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21 January 2018

Apple's iPhone X Screen Is Giving Some Users Headaches

Complaints about Apple products are piling up...

Apple's iPhone X Screen Is Giving Some Users Headaches

by PATRICK SEITZinvestors.com, 14 November 2017

A growing number of Apple (AAPL) iPhone X customers have reported eye fatigue and headaches from using the new premium handset and are taking to online forums to share their concerns.

"Ever since Thursday I have been experiencing headaches every time I'm on my phone for around 10 minutes-plus," one iPhone X user said in a MacRumors forum on Saturday. "This has never happened to me before on any of my other devices."

Another iPhone X user replied, "Same thing, got really sore eyes since two days (really painful), the X is the culprit for sure. I don't know what to do."

Some tech-savvy forum members on MacRumors suggested that the eye strain is the result of Apple's use of pulse-width modulation to dim the brightness of the OLED display. They noted that some people are more sensitive to the flicker effect than others.

The number of iPhone X owners complaining about the display issue is hard to quantify at this point.

One user in Los Angeles told IBD that he experienced eye strain from the iPhone X and decided to trade the device in for an iPhone 8 Plus, which has an LCD screen. The user said he didn't know if it was the OLED display technology itself that was giving his eyes problems or the lack of a display zoom option in combination with the narrower screen width on the iPhone X.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment by the time this article was posted.

Apple shares were down 1.5% to close at 171.34 on the stock market today.

New iPhone designs like the iPhone X tend to have more technical issues than established form factors.

On Friday, MacRumors reported that a limited but increasing number of iPhone X owners have encountered a green line appearing on the smartphone's display.

On Sunday, 9to5Mac reported that some iPhone X users are experiencing crackling and buzzingsounds from the handset's earpiece speaker.

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