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20 March 2018

France: The EASYTIS Catalogue, Specialist in Connected Objects for Educational Use, Violates French Law

This child is holding the Blue-Bot radio-
frequency radiating connected toy.
Following is a summary translation of the open letter of Robin des Toits regarding the promotion of connected objects for educational purposes by EASYTIS.  We have looked into these toys and found that, as stated in its users' guide, the robot "Blue-Bot", for children aged 3 and up, "generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy."  A teacher's guide exists describing how to use the Blue-Bot as part of the National Curriculum for Computing to support children in learning computing skills and applying computational thinking. As the president of Robin des Toits states in the letter, children are the new target of choice for connected objects at a time when the adult market is saturated.  The publication of the EASYTIS catalogue, targeting very young children, violates French law.


Subject:  EASYTIS SAS: The specialist of connected objects for educational use
robindestoits.org, 20 March 2018

On 20 March 2018, the French national association Robin des Toits, whose purpose is to assist and unite people and associations fighting for public health security related to exposure to new wireless telecommunications technologies, addressed an open letter to the Director-General of Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) and the President of the Professional Advertising Regulation Authority (ARPP).

The purpose of the letter was to draw their attention to the EASYTIS catalogues, a business presenting itself as "the specialist of connected objects for educational use". In the catalogue, we see children aged 2 to 5 holding connected toys to illustrate commercial offers.

While declaring that these products are adapted and conceived for children, this magazine directly violates French law. Art. L. 5231-3 of law n° 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 states that "all advertising, whatever the means or support, whose direct purpose is to promote the sale, provision, and use of a mobile phone by children less than 14 years old is banned."

It also violates law n° 2015-136 of 9 February 2015, the "Abeille Law", relating to sobriety, transparency, information and consultation regarding exposure to electromagnetic waves, specifically
Article 7 - I. which states "in the establishments mentioned in chapter IV... of the code on public health, the installation of fixed terminal equipment equipped with wireless access to the Internet is banned in spaces dedicated to the accommodation, recreation and activities of children less than three years old."

Supporting these laws, the ANSES report published in July 2016, "Exposure to Radiofrequencies and Child Health" - for a moderate and supervised use of wireless technologies, states that exposure to the electromagnetic waves of mobile telephony, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can "cause biological changes in the body" and recognizes the "changes in the electroencepalogram of exposed teenagers".

The reason for these articles lies in the greater fragility of children faced with the dangers of electromagnetic fields and the need to protect them.

At a time, however, when the "adult" market is saturated, children are the new target of choice for manufacturers. By using children for the promotion of its products, EASYTIS is directly ignoring French law.  This is the reason for which Robin des Toits is requesting the immediate withdrawal of the litigious publications.


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