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20 January 2018

Maryland: Montgomery County Public Schools Chief Technology Officer Shares Information On Digital Device Safety

Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools Chief Technology Officer Shares Information On Digital Device Safety
Environmental Health Trust, January 2018

The Chief Technology Officer of Montgomery County Maryland, one of the top School Districts in the country shared information on Digital Device Safety to all staff on Friday January 12, 2018
Digital Safety At School And At Home

The MCCPTA Safe Technology Subcommittee would like to share the following recommendations for using technology at school and at home.

For Students at School:

  • Consider placing Chromebooks/laptops on desks and tables rather than in laps;
  • Don’t forget to shut down and log off of Chromebooks/laptops when moving from classroom to classroom;
  • Consider turning off cell phones and keeping them in backpacks or lockers off when not in use;
  • If necessary, take eye breaks, 1-to 2 minutes in length, approximately every 15 minutes;
  • Attend to task! Avoid distractions such as reading email, playing games, or browsing the Internet;
  • Engage in face-to-face socialization, especially at free time, lunch, and recess;
  • Always use the Internet and devices for educational purposes in accordance with MCPS’s responsible use policies;
  • Use resources that do not infringe on another’s copyright or trademark rights.

For Students at Home:

  • “Disconnect” at least one hour before bedtime. This includes all forms of media and requires online-based homework to be done well in advance of bedtime;
  • Keep electronic devices out of bedrooms for a sounder sleep.

For Teachers:

  • Encourage students, when appropriate, to customize their device screens using tools such as ScreenShader designed to reduce potential eye strain and fatigue
  • Consider providing students with options for good behavior that include physical activity and social interaction rather than “device time”;
  • When requested, provide paper alternatives for take-home class work.

Additional Resources:

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