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24 March 2018

Mobile Phone Radiation Study Already Being Spun Before Next Week's NTP Official Deliberation

Mobile Phone Radiation Study Already Being Spun Before Next Week's NTP Official Deliberation
aakom, cnsteem.com, 24 March 2018

You can watch public policy in public action.

The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) will deliberate next week on the draft NTP Technical Reports on cell phone (mobile phone) radiofrequency radiation studies conducted on mice and rats.

The propaganda machine is out in full force with NTP senior scientist, Dr John Bucher, already front-running the meeting by stating, "So, these findings should not be directly extrapolated to human cell phone usage."

Really? So after 10 years and $25 million looking at 2G and 3G signals, "... these findings provide valuable information to help guide future studies of cell phone safety." So we can safely ignore that, "... the tumors we saw in these studies are similar to tumors previously reported in some studies of frequent cell phone users." That's a relief!

As always, large official government studies are designed to be equivocal. The biggest con-job perpetrated by the mobile phone industry on humanity is the false reality that the only interaction between microwaves and your body is through "thermal effects". This is not true. So-called "non-thermal effects", that include resonance as well as other interactions are far more important than mere heating - although being chat-roasted is probably not in your carrier contract either.

The Draft Reports page includes some Public Comments; a few are interesting.

Marc Arazi, on behalf of Association Alerte Phonegate complains about John Bucher's press conference for priming the public debate. "The interpretation that was made was, to say the least, to minimize the risk to human health, and for some, to exclude it completely and permanently." I suspect that was the whole aim.

Robert Morris, on behalf of Environmental Health Trust. "The fragmentation of subgroups in the analysis of the data in this study tends to obscure its most striking finding, which is the extent to which we observe lesions (either neoplastic or hyperplastic) in the glial cells and cardiac Schwann cells of almost every subgrouping. This is best seen by collapsing some of the exposure and outcome categories." But that would surely ruin the carefully crafted media spin!

Joel Moskowitz, University of California, Berkeley, submits a 9-page document showing serious concerns about why the study results have taken so long to be published. One strong reason may be this:"The researchers controlled the temperature of the animals to prevent heating effects so the cancers were caused by a non-thermal mechanism. This is important because despite many hundreds of studies to the contrary, some scientists still deny there can be non-thermal effects from microwave radiation exposure." Later, as if the point was not clear enough,"The NTP and the other animal studies are the missing links. These studies prove that long-term exposure to low intensity, non-thermal levels of microwave radiation can cause DNA damage and cancer in an animal model." (My italics, original all in bold)

Perhaps I should pause here - you can read all the other public comments at the above links.

A bizarre picture is emerging whereby the actual data within the NTP draft reports is being buried or obfuscated so that public announcements can be made that actually contradict the science!

This is the nature of vested-interest science; this is how money and power distort research. And as this is happening now, you can watch how science can be spun 180 degrees!


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