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20 April 2018

Switzerland: Parliamentary Commission Discusses Network Blocking, 5G, Regulated Access

Swiss parliamentary commission discusses network blocking, 5G, regulated access
telecompaper.com, 19 April 2018

The Swiss Parliamentary Commission for Transport and Telecommunications conducted additional hearings on the draft revision of the Telecommunications Act, especially the topics network blocking, 5G and access regulation.

On network blocking, the commission looked at how to combat online child pornography and the advantages and disadvantages of content deletions and website blocking. The Commission also requested information on cooperation between the Fedpol and the international organisation Inhope, whose representatives attended the hearing.

A hearing with the association Asut and the Directorate for Environment and Energy of the city of St. Gallen focused on 5G. An adaptation of the calculation and measurement methods for base station emissions is possible at short notice without changes to the system limit values. The Commission will now write to the Bundesrat asking it to consider a 24-hour average for the transmitter's power measurement. It would thus be possible to implement the Ordinance on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection in practice. The measurement of the average values ​​should be automated, and there should be a simplified approval procedure for existing installations, the Commission said.

The Commission also consulted with the representatives of the competition regulator Weko and telecommunications regulator ComCom to clarify issues related to access regulation and the definition of market dominance. A detailed consultation is expected to start in July.

The Commission also adopted a motion called Shared Content Model. It is intended to enable private Swiss media providers to use content from the public broadcaster SRG. The Commission agreed to delete the last sentence of the motion and to retain the applicable law on copyright and rights of use.


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