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05 January 2018

BabyTech Summit: Smart Devices Helping Parents Raise Healthy, Safe and Happy Babies?

Our comment: Big "Smart" Business is now assaulting parents and babies with "smart" devices to "enhance parenting skills and provide support in raising a safe, healthy and happy baby."  We believe smart tech endangers the health of our new generation and takes advantage of the ignorance of parents regarding the potential harm of "smart" technology, just to fatten the pockets of industry. Worse, it is dumbing down the natural instincts of parents raising their babies.

Up for Best of Baby Tech Award

Fisher-Price® Think & Learn Smart Cycle® (DRP30)
•The Smart Cycle® creates a physical play experience on tablet or TV, putting kids in control of racing and learning games •Download the five companion apps for fun games that introduce a rich kindergarten-readiness curriculum ...

2018 BabyTech Summit | Day 1
Tuesday, January 9

Flipping the Switch on Your Connected Nursery

We use our phones to monitor everything-–our fitness, our schedules, and even our baby’s habits. Let’s explore the many ways a connected nursery can enhance your parenting skills and support you in raising a safe, healthy and happy baby.

The Internet of Healthy Baby Things (IoBT)

Waves of new technologies for parents have hit the market. Equipment typically accessible in your doctor’s office is now available in our homes. Smart fetal monitor? Check. Smart fertility testing? Check. 24/7 biometric tracking? Check. Join the IoHBT revolution!

Best of Baby Tech Awards

Join us for the third annual Best of Baby Tech Awards where we will be recognizing outstanding achievements in fertility, pregnancy and baby technology along with media partner Hearst’s Good Housekeeping. Grab a seat for this highly anticipated awards show.  

2018 BabyTech Summit | Day 2
Wednesday, January 10

21st Century Smart FemTech Makeovers

Today’s FemTech market is transforming the archaic design and functionality of yesterday’s feeding tools into sleek, connected, and highly useful devices.  From smart breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, and trackers, the baby feeding industry is receiving a complete head-to-toe makeover.


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