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29 May 2018

Weak Electromagnetic Fields Might Have Therapeutic Effects on Autoimmune Diseases

Weak Electromagnetic Fields Might Have Therapeutic Effects on Autoimmune Diseases
by Jacques Lintermans PhD, Pharmaceutical Consultant, linkedin.com, 28 May 2018

From an increasing number of reported observations it became little questionable that intensive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) has detrimental effects on living organisms.

In human beings, it may in particular be pointed out that alterations of the immune system were observed in different populations occupationally exposed to waves ranging from very low frequencies to microwaves (1)(2).

Lower counts ot T-lymphocytes and NK cells were measured in people working on radar, in metro workers, in museum employees, in the personnel of EMF emitting industries, in dentists and in housewives living near radiotelevision broadcasting stations.

EMF-provoked alterations of the immune system were confirmed in animal experiments (3).

Those abnormal immunologic states reflect weakened natural defense and higher risk with respect to infectious diseases and cancer.

Patients with auto immune diseases reported in 90% of the cases a definite to strong aggravation of their symptoms when they were protected from environmental microwave electrosmog (4).

This suggests that:

  • Immune system is definitely sensitive to microwaves
  • Pathological hyperactivity of the immune system which characterizes patients with auto immune diseases is attenuated by EMF exposure
  • Depressive effects of EMF on the immune system may therefore become a suitable treatment of auto immune diseases by using properly modulated EMF exposure

The History of pharmacology is full of examples of very toxic substances which became useful drugs when appropriate doses could be determined (Homeopathy takes the end place in this logic)

Also the ionizing (i.e.X-rays or radioactive elements) and non-ionizing radiations (i.e.UV) can both adversely affect health while becoming curative at harnessed doses.

From this concept, the idea to use microwaves at low doses to treat patients with auto immune diseases is worth to be considered, such therapy being in addition non-invasive and expectedly better tolerated than the conventional drugs.

Like these, the hereby suggested therapy would also have conter-indication which is in the present case concerning patients with hypersensibility to waves (EHS)


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