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31 March 2018

Aftermath of the Peer Review of the NTP Study: Do Not Hold Your Breath...

As Dr. Leszczynski recently tweeted… US FDA will do nothing in response to the NTP study:

Aftermath of the peer-review of the NTP study: Do not hold your breath…
by Dariusz Leszczynski, betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com, 30 March 2018

It happened again – a big surprise. Scientists decided that NTP study shows effects in rats.

When group of experts is assembled and the experts careers do not depend on them expressing fair scientific opinions, even those not liked by the telecoms, the real scientific evaluation takes place. Not just rubber-stamping of an opinion convenient for the telecoms, as ICNIRP, WHO EMF Project and ICES do it. Because in ICNIRP and WHO EMF Project careers of the scientists are industry-dependent, even when the scientists are not employed by the industry. At ICES, the majority of the scientists is either employed by the industry or are consultants for the industry.

This real scientific debate happened just recently with the peer-review of the NTP study completed at the US NIEHS. The same happened in 2011 at IARC with classification of carcinogenic potential of the cell phone radiation.

In both cases (NIEHS 2018 & IARC 2011) the industry-independent scientists were able, in both cases, through thorough scientific debate, convince the industry-dependent scientists that science is more important and come to conclusions based on scientific evidence.No matter whether telecoms liked it or not (most likely the did not).

Result of the NIEHS 2018 evaluation of the NTP study were elegantly compiled by Joel Moskowitz (see the table and explanatory material here).

However, please do not hold your breath. Scientists come to certain conclusions and… bureaucrats do nothing, because industry lobby is too powerful. Where science and big money collide the winner is easily predictable…

As I recently tweeted… US FDA will do nothing in response to the NTP study:

The same happened after IARC classified cell phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen = nothing happened… no action whatsoever to tighten safety limits…


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