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21 January 2018

iPhone X: £1,000 for a Phone You Can't Answer!

£1,000 for a phone you can't answer! Apple fans claim nothing appears on screen when their iPhone X rings

Angry iPhone X users claim that nothing happens
on their devices when they receive a call, making it
impossible to answer.

  • Angry iPhone X users say nothing happens on the screen when the phone rings
  • The device, claimed to be the most advanced yet, costs more than £1,000
  • Customers have taken to Apple's online forums to demand a fix to the issue

It costs more than £1,000 and is touted by its creators as the most advanced handset yet, but some users of the new iPhone X claim they cannot even answer calls on the device.

Angry customers have gone on Apple’s online forums, complaining that when their costly phone rings, nothing appears on the screen – making it impossible to take the call.

‘Apple please sort this problem,’ wrote one disappointed owner.

‘Even after I reset the phone, it works fine for a couple of days – and then it starts again.’

The bug is just the latest to afflict the iPhone X, pictured.

Another problem experienced by users is the phone failing in cold weather due to its display screen becoming unresponsive to touch input and finger swipes.

Customers have also complained of fatigue and headaches from using the device – claiming that the new type of display flickers and causes eye problems.

One frustrated user said: ‘I have been experiencing headaches every time I’m on my phone for ten minutes or more.

‘This has never happened to me before on any of my other devices.’

Last night, Apple declined to comment.


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