Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

31 July 2018

Radiation Concerns Prompt Canada To Halt Alcatel U50 Sales

See related article on the site of the Phonegate Alert Association: 
"International: First Withdrawal of a Cell Phone in Canada"

Radiation Concerns Prompt Canada To Halt Alcatel U50 Sales
By Mark Realandroidheadlines.com, 30 July 2018

The Canadian government instructed three of the country’s national carriers to temporarily stop selling the Alcatel U50 due to the device’s failure to meet the radio frequency energy exposure limits set by the government. Bell, Telus, and Freedom Mobile offer the handset as part of the network operators’ budget smartphone offerings. According to Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED), even though the Alcatel U50 exceeded the country’s limits for radio frequency energy exposure, the amount of radiation released by the device is not expected to cause harm to the user’s health. Nonetheless, the telecommunications regulator still decided to temporarily halt the sales of the smartphone until the manufacturer resolves the issue. Bell, one of the carriers that sell the Alcatel U50, already released a statement saying that it will temporarily stop selling the budget smartphone while TCL fixes the issue.

30 July 2018

Phonegate Alert's Petition "Protect the Health of Millions of Mobile Phone Users" Is Now in Seven Languages

The Phonegate Alert Association has launched their petition in English to allow a greater number of persons to sign.  Thanks to Change.org the petition is linked to other language versions and thus does not risk being signed twice.

For our friends in the United States, this petition is also addressed to Ajit Pai, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The petition now exists in 7 languages, all fused so that you can only sign once.

Spanish / French / Italian / Hebrew / Croatian Greek 

Please share the petition widely in the different languages.  Thank you.

Protect the health of millions of mobile phone users

Alerte Phonegate started this petition to Ms. Elżbieta Bieńkowska and 4 others

Dear Friend,

The Phonegate Alert team has just written to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Mr. Nicholas Hulot, the Minister for Solidarity and Health, Mrs. Agnès Buzyn, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Bruno Le Maire, to give them formal notice to act urgently to protect the health and safety of millions of mobile phone users in France and to put an end to the law of silence that the lobbies of this very powerful industry want to impose on us with the complicity of the European authorities.

We are asking the Ministers to recall more than 250 of the best-selling mobile phone models on the French and European market, which must either be withdrawn from the sector through a free exchange procedure, or be the subject of a free software or hardware update by the manufacturer.

Phonegate: [Press Release] ANFR Endangers the Health of Millions of Mobile Phone Users

[Press release] ANFR endangers the health of millions of mobile phone users
phonegatealert.org, 30 July 2018

In its press release published on Thursday 26 July 2018, the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) announced the obligation of manufacturers to update two new mobile phone models, the HISENSE F23 and the WIKO Tommy2 (marketed by Bouygues Telecom). The control tests carried out showed that the regulatory limit for the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) “trunk” had been exceeded.

In addition, ANFR presented the results of its SAR campaign for 2017 in a detailed 13-page document.

Despite this new transparency, ANFR is under no illusion. Its communication strategy is simple. The millions of mobile phones placed on the market before the change in European regulations in June 2016 will be swept under the carpet.

29 July 2018

Mobile Phone Radiation and Memory Performance Concerns

Mobile phone radiation and memory performance concerns
by TIM SANDLEdigitaljournal.com, 28 July 2018

Talking on cell phone.  Digital Journal
A new study has found that mobile phone radiation could affect memory performance in adolescents, as evidenced through new tests. This adds weight to other research concerned with radiation emissions from connected technology.

Cell phones (including smartphones) give off a form of energy known as radiofrequency (RF) waves. This has led to some concerns have being raised about the safety of cell phone use, and to academic studies being conducted. The complexity with such research is that studies need to be conducted over long time periods and because the amount of RF energy absorbed from the phone into the user’s body - the specific absorption rate - varies according to people and to environment.

Hollywood Activist Demand Safety Guidelines for WiFi Radiation for Consumers

Hollywood activist demand Safety Guidelines for WiFi Radiation for Consumers
By Judy Shieldsthehollywoodtimes, 18 July 2018

Artists, Actors, Producers Send Letter to FCC, DHHS & Dept. of Ed. Demanding Wifi Radiation Safety Guidelines & Fact Sheets for Consumers

Los Angeles – Today, a group of hollywood actors and producers along with advocacy organizations and artists sent a letter to the heads of the FCC, DHHS and Department of Education asking for a federal warning about exposure to wireless radiation from wifi just like the city of Berkeley’s Right To Know Ordinance for cell phones as well as federal public health fact sheets about ways to reduce exposure to wireless radiation, particularly for children in schools. The letter was written by Sabine El Gemayel, producer of the film GENERATION ZAPPED.

The list of signers includes:

Screen Dependency Disorder Is Real, And It Damages Your Child's Brain

Screen Dependency Disorder Is Real, And It Damages Your Child's Brain
by MARUTI SRIDHARmomjunction.com, 12 April 2018

Screen dependency has been a ubiquitous problem of late, not only affecting the lives of developing children but the day-to-day activities of adults too. Hence, the premise of the critically acclaimed TV show Black Mirror. It exposes a dystopian world where we’re dependent on technology. Restricting time with a screen for children is essential, and some parents avoid screen time altogether. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends a maximum limit of sixty minutes screen time for 2 to 5-year-olds (1). Anyone younger than that should probably avoid use technology use altogether.

25 July 2018

Petition: A Call for Federal Guidelines for Safe Tech in Schools

Please sign this petition to protect our children and share widely. Thank you.

A Call for Federal Guidelines for Safe Tech in Schools
by: Sabine El Gemayel

As affected citizens and concerned parents, I urge you to sign this petition to demand that the federal government take action to protect our children from the dangers of wireless technology, starting with issuing the following:

  • A federal warning about exposure to wireless radiation from WiFi just like the city of Berkeley's Right To Know Ordinance for cell phones
  • Federal public health fact sheets about ways to reduce exposure to wireless radiation, particularly for children in schools 

As a concerned parent, I have done extensive research about wireless technology. In the process, I was shocked to learn that:

Kids and Screens — “We’re on the Brink of the Worst Mental Health Crisis in Decades”

Author of iGen on CNN: Kids and Screens — “We’re on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades.”
by BN Frank, activistpost.com, 19 July 2018

What’s good for the goose has never been good for the gander in regard to technology and kids. For many years already, tech inventors have been sending their kids to “low-tech” schools and restricting tech use at home. In the meantime, at the advice of tech companies, public schools have spent a collective $60B to become “high tech.” Students are required to use screens for long periods in and out of the classroom as part of their education.

Some tech inventors have started expressing remorse in creating screen addiction issues with their products and are trying to raise awareness. Regardless, it gets lost in a sea of marketing for more tech designed for kids and everyone else.

Warnings About Babies’ Exposure to Cell Phones and WiFi Radiation Aren’t New. So Why Are These Products Still Being Marketed for Babies and Infant Care?

Warnings About Babies’ Exposure to Cell Phones and WiFi Radiation Aren’t New. So Why Are These Products Still Being Marketed for Babies and Infant Care?
by BN Frank, activistpost.com, 8 July 2018

Many parents have no idea that there is still no “safe” level of cell phone or WiFi radiation exposure that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. Children are also much more vulnerable to exposure than adults.

Exposure may not cause immediate and/or noticeable harm. It also isn’t only about “boosting possible cancer risk.

It can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak. It can worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.

Regardless, WiFi emitting and “Smart” baby and children’s products are still being designed, manufactured and marketed despite all of this.

Broadcast stations, other media outlets, medical professionals, even celebrities have been warning us about exposure for many years already.

New Research Confirms Memory Loss in Teens from Cell Phone Radiation. 2017 NIH Research Said 5 Minutes on Cell Phones Causes Significant Memory Loss.

New Research Confirms Memory Loss in Teens from Cell Phone Radiation. 2017 NIH Research Said 5 Minutes on Cell Phones Causes Significant Memory Loss.
by BN Frank, activistpost.com, 24 July 2018

The Telecom Industry has never said cell phones are safe. Manufacturers are warning shareholders (not customers) that they may eventually be held liable for the harm their products have caused.

A Swiss Study has now determined that cell phone radiation may cause memory loss in teens:

Now a new Swiss study finds that RF-EMF may harm memory performance in the specific brain regions exposed while a person is talking on a cell phone.


The study follows up a 2015 report published in the scientific journal Environment International, but now with twice the sample size as well as more current information on the absorption of RF-EMF in adolescent brains during different types of wireless communication device use. These studies are the first epidemiological reports to estimate cumulative RF-EMF brain dose in adolescents.

Newsweek Sounds the Alarm AGAIN on Gov’t Research of Cell Phone Radiation. Will Decades of Warnings Ever Matter to the FCC, FDA, or U.S. Elected Officials?

Newsweek Sounds the Alarm AGAIN on Gov’t Research of Cell Phone Radiation. Will Decades of Warnings Ever Matter to the FCC, FDA, or U.S. Elected Officials?
by BN Frank, activistpost.com, 23 July 2018

Cell phone manufacturers are warning shareholders(not customers) that they may eventually be found liable for harm from their products. No one seems willing to insure them anymore either.

Decades of research from government, independent, industry and military scientists have already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation are harmful in more ways than cancer risk. Lab testing is available to diagnose if exposure is causing or worsening symptoms and illnesses.

Excerpts from the most recent Newsweek article, “Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Government Study Reveals ‘Stunningly Important’ Findings” justify AGAIN why we all should start taking radiation exposure more seriously for ourselves and everyone else:

Switzerland: Buyers Are Responsible for Compliance with Technical Regulations

The 14-franc toy becomes a cost trap
by Lorenz Keller, blick.ch, 24 July 2018 - translation

OFCOM initiates proceedings for 840 francs

Drones, child radios, remote-controlled toys: all popular gadgets from online shopping abroad or as a souvenir from the holidays. But beware: If they are not Swiss, it can be expensive.

The 14-france toy may not be operated in Switzerland
Lorezz Keller
The pleasure of the remote-controlled boat for 14 francs from the Chinese shop lasted only briefly. A few days after publication of the test video on Blick.ch, the [Swiss] Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) wrote an e-mail: "As part of the supervision of telecommunications equipment (including R / C models) OFCOM controls compliance with the legal requirements for the commercially available devices. »

The boat must be sent for verification. If everything is okay, it will be sent back. If the boat is not sent in or if it is not compliant, there is threat of a fine of up to 5000 francs and the toy with the remote control will be destroyed.

24 July 2018

Thermal and non-thermal health effects of low intensity non-ionizing radiation: An international perspective

UPDATE:  This text contains more excerpts from the study.  See:

"The scientific evidence for harm from EMFs is increasingly strong. We do not advocate going back to the age before electricity or wireless communication, but we deplore the present failure of public health international bodies to recognize the scientific data showing the adverse effects of EMFs on human health."

Thermal and non-thermal health effects of low intensity non-ionizing radiation: An international perspective
Belpomme D, Hardell, L, Belyaev I, Burgio E, Carpenter DO. Thermal and non-thermal health effects of low intensity non-ionizing radiation: An international perspective. Environ Pollut. 2018 Jul 6;242(Pt A):643-658. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2018.07.019.


• Exposure to electromagnetic fields has increased dramatically.
• Electromagnetic fields at low and non-thermal intensities increase risk of cancer in animals and humans.
• Some individuals are particularly sensitive and develop a syndrome of electrohypersensitivity.
• There is an urgent need to recognize hazards associated with excessive exposure to non-thermal levels of electromagnetic fields.


United Kingdom: Questions Raised Over 5G Links to Cancer As Mobile Network is Tested in Bristol

Questions raised over 5G links to cancer as mobile network is tested in Bristol
By Joseph Smithbristolpost.co.uk, 24 July 2018

New tests have found “clear evidence” linking mobile phone radiation to cancer in animal tests

Scientists found there was some evidence
linking non-ionizing phone radiation to
brain cancers in male rats (Getty Images)
A recent government study in the US has showed "clear evidence" of a link between exposure to mobile phone radiation and cancer in studies using rats.

A petition signed by more than 200 scientists and doctors warns 5G will "massively increase" the population's exposure to this kind of radiation.

As 5G is being tested in Bristol, our citizens are among the first in the world to be exposed to these new high levels of radiation. Leading to one important question.

Are we safe?

Bristol is one of the government's 5G test-beds, as the West of England Combined authority was given £5million to develop the tech and test it here.

Universities and businesses have been working to set up the country’s first 5G network in Bristol, recently completing the first urban trials here.

Monsanto's 'Cancer-Causing' Weedkiller Destroyed My Life, Dying Man Tells Court

"Monsanto has continued to assert that Roundup, which is registered in 130 countries and approved for use on more than 100 crops, is safe and not linked to cancer, despite studies suggesting the contrary. Notably, the World Health Organization’s international agency for research on cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” in 2015, a decision that has been central at the trial."

Monsanto's 'cancer-causing' weedkiller destroyed my life, dying man tells court
by Sam Levin in San Francisco, The Guardian, 24 July 2018

Testifying in landmark trial, former school groundskeeper describes suffering allegedly caused by company’s chemicals

Dewayne Johnson during the Monsanto trial in San
Francisco, California.
Photo: Josh Edelson/ AFP/
Getty Images
Dewayne Johnson said that if he had known what he knew now about Roundup weedkiller, “I would’ve never sprayed that product on school grounds … if I knew it would cause harm … It’s unethical.”

Johnson, a former school groundskeeper in northern California who is terminally ill, was testifying on Monday in his landmark suit against Monsanto about the cancer risks of the company’s popular weedkiller. He is the first person to take the agrochemical company to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand is linked to cancer.

The Inconvenient Truth about Cancer and Mobile Phones by Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie

This important article has been translated into Greek and French.  Please share it widely.

The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones
by Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie, The Guardian, 14 July 2018

Hot spot: could the radiation from your phone have long-
term side-effects? Photo: VOISIN/ Getty Images/Canopy
We dismiss claims about mobiles being bad for our health – but is that because studies showing a link to cancer have been cast into doubt by the industry?

On 28 March this year, the scientific peer review of a landmark United States government study concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer, specifically, a heart tissue cancer in rats that is too rare to be explained as random occurrence.

Eleven independent scientists spent three days at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, discussing the study, which was done by the National Toxicology Program of the US Department of Health and Human Services and ranks among the largest conducted of the health effects of mobile phone radiation. NTP scientists had exposed thousands of rats and mice (whose biological similarities to humans make them useful indicators of human health risks) to doses of radiation equivalent to an average mobile user’s lifetime exposure.

Qualcomm Unveils First mmWave 5G Antennas for Smartphones

Qualcomm unveils first mmWave 5G antennas for smartphones
By Chaim Gartenberg@cgartenbergtheverge.com, 23 July 2018

The QTM052 antennas could make ultra-fast gigabit 5G a reality

Photo: Qualcomm
There’s a lot of pieces that need to come together to get 5G networks to work on mobile devices — new standards need to be agreed on, new modems need to be developed, and new networking hardware for towers needs to be rolled out. But Qualcomm might have just cleared one of the major hurdles with the announcement of its new QTM052 mmWave antenna modules, the first that have been announced that will enable the high-speed swath of networking spectrum to work with mobile phones.

That’s a big deal, because not all 5G is created equal. As Qualcomm’s own simulated test results from MWC earlier this year showed, users will already get big jumps in speed with lower-bandwidth 5G solutions, but the truly impressive leap forward will come from the mmWave network.

23 July 2018

Fourteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (23 July 2018)

Fourteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 23 July 2018

Note from Dr. Moscowitz: I have been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month since August, 2016. Several hundred EMF scientists around the world receive these updates.

Since I have received numerous requests to post the abstracts on my EMR Safety website, I compiled the collection into a document which now contains more than 400 abstracts (including the papers below). To see the latest studies or download the document go to the following web page:

Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields

Recent Papers

Thermal and non-thermal health effects of low intensity non-ionizing radiation: An international perspective

Belpomme D, Hardell, L, Belyaev I, Burgio E, Carpenter DO. Thermal and non-thermal health effects of low intensity non-ionizing radiation: An international perspective. Environ Pollut. 2018 Jul 6;242(Pt A):643-658. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2018.07.019.

Insurers Balk at Risks of Mobile Phones - 1999 Article from The Observer

Insurers balk at risks of phones
By Sarah Ryle, Consumer Affairs Correspondent, The Observer, 11 April 1999

Concern about the safety of mobile phones has prompted a leading Lloyd's underwriter to refuse to insure phone manufacturers against the risk of damage to users' health.

The move comes amid mounting concern about the industry's influence on research into the long-term effects of using a mobile.

The London market provides insurance for everything from aircraft to footballers' legs. But fears that mobile phones will be linked to illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease have prompted John Fenn, of underwriting group Stirling, to refuse to cover manufacturers against the risk of being sued if mobiles turn out to cause long-term damage.

Mobile Phones - Insurance Underwriters Refuse Industry Cover, Legal Cases Underway

Mobile Phones – Insurance underwriters refuse industry cover, legal cases underway
By Graham Vanbergen, truepublica.org.uk, 21 July 2018

By Graham Vanbergen: A recent Guardian article entitled “The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones” stated that “On 28 March this year, the scientific peer review of a landmark United States government study concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer.”

The article went on to say that “For a quarter of a century now, the industry has been orchestrating a global PR campaign aimed at misleading not only journalists but also consumers and policymakers about the actual science concerning mobile phone radiation. Indeed, big wireless has borrowed the very same strategy and tactics big tobacco and big oil pioneered to deceive the public about the risks of smoking and climate change, respectively. And like their tobacco and oil counterparts, wireless industry CEOs lied to the public even after their own scientists privately warned that their products could be dangerous, especially to children.”

The Guardian appears, at least in this article, to be surprised at being misled. Yet, the Guardian’s sister paper, The Observer published an article in 1999 that stated: “Lloyd’s underwriters refuse to insure mobile phone manufacturers against the risk of damage to users’ health.”

Harvard Medical Doctor Warns Against Smart Meters

Harvard Medical Doctor Warns Against Smart Meters
by Sarah, thehealthyhomeeconomist.com, Updated: 22 July 2018

Dr. David Carpenter MD, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a physician who has worked in the area of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and public health for over 18 years, has a few choice words for power companies that are forcing smart meters down the throats of their customers all over the United States.

Dr. Carpenter adamantly insists that there is no evidence whatsoever that smart meters are in any way safe for human beings. He goes on to say that there is, in fact, ample evidence that demonstrates “convincingly and consistently” that exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) at elevated levels for long periods of time increases the risk of cancer, damages the nervous system, and adversely affects the reproductive organs.

Dr. Carpenter says that an informed person should demand that they be allowed to keep their analog meter.

The two minute video interview with Dr. Carpenter below is well worth watching. [see original article]

22 July 2018

CRISPR Gene Editing Produces Unwanted DNA Deletion

CRISPR gene editing produces unwanted DNA deletions
nature.com, 16 July 2018

DNA-cutting enzyme used for genetic modification can create large deletions and shuffle genes.

Gene-editing experiments with human embryonic stem 
cells revealed the imprecision of the CRISPR-Cas9 system.
Credit: Annie Cavanagh via Wellcome/CC BY NC
Researchers have embraced CRISPR gene-editing as a method for altering genomes, but some are cautioning that unwanted DNA changes may slip by undetected.

The tool can cause large DNA deletions and rearrangements near its target site on the genome, according to a paper published on 16 July in Nature Biotechnology1. Such alterations can muddle the interpretation of experimental results and could complicate efforts to design therapies based on CRISPR.

The finding is in line with previous results from not only CRISPR but also other gene-editing systems2. Such unwanted edits are a problem that warrants more attention from researchers says Patrick Hsu, a bioengineer at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. “I do think this has been underappreciated by the field,” he notes.

21 July 2018

Frequent Technology Use Linked to ADHD Symptoms in Teens, Study Finds: Article by Wall Street Journal

Frequent Technology Use Linked to ADHD Symptoms in Teens, Study Finds
By Daniela Hernandez and Betsy Morris, wsj.com, Updated July 17, 2018

A new study of 2,500 teenagers suggests that frequent use of digital media can lead to higher risk of developing ADHD-related symptoms

Teens today toggle between apps on phones that often stay
on much of the day. 
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
The more teens use social-media networking sites, video games and streaming services, the higher their risk of developing symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, a new study found.

The study, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked 2,500 teens over two years and monitored their usage and symptoms.

It doesn’t prove a causal link. The study also didn’t rule out other possible causes such as lack of sleep, family stress at home or a family history of the disorder. But it was the first longitudinal study to follow so many teens over a two-year period, according to experts, going straight to an issue that pits parents and teachers against the tech industry in a battle for children’s attention.

Switzerland: The Ring Tone of a Cell Phone Replaces the Bells of the Oldest Church in Lucerne

Is the cell phone today's God?

In Switzerland, the ring tone of a cell phone replaces the bells of a church
La rédaction d'Aleteia | 19 July 2018 (translation)

The bells of the Saint-Pierre chapel in Lucerne, Switzerland, have been temporarily replaced by the ring tone of a cell phone.  The purpose: to reflect upon the place of the cell phone in our lives.

Is the cell phone today's God?  That is the question that an unusual artistic project set up in Lucerne, Switzerland over the past few days asks.  Until 30 July, the ring tones of a cell phone are temporarily replacing the bells of the chapel of St. Pierre, the oldest church in the city, broadcast thanks to a loud-speaer installed in the bell tower.

Dr. Devra Davis Warns Against iPad Potty and More

Dr. Devra Davis Warns Against iPad Potty and More
STORY AND PHOTO BY KAREN BOSSICK, eyeonsunvalley.com, 18 July 2018

This toilet training potty features an activity
seat for iPad.
The group of 12 heading out on an Idaho Conservation League hike was introducing themselves when a father and son made an unusual request.

“We would appreciate it if you turned your cell phones to airplane mode, as we have a sensitivity to the radiation,” said Brad Walters, a retired aerospace engineer.

The Walters family had become sensitive to radiation emitted by smart meters, cell phones and other wireless technology while living in Huntington Beach, Calif., he explained.

And it’s affected them in a myriad of ways, including headaches, insomnia, ringing in the ears and joint pain. They had moved to Hailey because such radiation here measured 10,000 times less than their reading at their former home in California.

20 July 2018

Oxidative stress in electrohypersensitivity self-reporting patients: Results of a prospective in vivo investigation with comprehensive molecular analysis

"The present study reports for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that overall ~80% of EHS self‑reporting patients present with one, two or three detectable oxidative stress biomarkers in their peripheral blood, meaning that these patients‑as is the case for cancer, Alzheimer's disease or other pathological conditions‑present with a true objective new pathological disorder'."

Open Access: (Click on right side under "Article options - Viewing options - Download pdf")

Oxidative stress in electrohypersensitivity self‑reporting patients: Results of a prospective in vivo investigation with comprehensive molecular analysis 

International Journal of Molecular Medicine, July 12, 2018
Authors:  Philippe Irigaray, Daniela Caccamo, Dominique Belpomme
View Affiliations

Published online on: July 12, 2018


France Closes in on Mobile Phone Ban in Schools from September

Senators and National Assembly deputies reached the agreement late on Wednesday on the ban for all three tiers of French education (primary, middle and high school), except for educational purposes.

France closes in on mobile phone ban in schools from September
AFP / thelocal.fr, 19 July 2018

French lawmakers have secured a deal on a bill that would outlaw the use of mobiles phones in schools starting in September, one of Emmanuel Macron's pledges during last year's presidential campaign.

Senators and National Assembly deputies reached the agreement late on Wednesday on the ban for all three tiers of French education (primary, middle and high school), except for educational purposes.

From Dieselgate to Phonegate: We Need to Wake Up to Another Pollution Crisis

"If ‘Dieselgate’ received wall-to-wall media coverage in the UK when the story broke, ‘Phonegate’ has received next-to-none." 

From Dieselgate to Phonegate: We need to wake up to another pollution crisis

by Annelie Fitzgerald, truepublica.org.uk, 20 July 2018

As the level of emissions from diesel engines in the UK’s cities and its impact on public health has become clear, the media have recently given serious and widespread coverage to the issue of air pollution. Every Breath We Take, the report published in February 2017 by the Royal College of Physicians and Paediatrics, detailed an alarming array of adverse health effects which lead to up to 40,000 shortened lives in the UK each year. Foetuses, babies and children are particularly vulnerable to diesel fumes and particulates, which can impair lung, heart and neurological development.

Outlining his clean air bill in the Guardian in April 2017 Swansea West MP Geraint Davies noted that children in areas where the air quality problem is most serious “have a 10% reduced lung capacity and have more respiratory problems, together with effects on their nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems”. The same month Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South-East England wrote in the Ecologist that he would be campaigning for PM Theresa May to enshrine in UK law a new Clean Air Act to ensure strong, effective protection of public health from air pollution.

19 July 2018

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Government Study Reveals 'Stunningly Important' Findings

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Government Study Reveals 'Stunningly Important' Findings
BY RONNIE COHEN, Newsweek, 19 July 2018

Tiffany Frantz got her first cellphone when she was 16.

She loved that flip phone. Every morning, on her way out the door, she’d slip it into the left cup of her bra. When she was 21, while watching television one night with her parents in their Lancaster, Pennsylvania, living room, she felt a lump the size of a pea in her left breast, just beneath her phone. Tests later showed four cancerous tumors. “How in the world did this happen?” her mother asked.

Dr. John West believes he knows. In 2013, the Southern California breast cancer surgeon and five other doctors wrote in the journal Case Reports in Medicineabout Frantz’s tumors and those of three other young women. Each of them regularly carried a cellphone in her bra. “I am absolutely convinced,” West tells Newsweek, “that there is a relationship between exposure to cellphones and breast cancer in young women who are frequent users.”

Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents - Press Release - Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Breaking News: Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents

Message received this evening, 19 July 2018, from Dr. Joel Moscowitz, University of California, Berkeley via the CHE EMF Working Group:

Note: The press release for this new peer-reviewed study appears below. Although the link to the paper is currently inactive, the paper is not embargoed... According to Science Daily, the paper will be published online on 23 July 2018.


Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, EurekAlert, Jul 19, 2018

The rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) goes along with an increase in exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in our daily life. The most relevant exposure source to the brain is the use of a mobile phone close to the head. Several studies have been conducted to identify potential health effects related to RF-EMF, though results have remained inconclusive.

Are Teens Giving Themselves ADHD?

Are teens giving themselves ADHD?
by Catherine Martinko, treehugger.com 18 July 2018

A new study from California has found that teens with high levels of media use are more likely to show ADHD symptoms.

The way teens spend their time has changed drastically over the past ten years. Now most own a smartphone and spend considerable time on it, sharing photos on social media, communicating with friends via text, and watching videos on YouTube every day. While the technology has advanced rapidly, research into its effects on teenage psychological development has not. Much remains unknown about what all this time spent doing these activities actually does to the brain.

A new study explores this. Led by researchers from California and recently published in JAMA, it is the first study to look at the association between modern digital media and risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The two-year study followed 2,587 tenth-graders in Los Angeles County, none of whom had any ADHD symptoms at the beginning of the study. The researchers followed up with participants every six months, at which point each reported on how often he or she texted, used social media, and streamed videos or music.

The results were alarming. From NPR's writeup on the study:

Mobile Phone Radiation Diminishes Mental Performance of Adolescents - Study

Mobile phone radiation diminishes mental performance of adolescents - study
telecompaper.com, 19 July 2018

(Choice of image by Editor, "Towards Better Health")
Radio frequency electromagnetic fields can be detrimental to the development of mental performances in certain regions of the brain when using mobile phones. This was the result of a study of almost 700 adolescents, reported Inside-IT.ch.

The most important source of high frequency electromagnetic field (HF-EMF) exposure to the brain is the use of a mobile phone near the head. So far, studies that analysed the health effects of such fields have so far failed to produce clear results, according to a statement from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH).

Mobile Phone Radiation Can Weaken Brain Performance

Mobile phone radiation can weaken brain performance
swissinfo.ch, 19 July 2018

Scientists recommend using headsets or loudspeakers to
minimize the impact of high-frequency radiation.
Swiss researchers have confirmed the potentially damaging impact of the frequent use of mobile phones among adolescents.

A study found that the so called figural memory performance – the ability to remember abstract forms – can deteriorate if the brain is often subjected to high frequency electromagnetic fields, according to the Tropical and Public Health Institute.

The research included more than 700 teenagers from German-speaking Switzerland over 12 months for the first large-scale study of its kind, the institute said in a statement on Thursday.

The results are in line with findings from a 2015 study among more than 400 teenagers, the scientists say.

18 July 2018

"Bad Luck" Cannot Explain More Cancers in Young Adults and Teens

We believe that this article has been inspired in part by Cece Doucette's very effective advocacy work in the state of Massachusetts.  See her recent presentation on wireless radiation before the Board of Health of the city of Ashland, MA.

"Bad Luck" Cannot Explain More Cancers in Young Adults and Teens
by Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Founder & President of Environmental Health Trust & Visiting Professor of Medicine The Hebrew University, thriveglobal.com, 17 July 2018

States advise reducing cell phone radiation 

Is it just bad luck that a young man who has been using his phone for hours a day since age 8 is diagnosed with deadly brain cancer at age 23? Or that a 21-year old young woman suddenly develops multiple breast cancers directly under the antennas of the phone she had stored in her bra? Or that a 24-year-old develops rectal cancer close to his blue-jeans back pocket now stamped with his phone’s faded outline?

Reflecting growing scientific indications of damage from microwave-radiating cell phones, bills before the Massachusetts legislature could reduce the contribution that cell phone radiation to these unexplained cancers in young adults. Educating about why and how to reduce phone radiation exposures has become a critical public health concern around the world. In advanced countries like Israel, France, and Belgium, phones must be sold with headsets and information about keeping phones away from the brain and body.

17 July 2018

Canada: No Proof B.C. Boy's Migraines Caused by Wi-Fi, Tribunal Rules

No proof B.C. boy's migraines caused by Wi-Fi, tribunal rules
by Bethany Lindsay, CBC News, 17 Jully 2018

There is no scientific evidence linking Wi-Fi to a cluster of
non-specific symptoms known as EHS.  (Nathan Lambrecht/
Canadian Press)
Family had asked for an order designating 25% of Saanich school as Wi-Fi free

By the time class let out for the summer in 2016, a Vancouver Island preteen was spending almost all of every school day alone in an empty room, away from his friends.

The arrangement left the Grade 6 student feeling "upset, frustrated and angry," his grandmother told the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

But the reason the boy was isolated was that his mother and grandmother insisted he needed to be kept away from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by Wi-Fi, cellphones and other electronics.

Cellphones at Schools - Should They Be Banned?

"If a child pulls out a phone to check the time or to check a
message from a parent, is this tantamoung to a violation?
Does she deserve detention for this?" Image: Flickr 
"... schools have very compelling reasons for banning cellphones. They are dealing with really serious issues relating to cellphones that are not just detrimental to the learning and teaching process, but also pose a risk to children’s physical, emotional and mental health - risks that come from spending too much of time slouched in front of a tiny screen. Let’s face it: this is not a French problem, but a problem of global proportions, affecting every country and every culture."

Cellphones at schools - should they be banned?
by BILAL KATHRADA, Opinion, iol.co.za, 16 July 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced a nationwide ban of cellphones at schools. Was this a wise move? Is this a well-thought-out strategy?

Our Phones and Gadgets Are Now Endangering the Planet

Our phones and gadgets are now endangering the planet
byJohn Harris, Opinion, The Guardian, 17 July 2018

The energy used in our digital consumption is set to have a bigger impact on global warming than the entire aviation industry

Illustration: Andrej Krauze 
It was just another moment in this long, increasingly strange summer. I was on a train home from Paddington station, and the carriage’s air-conditioning was just about fighting off the heat outside. Most people seemed to be staring at their phones – in many cases, they were trying to stream a World Cup match, as the 4G signal came and went, and Great Western Railway’s onboard wifi proved to be maddeningly erratic. The trebly chatter of headphone leakage was constant. And thousands of miles and a few time zones away in Loudoun County, Virginia, one of the world’s largest concentrations of computing power was playing its part in keeping everything I saw ticking over, as data from around the world passed back and forth from its vast buildings.

16 July 2018

Swiss Minister Doris Leuthard Appointed to 'Digital' UN Panel

Swiss minister appointed to ‘digital’ UN panel
swissinfo.ch, 13 juillet 2018

Doris Leuthard
Communications Minister Doris Leuthard has been invited to join the new United Nations High-Level Panel on digital cooperation issues. Its job is to draw up proposals for improving global governance of digitalisation.

UN Secretary-General António Guterresexternal link decided to appoint an independent panel on digital co-operationexternal link, made up of 22 international leaders from government, the private sector, academic and civil society, Leuthard’s ministry said in a statementexternal link on Thursday.

“Through the participation of Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard in this High-Level Panel, Switzerland can bring to bear its experience in the sphere of digital governance and strengthen its role as a reliable and constructive participant in this area,” the statement continued.

15 July 2018

EMF&RF Update: Presentation by Cece Doucette before the Ashland, MA, Board of Health - 26 June 2018

Excellent presentation!   She is a gifted speaker.  (See the very pertinent comment below from one of our Facebook groups.)

Cece Doucette: Ashland, MA Board of Health EMF/RF Update June 26, 2018 (24 min.)


"Please watch this amazing video presentation by Cece Doucette to the Board of Health in Ashland, MA.

What’s extraordinary is not only Cece's clarity of thought and extremely well sequenced presentation, but more, it's her calm and respectful demeanor that invites receptivity to the information she is sharing.

Cece understands that the Board members are not bad people... they just need better information.

With her calm manner, Cece has raised public awareness in MA and is currently escorting 8 EMF bills through the state legislature.

Canada: British Columbia Argues Tobacco Firms Should Be Compelled to Help Pay the Cost of Treating Smoking-Related Diseases

OUR COMMENT: A friend of said I am too naïve, that this is not the way to do things.  Court cases are costly and take a long time.  People will still be buying cigarettes and getting sick, adding to medical costs. We should have these products removed from the market, just as the Association Phonegate Alert is trying to do with cellphones emitting high levels of energy that cause people to absorb more radiofrequency radiation into their bodies.  I thank my friend for this wisdom.

B.C. was the first province to start the litigation process, but every other province has since launched similar cost-recovery cases against the tobacco industry. New Brunswick's case will go to trial in 2019... Collectively, the provinces are seeking about $120 billion.... "The objective of the tobacco industry is to delay the start of this trial. They don't want to have to pay tens of billions of dollars in damages," Rob Cunningham, a lawyer with the Canadian Cancer Society said.  "It is really important that provinces move aggressively to bring their cases to trial. It has taken too long."

Supreme Court rules B.C. doesn't have to disclose health records to cigarette maker
by Catharine Tunney, CBC News, 13 July 2018

Province argues tobacco firms should be compelled to help pay the cost of treating smoking-related diseases

British Columbia's battle with the tobacco industry
stretches back to the late 19902, when it first filed a
lawsuit against nearly a dozen companies (CBC)
British Columbia does not have to hand over the detailed health-care records of millions of people to tobacco company Philip Morris International, says Canada's top court.

Friday morning's unanimous Supreme Court decision clears a hurdle in the province's quest to sue cigarette companies for billions of dollars in health-care costs.

Writing for the court, Justice Russell Brown found the health care databases Philip Morris wanted contained information about individuals whose privacy the province is obligated to protect.

Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra

RE-POSTED 15 July 2018:  Why do such warnings get so little attention?  The authorities which are supposed to protect our health and industry are doing a great job hiding the truth about the risks of wireless radiation.  We, as adults, must do our own research and take precautionary measures to limit exposure, and especially, protect our children who are much more vulnerable to microwave radiation.

Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra
by Tony Isaacs, thetruthaboutcancer.com

If you’re a man and you carry your mobile phone in your pants pocket, or a woman who tucks her phone into her bra or bra strap… chances are you aren’t aware of the damage this practice may be causing. You’re not going to hear about it from the cell phone companies who are resisting mounting evidence about the dangers of mobile phone radiation.

Read on for some of the major areas of health concerns (including cancer!) and what cell phone studies have uncovered thus far…

Cell Phones and Infertility/Decreased Sperm Counts

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - An Increasing Challenge to the Medical Profession

"It seems necessary to give an International Classification of Diseases to EHS to get it accepted as EMF-related health problems. The increasing exposure to RF-EMF in schools is of great concern and needs better attention. Longer-term health effects are unknown. Parents, teachers, and school boards have the responsibility to protect children from unnecessary exposure."

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - an increasing challenge to the medical profession
Rev Environ Health. 2015 Sep 15. pii: /j/reveh.ahead-of-print/reveh-2015-0012/reveh-2015-0012.xml. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2015-0012. [Epub ahead of print]

Hedendahl L, Carlberg M, Hardell L.


In 1970, a report from the former Soviet Union described the "microwave syndrome" among military personnel, working with radio and radar equipment, who showed symptoms that included fatigue, dizziness, headaches, problems with concentration and memory, and sleep disturbances. Similar symptoms were found in the 1980s among Swedes working in front of cathode ray tube monitors, with symptoms such as flushing, burning, and tingling of the skin, especially on the face, but also headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and photosensitivity. The same symptoms are reported in Finns, with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) being attributed to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Of special concern is involuntary exposure to radiofrequency (RF)-EMF from different sources. Most people are unaware of this type of exposure, which has no smell, color, or visibility. There is an increasing concern that wireless use of laptops and iPads in Swedish schools, where some have even abandoned textbooks, will exacerbate the exposure to EMF.

Effects of Acute Exposure to WIFI Signals (2.45 GHz) on Heart Variability and Blood Pressure in Albinos Rabbit

"These results suggest for the first time, as far as we know, that exposure to WIFI affect heart rhythm, blood pressure, and catecholamines efficacy on cardiovascular system; indicating that radiofrequency can act directly and/or indirectly on cardiovascular system."

Effects of Acute Exposure to WIFI Signals (2.45 GHz) on Heart Variability and Blood Pressure in Albinos Rabbit
Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. 40(2):600-605. September 2015. doi:10.1016/j.etap.2015.08.01.

Saili, Hanini, Smirani, et al.


• ECG and arterial pressure measurements were studied under acute exposures to WIFI.
• Acute exposure of rabbits to WIFI increased heart frequency and arterial blood pressure.
• WIFI affect catecholamines (dopamine, epinephrine) efficacy on cardiovascular system.
• Radiofrequency can act directly and/or indirectly on cardiovascular system.


Electrocardiogram and arterial pressure measurements were studied under acute exposures to WIFI (2.45 GHz) during one hour in adult male rabbits. Antennas of WIFI were placed at 25 cm at the right side near the heart.

From Electromagnetic Smog to Electromagnetic Chaos

From Electromagnetic Smog to Electromagnetic Chaos. 
To Evaluating the Hazards of Mobile Communication for Health of the Population 

Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety. 2018. Vol. 63. No. 3. P. 28-33 DOI: 10.12737/article_5b168a752d92b1.01176625

Yu.G. Grigoriev
A.I. Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Moscow, Russia.

Yu.G. Grigoriev - Leading Researcher, Dr. Sc. Med., Prof., the Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council on Radiobiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian National Committee on Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation, Member of the WHO Advisory Committee on the International Program «EMF and Public Health», a Member of the International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES)


Over the past 25 years, there has been a global change in the electromagnetic environment on the Earth, associated with the widest use of wireless communications by the population, which significantly changed the situation of artificial electromagnetic pollution of the external environment and the methodology for assessing the health risks of all population groups.

Health Canada Ordered to Release Confidential Drug Company Data on HPV Vaccines

We salute all those persons who fight for justice and have the courage to take government/ national agencies/ corporations... to court to demand release of documents and information vital to public health.
Health Canada ordered to release confidential drug company data on HPV vaccines
by Mairin Prentiss, CBC, 13 July 2018

Federal government insisted drug companies' clinical trial data is 'confidential business information'

(Photo):  Researchers have been fighting Health Canada for access to industry data without the restriction of confidentiality agreements for years. On July 9, a Federal Court judge ruled in favour of a Maryland-based researcher. (Matt Rourke/The Associated Press)

A Federal Court judge has ordered Health Canada to release reams of pharmaceutical clinical trial data on five medications to an American researcher, undercutting the federal government's attempts to keep the information confidential.

14 July 2018

Cell Phones: A Major Health Risk: Three-Part Video News Report

Three Part News Report: Cell Phones: A Major Health Risk
Environmental Health Trust, 13 July 2018

RT reporter Dan Cohen featured cell phone radiation and health in a three part series airing in July 2018.

Part 1: Cellphones: A Major Health Risk? Cancer Health Risks and Outdated Regulations

Correspondent Dan Cohen interviews Dr. Devra Davis on health risks of cell phone radiation and features the “clear evidence of cancer” found in the National Toxicology Program, the corroborating findings in the Ramazzini Institute study and the outdated FCC limits. Cohen also interviewed successful businessman Gerald Mitchell who was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma after heavy cell phone use. “ I just don’t understand how the cell phone companies won’t stand up and bear some level of responsibility…”

Part 2: Cellphones: A Major Health Risk? The French Cell Phone Tests #Phonegate Document that Phones Exceed Cell Phone Radiation Limits at Body Contact

Be Aware of Technology-Related Health Threats

Be aware of technology-related health threats
By ANDREW PALMER, Guest Columnist, journalpatriot.com (North Wilkesboro, NC), 
13 July 2018

I am writing this as a result of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot’s June 15 article, “Wilkesboro prepares for 5G technology with new rules.” Although it risks possibly sounding “weird,” I’m comfortable saying I have concerns about the safety of many commonly used communication and electrical technologies.

I haven’t carried a cell phone in four years, I don’t use wireless Internet in my house and when given the choice, I limit time spent around things that emit a lot of energy - cell phone towers, high voltage power lines, etc.

There are other specific things involving electro-pollution and its possible health effects, but I’ll skip that because it goes beyond my scope here.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent much time researching the safety and possible health risks associated with such technology and it seems concise information to base decisions on is lacking. One must also have faith in the studies and who is paying for them to accept their findings. I encourage everyone to do a little research and come to their own conclusions on this subject. Get informed and make your own decisions.

13 July 2018

Environmental Health Trust Monthly Newsletter for July 2018

Henceforth, we will be providing links to some of the articles featured in the monthly newsletter of the Environmental Health Trust.  Here is the newsletter for July 2018:

The Berkeley Cell Phone “Right To Know” Ordinance

The Berkeley Cell Phone Right To Know city ordinance requires sellers to inform customers that keeping a device in a pocket or bra could lead to radiation exposure that exceeds federal guidelines. For years, cell-phone manufacturers have vigorously resisted state and local government attempts to require warning signs about radiation exposure even though their own user manuals advise caution about carrying or holding the phone close to your body while it’s transmitting. These warnings are buried deep in the tiny print of cell phone manuals.

New York City: Stray Electric Current Causing Costly Pipe Leaks in Queens

Corroded copper pipe
Comment from Dr. Jack Kruse: "NYC now showing signs of the coming 5G nightmare. No one seems to realize how jump conduction works in wireless. These neighborhoods in New York City... are very close to both 5G airports in the city. The symptoms have begun. Stray electric current has been found to be causing copper pipe corrosion on very short timescales. Since bone uses two copper atoms as dopants to keep calcium and appatite on the collagen backbone what do you think the effect of jump conduction will be on people's bones living in these neighborhoods? What will be the effect of calcium flows in the melanopsin/retinol mechanism controlled by calcium? What will happen to mitochondria which uses calcium as a second messenger to control the type and amount of free radicals the mitochondrial matrix makes? These are a few of the collateral effects coming to many cities in the USA in the next 2 years. Be ready for it."

7 On Your Side: Stray electric current causing costly pipe leaks in Queens
By Nina Pinedaabc7ny.com, 11 July 2018

QUEENS, New York (WABC) --Scores of Queens homeowners were suddenly faced with a gusher of costly problems related to leaky pipes in front of their homes -- and now residents want someone to take responsibility.

The frustrated homeowners from Jamaica Estates, Rosedale and Flushing have spent tens of thousands replacing the copper pipes that carry water from the water main in the street to their homes.

12 July 2018

Russian Asbestos Company Puts Trump's Face, Seal of Approval, on Pallets of Its Products

Russian Asbestos Company Puts Trump's Face, Seal of Approval, on Pallets of Its Products
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer, Common Dreams, 11 July 2018

The seal on the Russian company's pallets of asbestos
products reads, "Approved by Donald Trump, 45th
President of the United States."
"Helping Putin and Russian oligarchs amass fortunes by selling a product that kills thousands each year should never be the role of a U.S. president or the EPA, but this is the Trump administration," says EWG's Ken Cook

"Donald is on our side!" declared a Facebook post from the Russian mining company Uralasbest, which put U.S. President Donald Trump's face and a seal that reads "Approved by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States," on pallets of its chrysotile asbestos products.

Praising the Trump administration's new asbestos policies, which were announced last month, the company's post thanked the president for supporting recently-resigned Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt, "who declared that his agency would no longer deal with matters related to side effects potentially caused by asbestos," according to a translation by Guardian.