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28 January 2018

Death Rays Canada

Dr. Riina Bray, MD, BASc, MSc, FCFP, MHSc, medical director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto: "As a physician who has specialized in the area of environmental health for over 20 years, I am mortified at the lack of accountability regarding radio and microwave radiation use in the everyday lives of Canadians. I am appalled by the poor, impractical and unrealistic research done in this area and the lack of proper, relevant investigations." [1]...

Death Rays Canada

The magnificent nation of Canada, blessed with boundless natural resources and agricultural abundance, has a 2017 population of 35,589,809. This national population is slightly smaller than that of California.

In May 2017, a team of medical researchers reported that Canadians who have used cell phones for 558 hours or more have more than a doubled risk of developing brain cancer. LINK The millions of Canadian consumers, workers and students who use wireless devices incessantly for myriad functions can blow through 558 hours in mere weeks or months. They can then go on to further increase their cancer risk with unlimited usage of 4G smart phones and tablets that are loaded with antennas and therefore even more radiation-intensive than the older cell phones used for the study referenced.

In September 2017, Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, confirmed in a lecture to international experts that advanced studies show that RF/microwave radiation --classified in 2011 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as possibly carcinogenic (Category 2B)-- must now be upgraded to confirmed carcinogen status (Category 1A). Dr. Miller, a senior epidemiologist for IARC, says evidence that wireless radiation is a confirmed human carcinogen can no longer be ignored. Watch a short clip of Dr. Miller's speech HERE.

Meantime, Canadian cities, towns, neighborhoods, Indian Reserves and homes are now overwhelmed with wireless antennas needed to accommodate cancer-inducing wireless technologies. In 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that, since the telecom industry falls under jurisdiction of the federal government, municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers and pole antennas. [4] A good high-frequency audio meter allows concerned people to hear the microwave voltage of cancer that pollutes populated areas. Even towns and villages within the great Canadian national and provincial parks are "screaming" with antenna carcinogen. Public places of Canada, including schools and hospitals, are toxic indoors from cell tower and Wi-Fi radiation. Much of this bioactive pollution facilitates wireless entertainment, games and social trivia which previous generations of Canadians once thrived so well without.

Utility poles everywhere, including rural areas, are being loaded with Wi-Fi antennas and 4G eNodeB antennas that boost wireless phone coverage between the large cell towers. Microwave antenna systems mounted on power poles use grid power for signal-propagating equipment. This is how microwave antenna frequencies, plus dirty electricity (caused by AC-DC switching), contaminates grid power flowing directly into occupied buildings across the nation. [5] The upcoming 5G technologies, to be integrated with existing 4G systems, will likely further contaminate the Canadian electrical grid with experimental millimeter waves (double-digit gigahertz radiation) for which humanity has no genetic experience.

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