teeth. Close to 55,000 readers participated in the TOI survey conducted online.

16 June 2018

Obituary: Leading EMF expert Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D

Obituary: Leading EMF expert Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D 

Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D, who made many lasting contributions to the scientific community, has passed away of natural causes at the age of 85. As a leading expert on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, Dr. Blank was a strong advocate for the use of science to create a better and healthier world.

Throughout his lengthy career, Dr. Blank published over 200 papers and reviews, authored numerous books, held appointments at 11 leading universities around the world and the US Office of Naval Research. He also organized and led many meetings, including two World Congresses on Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine, and he started the Gordon Research Conferences on Bioelectrochemistry. He has been Chairman of the Organic and Biological Division of the Electrochemical Society, President of the Bioelectrochemical Society, President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and has been on editorial boards of Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, Electromagnetic Medicine and Biology. In 2014 his book, “Overpowered” (7 Stories Press), which summarized his findings regarding the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation, was published.

15 June 2018

Commercials Feature Unsafe Use of Technology

Screenshot of Ariel ad (see first 1.07 min.)
We have seen several ads (for Kinder and Ariel) recently on French TV - TF1 - showing young children holding cell phones against their ears. In his comments on the new draft decrees on Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) of mobile phones proposed by the French Ministry of Health, Dr. Marc Arazi, President of Phonegate quotes ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) which recommends “discouraging the use by children of all mobile communications devices, for example, extending regulations regarding these devices to banning advertising whose direct purpose is to promote the sale, availability, and use of mobile phones to children under age 14”.  This should also be the case in Switzerland, which seems to have restrictions on tobacco and alcohol concerning children but not on mobile devices.

Commercial for Asthma Medication Features Unsafe Use of Technology. Respiratory Health Is Affected by Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).
by B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 8 June 2018

Respiratory health issues are not to be taken lightly. In this new commercial for asthma medication, most of the actors are using or exposed to digital and/or wireless technology. At the 47 second mark, there is woman using a laptop on her lap which is a no-no even according to 20+ year old outdated FCC safety standards.

Unfortunately it’s not unusual to see ads, TV programs, and films which feature actors using technology in ways that are not safe because most people in real life do this as well. Art imitates life. It’s especially unfortunate though when this is depicted in marketing campaigns for medications.

Research On Industry Influence On Electromagnetic Fields

Research On Industry Influence On EMFs
Environmental Health Trust

Research Studies on Industry Influence and Involvement in the Science of EMFs

Scientific analyses show industry funding can and does influence research on radiofrequency radiation. Please take the time to review each of these studies and to review the documentation provided by experts. We also hope you will read the Harvard Press Book “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates” by Norm Alster on the financial ties between the US federal government’s Federal communications Commission (FCC) and how, as a result, the wireless industry has bought inordinate access to—and power over—a major US regulatory agency. Read that here.

“Any study in my country which is funded by private industry, I am not going to accept it.” 
- Dr. R S Sharma, Indian government Senior Scientist, Deputy Director General & Scientist of the Indian Council of Medical Research

Hardell, Lennart. “World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health – a hard nut to crack (Review).” International Journal of Oncology, vol. 51, no. 2, 2017, pp. 405-13.

United Kingdom: EDF Energy to Pay £350,000 Smart-Meter Penalty

EDF Energy to pay £350,000 smart-meter penalty
Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, 15 June 2018

Company fails to meet annual target of fitting smart meters in customers’ homes

The government wants all households to be offered a smart
meter by 2020.  Photo:  Alamy
EDF Energy has agreed to pay out £350,000 for failing to fit enough smart meters in customers’ houses, the first time an energy supplier has been penalised for missing domestic smart meter targets.

Every large energy supplier has an annual target for rolling out smart meters, which provide consumers with real-time electricity usage data and automate readings, with a government goal of all households being offered one by the end of 2020.

Having missed its target last year, EDF Energy agreed with the energy regulator, Ofgem, to pay £350,000 for consumer redress.

The French state-owned company said it was disappointed it missed the target but had since caught up and was on track to hit this year’s target.

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life - Book Review

Special thanks to Jennifer for this excellent review of Arthur Firstenberg's book.

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life - Book Review by Jennifer Wood
envirosagainstwar.org, posted June 2018

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg, is not only a marvelous opus. It is one of those once-in-a-millennium books that turn into classics.
Easy to read, hard to put down, sublimely poetic and scientifically rigorous, with a bibliography almost one-third the size of the book itself, this is a history of electricity which has never been told. It's not only that it has been written from an environmental and biological point of view; nor that it's mostly unspoken reverence for life is so understated that its power is hard to resist.

In the end, the power of this book lies in the meticulous care with which the author has done his research, corroborated his data and revealed his stunning findings.

We rediscover not only the ancient Chinese Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine but western doctors and scientists from the 1700s to the present day: what they've had to say about electricity, how it has been harnessed, and which direction it has taken in the west and in the east.
We meet Yuri Grigoriev, first assigned to research the biological effects of atomic weapons at the Institute of Biophysics in the former Soviet Union before going on to write a book about the dangers of microwave radiation from cell phone use; Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtalnd, three-time Prime Minister of Norway and former head of the World Health Organization who banned cell phones from her office for health reasons; and Dr. Samuel Milham, who showed that rural electrification caused a shocking increase in cancer rates during the 1950s.

14 June 2018

Volkswagen Fined $1.17 Billion in Germany in Emissions-Cheating Scandal

Volkswagen Fined $1.17 Billion in Germany in Emissions-Cheating Scandal
by  William Boston, wsj.com, 13 June 2018

The auto maker said it wouldn’t appeal the penalty

Volkswagen's emissions-cheating scandal has cost it
Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
BERLIN—German prosecutors Wednesday imposed a €1 billion ($1.17 billion) fine on Volkswagen AG in connection with its emissions-cheating scandal, describing the penalty as one of the highest ever levied on a German company.

Volkswagen said it wouldn’t appeal the fine, for dereliction of management oversight, which could pave the way to the resolution of remaining criminal investigations in Europe.

The fine, the first imposed against Volkswagen in Europe, comes nearly three years after the German auto maker admitted to rigging nearly 11 million diesel vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. Dieselgate, as the scandal has been called, has cost Volkswagen tens of billions of dollars.

Fifteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (11 June 2018)

Fifteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 11 June 2018

Recent Papers

I have been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month since August, 2016. Several hundred scientists around the world receive these updates.

Since I have received numerous requests to post the abstracts on my EMR Safety website, I compiled the collection into a document which which now contains more than 400 abstracts (including the papers below). To see the latest studies or download the document go to the following web page:

Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields


Database of bio-effects from non-ionizing radiation

Leach V, Weller S, Redmayne M. A novel database of bio-effects from non-ionizing radiation. Rev Environ Health. 2018 Jun 6. pii: /j/reveh.ahead-of-print/reveh-2018-0017/reveh-2018-0017.xml. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2018-0017/


Canada: Mississauga Mom Demands Catholic School Board Accommodate Son's Wi-Fi Injury

"Ostrich with its head in the sand": Mississauga mom demands Catholic school board accommodate son's Wi-Fi injury
by Marta Marychuk, Mississauga News, 13 June 2018

“It’s a bigger problem than people realize,” said Paulette Rende.

(Photo): Alex Rende and his mother Paulette Rende outside the Dufferin Peel Catholic Separate School Board offices on Matheson Boulevard West. The Rendes are contending that Wi-Fi signals in the schools are causing issues with his health. Jun 6, 2018. - Bryon Johnson/Metroland

A Mississauga mother says she is protesting the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) so her son can go to school.

Paulette Rende’s goal is to raise awareness about electro-hypersensitivity (otherwise known as Wi-Fi injury) and the need for digital device safety in Ontario schools.

Phonegate Alert Comments on Peer Review of NTP’s Draft Technical Reports on Cellphone Radiation

Phonegate Alert Comments on Peer Review of NTP’s Draft Technical Reports on Cellphone Radiation
phonegatealert.org, 14 June 2018

Phonegate Alert comments to NTP 20 June meeting

Phonegate Alert submits new comments on the peer review of the National Toxicology Program’s draft technical reports on cellphone radio-frequency radiation. In March 2018, the external peer scientists reviewers strengthened the conclusions of the NTP reports that found clear evidence of health harm from exposure to cellphone radiation in rats. The scientific knowledge of the potential impacts of cellphone radiation on our health and the health of our children should no longer be ignored. Especially in the context of a complete bankruptcy of the international regulatory system at the origin of the Phonegate health and industrial scandal.


13 June 2018

Do Cancer Research Fundraisers Know That The WHO Classified Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation as “Possibly Carcinogenic” in 2011?

Do Cancer Research Fundraisers Know That The WHO Classified Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation as “Possibly Carcinogenic” in 2011 and Some Scientists Say That’s Too Low?
by B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 12 June 2018

I think most of us are glad that there are people trying to solve or at least reduce all of the world’s problems.

Cancer is one of those problems. Research has determined that people and animals get cancer for many different reasons.

Decades before it was finally publicized, there was plenty of research that had proven smoking caused cancer and other health issues. However, “Big Tobacco” paid for research that said it didn’t. Many people – including scientists, medical professionals, elected officials, and government employees – went along with this for decades.

In 2011, The World Health Organization stated that research had proven all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation are Possibly Carcinogenic. Many scientists claim that research has proven it is actually Carcinogenic.

Massachusetts: Despite Judgment, Lawyer Believes Fay School Case Is a Win for Wi-Fi Safety Advocates

Despite judgment, lawyer believes Fay School case is a win for WiFi safety advocates
by Scott O’Connell, Telegram & Gazette Staff, 12 June 2018

WORCESTER – While disappointed in a federal judge’s ruling against his clients last week, the attorney representing a family who sued a Southboro private school over its WiFi practices said on Tuesday the case still represents a legal step forward for people wary of electromagnetic radiation.

John Markham also said his clients haven’t ruled out an appeal in their case, which ended Friday when District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman submitted a judgment in favor of the Fay School, a day and boarding school.

“We were hoping to go to trial, and looking forward to it. We’re disappointed we didn’t get that trial,” Mr. Markham said Tuesday. But the judge also made some rulings in the case, he added, that “really advances the ball for parents concerned about their kids being subjected to WiFi radiation seven hours a day ... this (issue) is not over at all.”

Opinion “The Phonegate Scandal Prey to Business Secrecy” Published by Mediapart

Opinion “The Phonegate scandal prey to business secrecy” published by Mediapart
phonegatealert.org, 13 June 2018

Today, June 12, 2018, the confidentiality clause was established at European level, included in Directive 2014/53/EU for all mobile devices at risk to human health (mobile phones, tablets, laptops and connected toys for children…). This has taken place at the same time as the European directive on business secrecy is in the process of being adopted by the French National Assembly and the Senate despite exceptional citizen mobilization.

To mark this black day, Dr. Marc Arazi, President of Phonegate Alert, and Mr. Jérôme Karsenti, lawyer at the Paris Bar, cosigned this opinion piece, published on the guest blog of Mediapart on 11 June 2018.

Read the article and please relay widely to those around you.

The Phonegate scandal prey to business secrecy

Marc Arazi and Jérôme Karsenti denounce the entry into force of the confidentiality clause of the European directive which allows « the manufacturers of mobile devices to benefit from total confidentiality for products they will place on the European market that may be a risk to human health ».

12 June 2018

Massachusetts: Judge Rules in Favor of Southboro School in WiFi Sickness Case

Judge rules in favor of Southboro school in WiFi sickness case
by Scott O’Connell, Telegram & Gazette Staff, 11 June 2018

WORCESTER – A federal judge has issued a final decision in the case of a family who claim their son was sickened by the WiFi signal in his classroom, ruling on the side of the Southboro boarding school that was targeted in their lawsuit.

In a previous ruling nearly a year ago, District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman rejected the majority of the family’s case alleging that the Fay School was culpable for not doing enough to accommodate the student, who they said suffers from a controversial condition known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. In his latest order, issued Friday, Judge Hillman dismissed the last remaining count, which alleged the school had retaliated against the family, according to court records.

The Internet of Things Is Built to Leak

The internet of things is built to leak 

© Getty Images
Much has been made of the security risks inherent to the “Internet of Things,” or IoT, the vast (and growing) universe of connected products ranging from fitness trackers and smart TVs to self-driving vehicles and virtual assistants. Last week, news broke that an Amazon Echo recorded a family’s conversation and sent the audio to someone in their contacts list. Other headlines have told of hackers illegally accessing data from “smart” teddy bears, baby monitors, cardiac implants and other devices; last month, the governments of the United States and Britain issued an ominous joint warning that Russian hackers could use the IoT to siphon data from individuals and organizations alike.

11 June 2018

France Has Banned Mobile Phones in Schools and It's Time We Did the Same in the UK

OPINION - France has banned mobile phones in schools and it’s time we did the same in the UK 
by Joe Bispham, teacher at Forest Gate Community School. He featured in Channel Four’s ‘Educating The East End’, metro.co.uk, 9 June 2018

Phones can be incredibly disruptive (Picture: Getty)
I admire the French. Not simply for their fantastic food, their joie de vivre or their working conditions but for their no nonsense attitude to government policy. Never has this admiration been greater felt than when I heard they had banned mobile phones in school; and I hate mobile phones.

Mobile phones are the bane of teachers’ lives. They have been proven to distract people who are simply sitting near them, allow secret communication that enables bullying and gets in the way of so much of the good work that can be achieved in schools. I must admit that there is a tinge of hypocrisy here. I find it exceptionally hard to pry myself away from my phone. Whether it’s WhatsApp, instant news or the social media car crashes that populate my Twitter feed, I am an addict. But isn’t this precisely the point? If us adults cannot focus with our phones so readily available to provide distractions from otherwise interesting or important matters, then how can we expect teenagers to? I am lucky to work in a school where they are banned in the building so I don’t have these distractions preventing the students from making the best use of their time at school. Others do, and this adds to the list of things making their jobs far too difficult.

Switzerland: Open Letter to the Federal Council and TTC Members on Raising of Limit Values for Mobile Telephony Antennas and 5G

"52% of the Swiss population or more than 4.3 million people consider mobile phone antennas to be rather dangerous or dangerous. 12% or 960'000 people even very dangerous... 

Open letter to the Federal Council and TTC members
by gigaherz.ch, 7 June 2018 (translation)

The Commission for Transport and Telecommunications (TTC) of the National Council has taken the upcoming detailed consultation on the revision of the Telecommunications Act as an opportunity to start a large-scale assault again on the existing radiation protection limits for mobile stations. Over the last 16 months, this has already failed twice with the "NO" of the Council of States. The Commission has held consultations with business associations, such as ASUT [Swiss Telecommunications Association], the leading association of the Swiss telecommunications industry, and now wants to write a letter to the Federal Council to receive detailed advice on the new FM law in July.

Contrary to all democratic practices, the Commission did not consider it necessary to hear organizations interested in electrosmog. Gigaherz also wrote a letter to the Federal Council, [extracts of which] can be read below.

U.S. Diplomats Evacuated in China as Medical Mystery Grows

U.S. Diplomats Evacuated in China as Medical Mystery Grows
By Steven Lee Myers and Jane Perlez, The New York Times, 6 June 2018

(Photo): Americans working at the United States Consulate in Guangzhou, China, developed unexplained ailments after hearing strange sounds in at least two apartment complexes, including The Canton Place apartments, above. CreditLam Yik Fei for The New York Times

GUANGZHOU, China — A crisis over a mysterious ailment sickening American diplomats and their families — which began in Cuba and recently appeared in China — has widened as the State Department evacuated at least two more Americans from China on Wednesday.

The Americans who were evacuated worked at the American Consulate in the southern city of Guangzhou, and their colleagues and family members are being tested by a State Department medical team, officials said. It is unclear how many of them are exhibiting symptoms, but a State Department spokeswoman said Wednesday evening that “a number of individuals” had been sent to the United States for further testing.

10 June 2018

« Series of recalls of dangerous mobile phones » by Le Lanceur

« Series of recalls of dangerous mobile phones » by Le Lanceur
phonegatealert.org, 10 June 2018

On June 8, 2018, the site « Le Lanceur” published a new article on the industrial and health scandal of Phonegate. It is the seventh article in 18 months that it has devoted to this public health issue. In December 2016, it was the first media to relay the alert launched by Dr. Marc Arazi.

A big thank you to the editorial team and the journalist Antoine Sillières for their investigative work. It is also the only media for the moment to have made the link to our action following the withdrawal and updates of four new mobile phones.

It must also be noted that public broadcasting has been totally absent for months with regard to this affair. Why? In any case, certainly not for not having received our press releases regularly and trying to contact them so that the newsrooms (France2, France3, FranceInfo, France5, RadioFrance, …) inform the tens of millions of users of mobile phones of the danger to their health.

Switzerland: Federal Parliamentarians Receive Measuring Devices for Mobile Radiation

Federal parliamentarians receive measuring devices for mobile radiation
Press release, funkstrahlung.ch, 7 June 2018 (translation)

National Councillor Thomas Hardegger hands over a
measuring device for mobile radiation to his colleague
Maximilian Reimann
Last year, the parliamentary group on non-ionizing radiation (PG-NIS) formed in the Federal Parliament. It addresses the increasing health risks of electromagnetic fields in mobile services and power applications. The catalyst for the formation of this group was the efforts of the mobile communications industry to relax the current limit regulations. Co-President Thomas Hardegger worked to ensure that interested members of the group could be loaned a measuring device during a meeting in the Federal Parliament. The devices can record mobile radiation and also identify their source.

U.S. Lawmakers Seek Answers from New Head of WHO's Cancer Agency

U.S lawmakers seek answers from new head of WHO's cancer agency
by Kate Kelland, Reuters, 7 June 2018

(Reuters) - A U.S. congressional committee called on Thursday for the newly-elected director of the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency to testify at a July hearing on its operations in an ongoing dispute about the agency’s scientific conclusions.

In a letter to Elisabete Weiderpass, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), released in a press statement, the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space, and Technology (SST) Committee, said the way the agency had operated under her predecessor “was an affront to scientific integrity”.

The letter asked Weiderpass to attend a committee hearing in July to help it “better understand” how she would manage the agency. The committee is chaired by Representative Lamar Smith of Texas.

IARC, which is based in France, wields great influence with its classifications of substances or lifestyles that may cause cancer. It says its mission is “to coordinate and conduct research on the causes of human cancer, the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, and to develop scientific strategies for cancer control”.

08 June 2018

Status of 5G Deployment in Europe

We have added below the letter sent to the European Commission.

We are sharing this letter from the European Commission in reply to the query of a concerned person regarding the rollout of 5G in Europe.  Read also the EC's response to the September 2017 International Scientist Appeal calling for a moratorium on 5G. 

Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology,  Future Connectivity Systems Unit,  The Head of Unit
7 June 2018

Subject: Reply to e-mail regarding 5G in Europe (dated 11 May 2018) 

Dear ..., 

Thank you for your e-mail dated 11 May 2018 to Commissioner Andriukaitis' Cabinet assistant Egidijus Dapkus on the status of 5G deployment in Europe. Your e-mail has been forwarded to the Cabinet of Commissioner Gabriel, who asked me to provide you with a reply. 

Let me first inform you on the 5G Action Plani , which the Commission adopted in September 2016. It is setting Europe's strategy to reach ambitious connectivity targets, in particular to cover cities and major transport paths with 5G networks. The strategy calls on Member States and stakeholders to take the necessary actions enabling Europe to lead in technology, deployment and take-up of 5G. 

07 June 2018

New Publication: Children Absorb 2-5 Times Higher Doses Of Microwave Radiation Than Adults, From Virtual Reality Systems

New Publication: Children Absorb 2-5 Times Higher Doses Of Microwave Radiation Than Adults, From Virtual Reality Systems

Children Absorb 2-5 Times Higher Doses Of Microwave Radiation Than Adults, From Virtual Reality Systems

Experts warn that injuries to vision, hearing and brain could prove irreversible
ehtrust.org, June 5, 2018

(Washington DC) In an innovative study published today in Environmental Research, researchers simulated microwave radiation from Virtual Reality(VR) with a video-streaming cell phone in a cardboard box placed in front of the eyes. Specific areas of the eyes and critical parts of the brain absorbed between 2 to 5 times more cell phone radiation in the youngest child model compared to the adult model. Children’s health specialists are concerned that higher exposures to unprecedented levels of microwave radiation pose risks of permanent damage to vision, hearing and brain development, and cancer.

This publication is the first to extend FDA computer-based anatomical modeling used for surgical devices to examine absorption of microwave radiation from cell phones held in virtual reality positions. The researchers also investigated microwave radiation with the phone at ear contact. They found that a 3-year old child absorbs about twice as much radiation into the cerebellum, and up to thirtyfold more into the hippocampus–the part of the brain central to memory, emotions, and impulse control.

06 June 2018

The Phonegate Scandal with Dr. Marc Arazi: Exclusive Interview by Canadian Journalist Nicolas Pineault

Exclusive Interview:  The Phonegate Scandal with Dr. Marc Arazi
 (90% of cell phones exceed limits) - (6 June 2018 - 33 mn)

(in French with English sub-titles)


Dr. Arazi is a French physician who has become a real crusader for cell phone and EMF safety. After months of legal action, he found out that the tests by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) show that 90% of mobile phones that are already quite obsolete exceed the radiation limits.

03 June 2018

Top Mobile Phone Firms Warning Shareholders Over Devices' Possible Cancer Risks - But Fail to Tell Customers

Top mobile phone firms warning shareholders over devices' possible cancer risks - but fail to tell customers
by Grace Macaskill, mirror.co.uk, 2 June 2018

The news comes after we revealed brain cancer patient Neil Whitfield, 60,
is the first Briton to sue a phone maker and could win up to £1 million
from Nokia if successful. 
(Image:  Sunday Mirror)
Companies including Blackberry, EE, Nokia and Vodafone have told investors they could face legal action from device users if research eventually finds links between their products and cancer

Top mobile firms are warning ­shareholders about the potential health risks of phones but keeping the information from customers.

Companies including Blackberry, EE, Nokia and Vodafone have told investors they could face legal action from device users if research eventually finds links between their products and cancer.

Yet they fail to warn users of any potential risk in their ads and packaging.

British Telecom, which owns EE, tells investors starkly in its 2017 annual report: “We can’t provide absolute ­assurance that research in the future won’t establish links between radio frequency emissions and health risks.”

02 June 2018

« Le Monde » Caught Red-Handed for Misinformation on Phonegate

« Le Monde » caught red-handed for misinformation on Phonegate
phonegatealert.org, 2 June 2018

Yesterday, 31 May 2018, the internet site of the newspaper Le Monde published an article entitled « Ondes magnétiques : quatre smartphones épinglés ». This article written by the journalist Nicolas Six raises the issue of editorial independence when it comes to subjects relating to the mobile telephony industry.

For the record, the title had been purchased in 2010 by businessmen Xavier Niel (Iliad/Free Telecommunications Group), Matthieu Pigasse (CEO of Lazard Bank France) and Pierre Bergé. Since Pierre Bergé’s death in 2017, Mr. Niel and Mr. Pigasse have held 72.5% of the capital of the Le Monde group.

Switzerland: What Frequency for 5G?

Thank you to the journalist and consumers' group in French-speaking Switzerland, Bon à Savoir (400,000 readers) for having published this excellent article in their magazine, "Ma Santé".  We are glad that this message will reach a large part of the Swiss population.

What Frequency for 5G?
by Laurent Hêche, bonasavoir.ch, 23 May 2018 (translaiton)

COMMUNICATION The forest of antennas required for deployment of 5G worries Swiss doctors.  The Council of States has heard them but not the operators or Doris Leuthard.

Broadband is not a meaningless word.  3G, which has taken off at the same time as the twenty-first century, grew at a steady pace.  4G, which followed ten years later has plunged us directly into the immediate at home and in the street via our smartphones: sending photos, videos and selfies all over the world, streaming sound and music nearly without interruption, conversing just about everywhere via Facebook or WhatsApp, access to services like Uber and Airbnb etc.  - to such an extent that it has tried our patience and made us look with envy at the following generation, 5G announced for 2020 and supposed to be 100 times faster.  This will not only allow the connection of billions of devices (farming, appliances, industrial sensors...) but also open up  a safe route to autonomous cars, telemedicine, real-time energy management, etc.

01 June 2018

Large-Scale Recall of Phones in France - 'Safety' Limits Exceeded

Good article on the first recall of a mobile phone in France in early April for exceeding the European regulatory SAR trunk value of 2 W/kg.

Large scale recall of phones in France – ‘safety’ limits exceeded

emfsurveys.co.uk, posted on 30 April 2018

“Phonegate: millions of cell phones withdrawn due to dangerous radiation exposures”

This story should have made international headlines but didn’t. The following text was written by Lloyd Burrell of Electric Sense who lives in France where they are ahead of the UK when it comes to treating the safety of wireless telecommunications seriously.

On April 5, 2018, “60 Million Consumers” in France announced the recall of 90,000 “Hapi 30” phones made by “MobiWire”. Other models could follow.

The ANFR (the French regulatory authority) stated in a press release that they had given, “notice to the company MobiWire on January 22, 2018 to take all appropriate measures to put an end to the non-compliance detected of the devices currently on the market as well as those already sold.”

Call for Global Public Inquiry Over the Health Effects of Toxic Cabin Air

Call for global public inquiry over the health effects of toxic cabin air
by Hugh Morris, Travel News Editor, The Telegraph, 30 May 2018

The Hague should conduct an independent public inquiry into the health effects of breathing toxic cabin air on planes, says a group that claims to have the support of 2,500 “victims” of so-called aerotoxic syndrome.

Air used to pressurize the cabins is bled through
the engines.  Credit: Getty
The Aerotoxic Association is calling for the International Criminal Court in the Dutch city to hear evidence both for and against the theory that “bleed air” used to pressurise the cabins of passenger aircraft has been contaminated with chemicals such as engine oil and is hazardous to the health of crew, passengers and pilots.

“The problem of passengers and aircrew being exposed to toxic air has been known about since the Fifties, and there has been mounting evidence to support the causal link between exposure on aircraft and both acute and chronic ill health,” said John Hoyte, former pilot and founder of the organisation. “Despite this, the industry, the UK Government and regulatory bodies have yet to take any action to prevent this and to protect the public.”

31 May 2018

« Electromagnetic radiation: Four smartphone manufacturers pinpointed » 01.net

« Electromagnetic radiation: Four smartphone manufacturers pinpointed » 01.net
phonegatealert.org, 31 May 2018

In an article published yesterday on the site 01.net, the journalist Camille Suard revisited the announcements of ANFR with regard to the withdrawal and recall of the Neffos X1 of the Chinese manufacturer TP-Link as well as the updating of the Alcatel PIXI 4-6 (2.4 W/kg, then 1.58 W/kg after the update), the TCL Echo Star Plus (2.01 W/kg, then 1.41 W/kg) and the Honor 8 (2.11 W/kg, then 1.45 W/kg) for exceeding the regulatory thresholds of exposure to the body.

Concerning the damage to the image of the manufacturers, we fully agree with the journalist: « The Honor 8 (2.11 W/kg then 1.45 W/kg)… is a very popular smartphone that has allowed the affiliate Huawei to establish a sound reputation of good value for money. Even if the problem can be corrected directly by the user through installing the latest update of the phone, such disclosures are never good news for the image of the brand. »

Electromagnetic Fields A ‘Credible Threat’ To Wildlife

Study: Electromagnetic Fields A ‘Credible Threat’ To Wildlife
Written by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Principia Scientific International, May 30, 2018

A new report found that electromagnetic fields emitted by power lines, Wi-Fi, broadcast and cell towers pose a “credible” threat to wildlife, and that 5G (fifth generation cellular technology) could cause greater harm.

The analysis of 97 peer-reviewed studies by the EKLIPSE project concluded that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a potential risk to insect and bird orientation and to plant health.

The report concluded that:

  • EMR represents a potential risk to the orientation or movement of invertebrates and may affect insect behavior and reproduction;
  • bird orientation can be disrupted by weak magnetic fields in the radiofrequency range, and the same may be true for other vertebrates including mammals; and
  • EMR exposure may affect plant metabolism due to production of reactive oxygen species often resulting in reduced plant growth.
  • Moreover, there is “an urgent need to strengthen the scientific basis of the knowledge on EMR and their potential impacts on wildlife.”

Fifteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (24 May 2018)

Fifteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 24 May 2018


EMF-Portal has announced that they can once again import scientific papers covering the radio frequency range and can close the gap in their archive through April 30, 2018, thanks to financial support from their users. However, they will need additional donations to continue to archive these papers beyond April. The International EMF Scientist Appeal is now one of twelve organizations that fund this archive of EMF science.

Although we have known for a long time that the FCC has ignored public health due to industry capture, the FCC now also ignores Congressional inquiries on various topics including net neutrality and radiofrequency radiation:

"The House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, one of the illustrious commissions of the US Congress, has written to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai asking why he is continuing to ignore communications from elected representatives."

"On August 15 2017, Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congresswomen Eshoo wrote to Pai requesting updates to rules and protections for workers who may be at risk from radiofrequency radiation. This letter followed similar requests to the FCC in 2015 and 2013, though Pai cannot be blamed in those circumstances." (Davies J. "US Congress asks Pai why he keeps ignoring its letters." telecoms.com, May 24, 2018).

30 May 2018

Phonegate: New Withdrawal and Updates for Four Mobile Phones

[First reaction] New withdrawal and updates for four mobile phones
phonegatealert.org, 29 May 2018

Following the announcement by the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) on Thursday 5 April 2018, of the withdrawal by way of exchange by the mobile telephony operator Orange of 90,000 mobile phones of the « Hapi 30 » model manufactured by Mobiwire, it is now the turn of four new smartphones exceeding the 2 W/kg Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) threshold for the trunk to have to ensure compliance.

In a first press release published on the ANFR website on Tuesday 29 May 2018, the Agency announced the withdrawal from the market of the NEFFOS X1 TP902 phone imported by TP-Link France and stated: « The measurements revealed that the regulatory limit of 2 W/kg (Watt per kilogram) had been exceeded by 0.52 W/kg, i.e. with a value of 2.52 W/kg on the rear of the telephone ».

In a second press release appearing the same day, ANFR announced having requested the updating of three phones of the brands Alcatel PIXI 4-6 », Echo Star Plus and Huawei Honor 8.

29 May 2018

High Levels of Screen Time Linked to Cancer and Heart Disease

High levels of screen time linked to cancer and heart disease
BBC News, 24 May 2018

Too much screen time has been linked to heart disease and cancer in a new study.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow analysed the amount of time 390,089 people spent looking at TV and computer screens during leisure time.

They found that the association between a high level of screen time and poor health was almost twice as strong in those with low fitness levels.

Professor Jason Gill said the findings could affect public health guidance.

Discretionary screen time - watching screens during leisure time - is said to be a contributor to sedentary behaviour which is associated with higher risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease.

WIFI WARNING: Cancer Expert Claims School Wi-Fi Networks Could Put Pupils at Risk Because They 'Absorb Radiation'

WIFI WARNING: Cancer expert claims school wifi networks could put pupils at risk because they ‘absorb radiation’
by Phoebe Cooke, thesun.co.uk, 26 May 2018

An expert has claimed that exposure to wifi can put
children at risk.
Dr Anthony Miller believes wireless internet should be considered as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos to schoolchildren

A CANCER expert has claimed school wifi networks could put pupils at risk because they "absorb radiation".

Dr Anthony Miller, an adviser to the World Health Organisation, believes youngsters are at greater risk from radio waves because their smaller skulls can more easily be damaged by harmful rays.

He told Mirror Online: “Radiation from mobile phones and other wireless devices can cause changes in DNA and induce cancer in experimental animals.

“Children’s skulls are thinner and absorb much more of this radiation.

"We ignore this at our future peril.”

School Wi-Fi Networks 'Could Put Children's Health at Risk' As Grieving Mum Tells of Daughter's Wi-Fi 'Allergy'

School wifi networks 'could put children's health at risk' as grieving mum tells of daughter's wifi 'allergy'
by Grace Macaskill, mirror.co.uk26 May 2018

Mum Debra Fry has told of how her 15-year-old daughter Jenny killed herself after developing wifi “allergy”
Most phones also emit radio waves as well as using them to
access the net (Image: Getty)

A leading cancer expert has called for a ban on school wifi networks over fears they could put children’s health at risk.

Dr Anthony Miller, an advisor to the World Health Organisation, says pupils could suffer long-term effects from exposure to the radio waves.

He warned: “Radiation from mobile phones and other wireless devices can cause changes in DNA and induce cancer in experimental animals.

“Children’s skulls are thinner and absorb much more of this radiation. We ignore this at our future peril.”

Campaigners claim an increasing number of people suffer from “electromagnetic sensitivity” – leading to symptoms from a lack of concentration to headaches and nosebleeds.

In one disturbing case, a 15-year-old is said to have taken her own life after being overwhelmed by tiredness, dizzy spells and even itchy skin due to wifi networks at her school.

Mum Pulls Her Kids Out of School Citing Wi-Fi Allergy! But Is Wi-Fi Really Bad For Your Health?

Mum Pulls Her Kids Out of School Citing Wi-Fi Allergy! But Is Wi-Fi Really Bad For Your Health?
by Sandhya Raghavanlatestly.com, 28 May 2018

It’s in the air, it’s all around you, you can’t function without it and it’s all-powerful. No, it’s not ‘love’ we are talking about but Wi-Fi. It gave us freedom from wires, allowed connecting multiple devices, helped save money and offered and better speed and connectivity. But we have all wondered at some point whether all these amazing benefits were at the cost of our health. An Irish mom Alisa Keane from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland has reasons to believe so. That’s why she pulled her three children – James, Conn and Dara – out of school because she believed that Wi-Fi was making them sick.

The kids suffered from terrible nausea, headache and lack of concentration at school but their symptoms would vanish once they came back home. It didn’t take Alisa and her husband too long to connect the dots and speculate that Wi-Fi could be the culprit since the family used Ethernet at home. And this is not the first case where Wi-Fi was indicted. In 2015, 15-year-old Jenny Fry committed suicide because she was suffering from electro-hypersensitivity or EHS caused by the Wi-Fi in her school. Like the Keane kids, Jenny suffered from agonising headaches, which she believed was triggered by Wi-Fi at school. Jenny took her own life after she was tired of being taken lightly. Her mother Debra Fry now raises awareness about EHS.

Weak Electromagnetic Fields Might Have Therapeutic Effects on Autoimmune Diseases

Weak Electromagnetic Fields Might Have Therapeutic Effects on Autoimmune Diseases
by Jacques Lintermans PhD, Pharmaceutical Consultant, linkedin.com, 28 May 2018

From an increasing number of reported observations it became little questionable that intensive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) has detrimental effects on living organisms.

In human beings, it may in particular be pointed out that alterations of the immune system were observed in different populations occupationally exposed to waves ranging from very low frequencies to microwaves (1)(2).

Lower counts ot T-lymphocytes and NK cells were measured in people working on radar, in metro workers, in museum employees, in the personnel of EMF emitting industries, in dentists and in housewives living near radiotelevision broadcasting stations.

EMF-provoked alterations of the immune system were confirmed in animal experiments (3).

Those abnormal immunologic states reflect weakened natural defense and higher risk with respect to infectious diseases and cancer.

24 May 2018

International Investigation into Effects of Toxic Air on Planes Demanded by Health Association

International Investigation into Effects of Toxic Air on Planes Demanded by Health Association
RONAN J O'SHEAindependent.co.uk, 24 May 2018

World Health Organisation paper says disorder must be medically recognised 'urgently'

The Aerotoxic Association has called for an investigation
into the effect of contaminated air in planes /
The Aerotoxic Association has called for evidence of health problems experienced by the public following exposure to toxic oil fumes.

Aerotoxic syndrome is said to be caused by exposure to contaminated air in aircraft. The first reference to it as a condition was in a 1999 paper published by Dr Harry Hoffman, Professor Chris Winder and Jean Christophe Balouet PhD called Aerotoxic Syndrome: Adverse health effects following exposure to jet oil mist during commercial flights.

In a statement on its website published yesterday, the association, which works to highlight the effects of aerotoxic syndrome, called for an independent public inquiry into the possible technical solutions to contaminated air on planes.

Long Use of Mobile Phones Dangerous for Kids: Article from Ghana

Long use of mobile phones dangerous for kids
Source: graphic.com.gh,, businessghana.com, 24 May 2018

Children below 15 years have been advised not to spend more than 30 minutes continuously on mobile phone because exposure to it for a long time could expose them to serious health problems.

The Deputy Director, Radiation Protection Institute of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Joseph Kwabena Amoako, who gave the advice, recommended that if children have to stay on their mobile phones for longer than 40 minutes at a time, it was best to do so using the hands-free kit or break the conversation after 30 minutes and go back to their chat later.

Dr Amoako explained that children were at risk of cancer and their brain activity affected from the long term use of mobile phones because their immune system was not fully developed.

He said in an interview that constant use of mobile phones by children could affect their brain activity.

“Their sleep pattern could be affected because the electromagnetic fields (electrical waves) from the phones will keep interfering with their sleep.