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17 June 2018

Despite Recalls and Reported Side Effects in Adults, Fitbit Launches Wearables for Kids

Despite Recalls and Reported Side Effects in Adults, Fitbit Launches Wearables for Kids
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 15 June 2018

Who cares if there have already been formal recalls on Fitbits based on rashes in adults and other side effects have been reported by users.

The Fitbit Ace has been designed for kids of 8 and up:

Fitbit said the Ace will motivate with customizable step, active minute and sleep goals, celebratory messages and badges, and challenges for the family, as well as for the child.

With the Fitbit app and a family account, parents will be able to review activity, and so control and manage who their children connect with and what information they see.


The stats are also age appropriate, with no highlighted calorie intake, weight and body fat/BMI or public social features.

The company said it launched the device to help combat rising obesity rates, with the idea of making it fun to be fit.

Since the Fitbit Ace is apparently to be worn by children several hours at a time, this may even be freakier than Virtual Reality products and programs being designed for kids – including ones with special needs – considering all reported side effects from VR in adults and children.

Fitbits and other activity trackers – like WiFi routers, cell phones, and other digital and wireless technology – operate by using WiFi which unfortunately isn’t magic.

It makes no sense that Fitbits for kids are being marketed to “combat rising obesity rates” because exposure to all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation can cause blood sugar fluctuations which may lead to diabetes and obesity.

It makes no sense that it’s being marketed to “motivate with customizable step, active minute and sleep goals” makes because exposure can also cause sleep issues including insomnia.

We keep getting mixed messages about using technology. Some encourage that we follow the “The Precautionary Principle” especially when it comes to children.

Unsafe tech use is regularly portrayed in TV, film, and marketing (even for prescription drugs). It’s even marketed by Sesame Street. We simply can’t expect children to differentiate what is safe for them to use when most adults are equally if not more unaware of how technology may harm their children and themselves.

Technology has been glamorized the same way cigarettes were glamorized. Technology is marketed to seem cool and of course, sexy.

Tech companies are no dummies, though. Since last year, they have been warning shareholders about health risks and potential lawsuits based on harm caused by their products.

Good luck parents.

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