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07 May 2018

Is Radiation the Asbestos of the 21st Century?

Is radiation the asbestos of the 21st century?

Is Radiation the asbestos of the 21st century? is a documentary that investigates the effects of cellular and wifi radiation on the body. The main character is the Electro Hypersensitive (EHS) Dennis Rietbergen. EHS patients are hypersensitive to electricity and radiation. We follow Dennis in his search for answers to questions like: How bad is radiation? How do people deal with their health issues? What does the government do to reduce the dangers of radiation? Is EHS a recognized disease? Dennis talks with scientists, doctors and EHS patients to get a clear picture of the effects of radiation on humans. Dennis also tries to get interviews with major telecom providers and the Dutch government. In doing so, he strikes a lot of resistance. Do these parties have something to hide? And does he manage to answer all his questions?

Director Biography - Hjalmar Ilmer

Hjalmar Ilmer graduated as film director at the Amsterdam film academy with the film Rollercoaster. A story about a sick boy who, because of his weak immune system, has two more days to live as he wanders out into the wide world. 

After the academy Hjalmar produced the full-length movie Bluf! and worked in various functions within the film industry. Currently, he is in the final phase of a documentary about a transgender truck driver who becomes a woman. This documentary has its premiere at the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) 2018.

Director Statement
What characterizes Hjalmar as a creator is his search for authenticity. He is interested in what really matters to people. He loves stories about underdogs, people with difficulties and uniqueness of character, which he captures as objectively as possible. Dennis is such a person. He is special. He sometimes has a hard time because his sensitivity is not recognized as a disease. Hjalmar portrays him genuinely: authentic, persistent and a little bit stubborn.


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