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EMF Studies

14 April 2018

Research on Electromagnetic Fields

Research on electromagnetic fields
ARTAC (Association for Research on Treatment against Cancer),
Newsletter no. 87, March 2018 (translation)

Let us recall that the major objective of ARTAC concerns the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. The many patients suffering from electrohypersensitivity could not be ignored, however, especially since excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields could just as possibly cause the occurrence of certain cancers. Since the beginning of the year, four scientific articles have been published:

1. After several adventures, our article reporting on our research work on the effect in electrohypersensitive people of a fermented papaya extract, marketed under the name "Immun'âge", has just been published in the international peer-reviewed journal "Functional Foods in Health and Disease". This publication follows the complete re-analysis of our results, and highlights an antioxidant effect of the product as well as an anti-inflammatory effect, but above all improves the cerebral pulsometry without the mechanism being identified for the moment.

Irigaray P, Garrel C, Houssay C, Mantello P, Belpomme D. Beneficial effects of a Fermented Papaya Preparation for the treatment of electrohypersensitivity self-reporting patients: results of a phase I-II clinical trial with special reference to cerebral pulsation measurement and oxidative stress analysis. Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2018; 8(2):122-44

2. The result of an international collaboration, a major article has been written describing and proving the harmful effects of EMF on health, whether for cancer or electrohypersensitivity:

Dominique Belpomme, Lennart Hardell, Igor Belyaev, Ernesto Burgio and David 0. Carpenter. Thermal and non-thermal health effects of non-ionizing radiation: an international consensus report. Environmental Pollution, 2018. [not yet on-line]

3. A scientific article highlighting the value of an "encephaloscan" for the diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up of "electrohypersensitive" patients is currently being analyzed by an international peer-reviewed journal specialized in the field of ultrasound:

Philippe lrigaray, Philippe Lebar and Dominique Belpomme. How ultrasonic cerebral tomosphygmography can contribute to the diagnosis of electrohypersensitivity. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 2018. [not yet on-line]

4. An article describing biochemically the antioxidant status of electrohypersensitive patients has also emerged as part of a collaboration with the biochemistry department of the Grenoble University Hospital and would also be submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal in the coming days. [not yet online]

Original article in French - Newsletter no. 87 - page 4 :

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