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28 January 2018

Universal Eye Damage in the Microwave Age

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Universal Eye Damage in the Microwave Age

Google operates the most dedicated radiation-peddling army in the world. Touting a logo of 666, this corporate juggernaut is building a global cell tower network in the sky, advancing self-driving vehicles that spew in-your-face radar while promoting digital ID tattoos and gut radios to be swallowed in the form of pills.

These militants from Triplesixville also ensure that students across the globe are "up to their eyeballs" in cataract-inducing, brain disabling radiation. Paraphernalia provided by Google's Expeditions Pioneer Program (EPP) forces a childto hold a transmitting smart phone (an eye phone) directly to his face. EPP kits include a smart phone for every cardboard headset, wireless routers for accessing Expeditions field trips and a wireless teacher tablet for narrative. While such "travels" would be equally educational using a safe and distant large screen, the apparent idea of this type of "educational" system is to keep wave carcinogen flowing directly into the skulls of as many young children as possible.

In 2016, scientists with the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) called upon Google to withdraw this wireless virtual reality system designed to booby-trap little kids: " 'Two-way radio transceiver systems, in the form of smartphones should not be used directly in front of children's eyes and brains,' cautions University of Utah Distinguished Professor Om Gandhi, who is one of the original developers of testing to evaluate wireless radiation from cell phones and who is a senior advisor to EHT.' " [3] Short-sighted parents and educators who condone such cunning enticements of wireless classrooms apparently don't understand that impairing the eyesight of little kids is actually not in anyone's best interest.

Perhaps even more devastating to physical and mental health than virtual reality toys is the new generation of augmented reality systems designed to place a wearable computer upon the head.

Virtual reality simulates the real world. Augmented reality uses sensory stimulation to actually alter human perception of the real world. Here again the eyes and brain suffer the brunt of powerful carcinogenic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation needed for the subverting of reality. Some new augmented reality systems incorporate a smart phone inserted into the headset directly over the eyes. Upcoming 5G millimeter wave technologies will make possible a tsunami of both virtual reality and augmented reality systems for those who value neither their vision nor their sanity. Corporations that profit from these lucrative technologies offer no information about potential radiation damage to eyesight, hearing and brain function.

Never before in human history has such a threat against human eyesight been unleashed as today in the Microwave Age. Three decades ago the FCC approved the first commercial mobile phones used by few. Today wireless antenna radiation has become inescapable for most people, including fetuses and infants. Myriad microwave frequencies, with the same deadly potential as ionizing radiation, savage the environment and slam through everyone's eye tissues as induced currents. Healthy human eyes and enduring clarity of eyesight is a blessing of the long-gone past.

Epidemiological studies of people living close to cell tower antennas document widespread complaints about eye and vision abnormalities (Santini 2002/ Oberfeld 2004/ Bortkiewicz 2004). Many radiation victims damaged by cell phones, Wi-Fi antennas and smart meters complain of the same. The documented pathological effects on human eyes from RF/microwave radiation include: eye inflammation and redness, pain or burning in the eyes, a feeling of pressure behind the eyes, floaters, cataracts, deteriorating vision -- including macular degeneration-- and eye cancers.

Buildings, vehicles and aircraft saturated with RF/microwave radiation are exceptionally hazardous to human eyes. As with UV sun damage, microwave eye damage may become obvious only months or years after the damage has been inflicted, leaving the vision-impaired with no proof as to the origin of their disabilities, pain and economic hardship. Meantime, wireless radiation profiteers are not, by law, liable for universal eye damage and incremental loss of eyesight induced by their toxic wireless products and services.

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