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02 January 2018

Cell Phone and Microwave Information Consumers Really Ought to Know

We were impressed by the recent note on cell phones and microwaves sent by Arthur R. Firstenberg, an American activist on the subject of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, founder of the independent campaign group the Cellular Phone Task Force and author of the outstanding book, "The Invisible Rainbow". Catherine Frompovich has included the full text of Arthur Firstenberg's note in her recent post.  We are quoting here only a few extracts. 

Cell Phone And Microwave Information Consumers REALLY Ought To Know
by Catherine J. Frompovichactivistpost.com, 26 December 2017

Now that 2017 is winding down and 2018 is about to take center stage, people usually like to engage in offering forecasts, e.g., prognostications (predictions) and self-improvement “new year’s resolutions.” Each of us has his or her thing, which apparently preoccupies us, but there is something which really ought to grab our attention as a frightening 2018 probability that is not regarded for what it truly offers, i.e., producing negative health impacts, and IF we can protect ourselves from such unrealized physical abuse, especially to our DNA.

Did I get your attention?

What am I talking about?

Microwaves – Cell phones and the push for 5G broadband, the next generation in microwave technology being fast-tracked without the FCC or vested-interests producing and publicizing proper environmental impact studies and short- or long-term health impact studies upon humans, pets, wildlife and all types of living organisms.

Microwaves interact with water molecules in living tissue; how does a microwave oven cook your food?

Why should that be of any concern? Because damaging information regarding cell phone use and microwaves used to transmit cell phone, iPhone and Smart Phone calls, data, photos, games, etc. indicates consumers are being harmed, especially in view of the National Toxicology Program’s current study regarding potential health hazards from cell phone radiofrequency radiation on rats, which is to be made public in 2018.

The report, “Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD Rats (Whole Body Exposure),” is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/055699.

One of the key issues regarding that upcoming 2018 report will be how much ‘guidance’ and ‘sanitation’ influences will microwave industry associations like ICNIRP have upon the FINAL results and publication.

In the meantime, Arthur R. Firstenberg, who researches electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS/IEI) which can be caused by microwave/cell phone exposures, Wi-Fi, AMI Smart Meters, etc., has determined there are serious questions either not being asked nor investigated, which he shared with independent researchers and activists, and which I would like to share with my readers, having obtained Mr. Firstenberg’s permission to do so verbatim.

Arthur Robert Firstenberg is an American activist on the subject of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. He is the founder of the independent campaign group the Cellular Phone Task Force.

Firstenberg filed several lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission and others, only to have them adjudicated in favor of expanding microwave technology and promoting microwave proponents’ agendas. Undoubtedly, there seems to be a set agenda for using microwaves to implement the surveillance state at all levels of life as set forth in the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030, plus the implementation of the Internet of Things, which probably will tie into the ‘ultimate’ technology prize—Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So what does Arthur Firstenberg have to say?

Is it safe to keep a cell phone in my pocket when I’m not using it?

That’s what most people do. And total hip replacements have skyrocketed. Between 2000 and 2010 the number of annual hip replacements in the U.S. more than doubled, and the rate of hip replacements among people aged 45-54 more than tripled.13

Rates of colon cancer among Americans aged 20-54, which had been declining for decades, began to rise in 1997 when widespread cell phone use began. The rise has been steepest and began earliest (1995) in people aged 20-29: the rate of colon cancer in young men and women aged 20-29 doubled between 1995 and 2013.14

Rates of prostate cancer have been rising worldwide since 1997.15 The number of cases of prostate cancer among Swedish men aged 50-59 was stable for decades until 1996 and rose ninefold between 1997 and 2004.16 The incidence of metastatic prostate cancer among American men under 55 increased 62% between 2004 and 2013, and nearly doubled for men aged 55-69 during the same period.17

Several studies have found that men who keep their cell phones on standby in their pocket or on their belt lower their sperm count by up to 30 percent.18 A study conducted from 2003 to 2013 found that young men now had lower sperm counts than their elders, and that people born between 1990 and 1995 had on average 40 percent lower sperm counts than men born earlier.19 Almost every study that has been conducted has found a direct relationship between cell phone use and sperm count, motility, and/or morphology.20

Is it safe for women to keep a cell phone in their bra?

Women in their twenties and thirties who keep their cell phones in their bras are getting a distinctive type of breast cancer directly underneath where they keep their phones.21

How far does the radiation from my cell phone travel?

The signal goes out forever. It does not just travel to the nearest cell tower, and it does not travel in only that direction. It goes on forever, in all directions, as long as there are no hills or objects in the way. It pollutes your entire neighborhood and it travels upward to the sun and stars. It just keeps on going. [CJF emphasis]

Those few people who owned an analog cell phone back in 1996 may remember how far apart cell towers used to be. As long as there were no hills in the way, you used to be able to get a signal from 90 miles away. The only reason cell towers have to be so close together today is because a single tower can only serve a limited number of people. The more users, the more towers have to be built. Also the more bandwidth, the more towers have to be built: using cell phones as computers and not just phones means there have to be a lot more towers. That, and the fact that digital signals are more subject to interference than analog signals. But the radiation still goes on forever.

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