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14 April 2018

Belgium: Beware of the Radiation of Your Mobile Phone: "A Health Scandal" Could Soon Be Revealed

Beware of the radiation of your mobile phone: "A health scandal" could soon be revealed
by Camille Mathoulin, rtl.be/info, 14 April 2018

We are close to the health scandal in France because of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.  Is it the only one that emits too much? Where are we in Belgium?

A phone  has been withdrawn from sales in France because it exceeds the health threshold of the radiation emitted. A first that has never happened in Belgium. Yet, according to Test-Achats and scientists, it could happen soon.

A phone not for sale in Belgium

The phone withdrawn from sales in France is the Hapi 30 of the brand Mobilwire, a model that is not for sale in Belgium, according to Test-Achats. This phone marketed by Orange has been recalled. It was the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR, which has no equivalent in Belgium) which forced the telephone operator to recall this product.

The device in fact exceeds the health threshold of 2 W/kg. 2.1 W/kg have indeed been measured on the rear face of the Hapi 30, so the level of waves emitted is even more important at the place where we put our ear.

The scandal could be much bigger: "All users in the world are concerned"

For Marc Arazi, a French physician who calls himself  a whistleblower, it is a health scandal. The French now call it "Phonegate". Dr Arazi explains that for 20 years we have been overexposed to electromagnetic waves. Phones exceed current standards by 2 to 10 times. 

Mobilwire is not the only manufacturer that would lie about the radiation emitted by its phones. In 2015, 9 out of 10 phones tested by ANFR were above the threshold, even though manufacturers indicate the opposite. "All users worldwide are concerned. This overexposure is not minor", explained Dr Arazi who then compared this scandal to that of Dieselgate. "Mobile phone manufacturers have misled users about the true exposure values," he insisted.

What are the risks of radiation for our health?

Health risks range from electrohypersensitivity to cancer. "A panel of international scientists decided to consider that it was necessary to increase the level of the link of 2G and 3G mobile phone radiation and the appearance of heart and brain cancers," added Dr Arazi.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified mobile phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic. Today, many scientists are calling for the level of risk to be increased.

And in Belgium?

The Hapi 30 is therefore not for sale here, but the Test-Achats teams are keeping an eye on Phonegate, and think that it will soon explode here.

It should be known that very few, if any, studies are done in our country in terms of electromagnetic waves of mobile phones. These are very expensive studies that are mainly carried out in France and, to a lesser extent, in the Netherlands. The other European countries depend on research from these two countries.

How to avoid radiation?

Whenever possible, use the speakerphone.  You have to really keep these phones away from your body, you don't put it in your pocket, you don't put it in your bra, you don't put it under your pillow, you don't put it next to you while you are sleeping. The mobile phone must be kept away from the body.

Another recommendation, from the California Department of Health, is that the use of the hands-free kit should be reviewed.  It should only be used for short conversations.

To find out what your phone emits in terms of electromagnetic radiation, you can click here. However you should be aware that it is not reassuring: https://data.anfr.fr

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