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10 June 2018

Switzerland: Federal Parliamentarians Receive Measuring Devices for Mobile Radiation

Federal parliamentarians receive measuring devices for mobile radiation
Press release, funkstrahlung.ch, 7 June 2018 (translation)

National Councillor Thomas Hardegger hands over a
measuring device for mobile radiation to his colleague
Maximilian Reimann
Last year, the parliamentary group on non-ionizing radiation (PG-NIS) formed in the Federal Parliament. It addresses the increasing health risks of electromagnetic fields in mobile services and power applications. The catalyst for the formation of this group was the efforts of the mobile communications industry to relax the current limit regulations. Co-President Thomas Hardegger worked to ensure that interested members of the group could be loaned a measuring device during a meeting in the Federal Parliament. The devices can record mobile radiation and also identify their source.

Radiation is difficult for most people to grasp, because you cannot see, hear or smell it. This is one of the reasons why there is little awareness of the health risks of this radiation. National Councillor Thomas Hardegger is therefore of the opinion that measuring instruments will make a contribution to raising awareness because they make the invisible mobile radiation audible. This allows unrecognized radio transmitters such as mobile phone antennas, WLAN devices, cell phones and cordless phones to be located and suitable protective measures to be taken. It is important to Hardegger that the measuring instruments in the hands of his colleagues also trigger important questions and discussions about precautionary risk limitation.

Thomas Hardegger introduced the idea with the measuring devices to the "Dachverband Elektrosmog Schweiz und Liechtenstein", the umbrella organization for electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The organization quickly found a solution for the implementation. There are now a large number of new devices available on loan, which today were handed to the members of the parliamentary group and other parliamentarians. After use, the devices can be passed on easily.


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